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So I published a story some time ago

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This is my brand new story

Back then, I made a lot of promises

Promises of people seeing their OCs in this story

I nearly broke those promises

However, I am fixing that

A lot of OCs will be redefined, remade

A lot will be abandoned

I'm sorry to all of you who will be left behind, but my sins will stay my own feet and I too shall be left behind

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Sorry to all of you who see this

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So, anyways

I've built up my cast and maybe, perhaps one day I may ask for more

But for now I am contempt with this story

Now, I give you the new story


Without further ado

Let it begin!

Eons ago, long before the dark wizard Zeref began his reign of evil, before the fleeting of dragons, before the founding of Fairy Tail, farther than even the Dragon Civil War, there was a prophecy. Countless ages into the past, a man attempted to rise up and take the world for his own. Men and dragons and demons were all persecuted by him, all non-magical beings were filth to be cleansed. The magical creatures that defended them were unworthy of setting foot on the new world he would forge.

It was through the power of a few that he fell, but he did not die. His soul, forever trapped within its body, buried deep in a tomb hidden under rock and metal and bone and time. The stories of the war were forgotten as is all things in the world of Earthland, but some stories remain such as the story of Lucy Heartfilia, daughter of Jude and Layla Heartfilia, Celestial Mage, and a her of humble beginnings.


The cries of a newborn child rang out through the building as Layla Heartfilia held her child in her arms.

"She's beautiful," Jude Heartfilia murmured as tears ran down his face.

The parents smiled at seeing their newborn daughter wriggling in her mother's arms. Eyes shut as she cried, but they simply watched in joy, knowing this was normal. As time passed, Jude left his wife to allow her rest from the exhaustion of child birth.

A noise attracted Layla's consciousness and she awoke, her eyes centering on a man donned in robes. A hood covered his face, shadowing all except his mouth.

"Who are you?" she gasped and he stepped forward, slowly walking with weary steps.

He swayed from left to right, or at least his robes did as he continued moving.

"Did the dragons send you?" she questioned, holding her child close to her.

He shook his head, answering her as his hand moved up. She felt fear, but not terror as his digits closed on her daughter's head.

"She is young," he spoke, whispering in a quiet, weary voice, "only birthed, but her power is strong."


"A wizard, like you, Layla Heartfilia," the mysterious stranger stated and pulled his fingers off the child's head. "She shall befriend the spirits she calls and with them she shall conquer evil. I sense it, I sense it all."

He stepped back and she squinted her eyes, trying to see into his concealed face. He allowed her that privilege and she gasped, seeing eyes like galaxies. Stars and nebulas, star systems and celestial bodies, and so much more of the cosmos swirled in his eyes.

"Who are you?"

"I am an elder," he rasped and she then saw the wrinkles and weariness he wore, the grey strands of hair that hung around his face, "I have existed for so long, born in the time of Zerif and raised up in the war of dragons and man, now I stand here, ready to face my end."

"Why have you come here?"

"To tell you of what I have seen," he stated and waved his hand, spraying glowing dust into the air.

It was like a cloud of stars, or stardust that hovered in the air. They swirled about and took the form of an older Lucy Heartfilia, a confident smile on her face as she held up her outstretched arms. Markings covered her arms, the right one covered in smooth, more flux patterns while her right arm was covered in patterns of sharp, almost knife like markings.

"Your daughter will be the light that burns away the shadows, the ancient prophecies foretold her ascendance," he claimed and bowed slightly. "My time is up Mrs. Heartfilia, I must take my leave into the divine beyond."

Layla marveled at the sculpture of stardust before it dissipated into nothing, disappearing as he walked out the door.

"Raise her well."

Present Day

"Guys!" I yelled in exhilaration as I entered the Fairy Tail guild hall.

"Hello Lucy," Mirajane greeted with her signature smile and I flashed a smile at her with a wave.

"Why hello Lucy, what's the problem?" Erza asked after swallowing the piece of strawberry cake she had been feasting on.

"Well I'm running out of jewels," I said, blushing in embarrassment and rubbing the back of my neck. "I was wondering if we could go on another mission?"

"I'd love to go," she replied with a smirk, finishing the bakery good. However, she dropped her satisfied look when she turned her head towards the rest of the team. "I, however, don't know about the other two."

She looked at Natsu and Gray who were butting heads again. Natsu in his signature vest and scarf with his forehead pressing against Gray's who was, of course, stripped down to his boxers.

"What's the matter dragon breath, scared of some ice?" Gray gloated to Natsu who glared back with an eager smile.

"Nah ice queen, just thought you could use some heat," he said and they continued glaring at each other before Erza coughed.

They immediately put their arms around each other and started pretending to be friends, per usual.

"That's more like it," she remarked with satisfaction and looked over at me.

I just stared at the two rivals for a moment before holding up the job offer.

"So anyway, this job wants us to clear a town of some evil monsters," I said and they looked at each other with curiosity.

"Sure," the two said, but glared at each other for speaking in sync.

One week later I was getting out of a hospital bed. It had taken us one whole week to finish the job and I had gotten beat up, hard. I managed to make it out of the hospital and by then the pain had subsided. I walked all the way back to my apartment at Fairy Hills and got cleaned up. Dressed in my regular clothes, I made my way back to the guild, a smile on my face.

"Hope we didn't get to much money deducted for town repairs," I thought as I pushed open the massive doors.

It was nice remembering how we used the money from the Grand Magic Games to buy back the place. The giant metal gates and stone brick walls and towers. The bell at the top and the banners showing the guild mark. I walked through the threshold and everyone gave me a greeting before looking back at what they were doing.

"Hi Lucy," Lisanna called and I waved to her.

I kept walking towards the Team Natsu table, but stopped when I heard them talking.

"Man, Lucy was kinda a third wheel on that mission," Natsu spoke with boredom, just staring at the ceiling like he didn't care.

I squinted my eyes, feeling a bit of pain at hearing him talk down on me.

"Natsu there are three of us, she'd be the fourth wheel," Gray corrected and I felt a bit of happiness, but he dashed it away, "but he's right, she was kind of an extra weight."

I listened in disbelief, they can't be talking about me like that, can they?

"I don't know, I like her, but she seems to be dragging us down a bit," Erza said as she ate her cake, not giving any hint of remorse about the words she said about me and I felt my heart break.

That's when Happy noticed me, but I guess he didn't understand how I was feeling.

"Lucy!" he yelled and landed on my shoulder "Lucy, what's wrong, why're you crying?"

I hadn't noticed the tears dripping down from my eyes to my chin. Quickly rubbing a sleeve over them, I wiped the salty tears and kept walking.

"Hey Lucy, we were just talking about you," Natsu said with a smile, probably still a laid back jerk.

"Yeah, I heard," I stated as the tears came back and continued to slide down my face. "Do you really think I'm worthless?"

"Yeah, kinda, actually yeah," Gray responded, I guess he was starting to feel some guilt. "I mean, you've been dragging us down for a while now."

"I thought we were a team," I asked and he shrugged with a guilt ridden face.

"We were actually thinking on asking Lisanna to join, she is an S-Class wizard after all," Erza said and fate probably hated me because Lisanna came over at that very moment.

"You guys talking about me?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"Yes, we were actually inquiring on the matter of your joining Team Natsu," Erza explained, leaving the part out about them dropping me.

"That'd be great," she cheered with joy. "I'd get to go with all of you on jobs!"

"Not all of us," I muttered silently in regret, but she heard me.

"What do you mean, Lucy?"

"We're going to replace her with you!" Natsu spoke up without guilt, all happy like, but Lisanna had a look of horror on her face.

"What- but Natsu she's your friend... isn't she?" Lisanna asked, her eyes wide as she stepped back a bit.

"Yeah, but she's weak and she's been dragging us down for a while now," he simply stated and I grit my teeth, now angry he was just ignoring my feelings. "So do you want to join us on our next job? We're going to go take an S-Class job!"

"No," Lisanna whispered, but raised her voice when they perked up in confusion. "No! I can't replace a friend."

She walked away and I felt some happiness in my heart, but then I saw everyone else's expression. They were angry, furious.

"Lucy, leave," Erza stated, silent anger in her voice.

"What?" I asked, surprised at her tone of voice.

"You just made Lisanna leave!" Natsu shouted in anger. "Just because she's going to replace you doesn't mean you have to drive her away!"

I turned around, tears flowing like waterfalls as they glared at me. Erza kept a not so stoic appearance with grit teeth and an expression of silent anger. Gray stared at the table, not wanting to look at me or Lisanna, but I saw his clenched fists. Natsu was really angry that his childhood friend was gone, his probably childhood crush. I simply shook my head and walked towards Master Makarov's office.

I felt the glares burning into the back of my head, but when I closed the door to the office, it was gone. What I found was completely what I was expecting, the Master looking a magazine with a female wizard in a bikini. He noticed me and fell off his desk, hiding the magazine under it.

"I wasn't doing what ever you saw!" he stated with a worried voice and with a forced smile.

"Master," I spoke with a cracked voice and he looked at me in confusion.

"What's wrong, child?"

"The others, th-they called me we-weak... and worthless..."

I spoke in a stammering voice, cracking a bit and with tears still streaming down my cheeks. I was staring at the ground, clenching my hands and gritting my teeth. The pain was unbearable, just like when I ran from home.

"Now, I'm sure you misheard them," he tried reassuring, but I knew it wasn't some illusion or prank.

"No, I asked them myself for their opinions... They all agreed, I'm weak to them," I spoke through grit teeth, my breathing ragged.

With that, I started sobbing, sinking to my knees with hands on the sides of my face.

"Lucy, stop crying," Master Makarov softly spoke, trying to heal my broken soul. "Your a strong woman, don't let them tell you otherwise."


"No buts Lucy," he said and stood tall, like he was dwarfing me even though he was still in his small size. "Let me tell you something, and listen closely."

I nodded as he stared me down, holding his air of authority with this strong atmosphere of pride.

"The world we live in is not one of sunshine and rainbows, it is not one of purely peace. Where there is light, the darkness will linger around it, waiting to strike out at you. It will not care how strong you are, I will not care how strong you are. If you allow it, darkness will beat you down to your knees and keep you there forever," he stated, arms crossed and a mouth holding a frown. "Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gildarts, and even I will not hit as hard as life shall, but it isn't about how much stronger you will hit back."

He grasped my hands and pulled me up, making me stand on my own to feet. Even if I looked down on him, he was still taller than me, just radiating the power of command.

"It is about how hard you can take the punishment and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That is the mark of a powerful being! Now, if you know how strong you are, then go out and get what you're worth. However, you must be willing to take the punishment, and not resort to pointing fingers saying you are not where you want to be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that is not you! You are Lucy Heartfilia, a strong young woman and a Celestial mage of Fairy Tail!"

I nodded, a smile on my face now as I gripped my Celestial Keys. I got ready to leave when I decided on something.


"Yes Lucy?"

"Could I be allowed to take a vacation for a while?"

"Yes, of course, but might I ask, why?"

"If I want to get stronger, I need to train."

"Then I suggest taking a long job," he spoke and pulled out a slip of paper. "In fact, one such job appeared this morning. A village near the capital requires aid with tremors coming form a lone mountain in the region."

I tilted my head in curiosity and he continued reading the paper.

"If I am correct, the reward will pay your rent for some time as well as give you a journey to train and contemplate on."

I thought about it, and then I smiled, nodding in acceptance. He smiled back and pulled out a stamp, giving me permission to do the job.

"Don't worry Master," I assured him as I opened the door to leave, "I'll come back, I promise."

He looked at me and nodded, then took out a mug of beer and started drowning his sorrows in alcohol. I left and began my new journey to fine my strength.

"Why would they do this to me," I thought as I walked towards my apartment.

I packed my things and told the landlord that I'd be gone for a while so when I get back if I could pay the whole debt off then. He agreed and I left Magnolia, wandering into the open world to do a job.


Well, I hope you guys liked that

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Well then, I salute you sirs and ma'ams

I salute you all

Now, Lucy is out in the big world, getting ready to do a long job

She will meet new friends, new companions

She will make enemies

And she will gain power beyond the normal realm of magic

Team Natsu will regret that


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