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Chapter 1

Ziva woke up at 0500 to go out for her morning run. After she'd finished her run she went back home and had a shower and got ready for work. While she was driving to work she was hit by a speeding car, she went through the guardrail down the ravine and into the creek below. The car just kept spinning and tumbling down the crevasse, the car finally stopped spinning but there was water leaking in so she thought she must have landed in the creek. Well ziva knew one thing was for sure she was in pain, she couldn't move and she didn't know what injuries she had, she slipped into unconsciousness.


Tony was looking around and saw that Ziva wasn't there yet but she was usually like the first one there "Hey Mcgoo Do you know where Ziva is cause she's usually here before me."

"No Tony i don't know where Ziva is but it's not like her to be late. Something must be wrong."

"Gear up we got a dead marine on a bridge" Gibbs calls across the bullpen.

Crime Scene

The team arrived at the crime scene and there was still no sign of ziva anywhere. They had to climb down to the crime scene which was at the bottom of the ravine, When they were down there instead of finding one car they found two cars, and tony recognised one of them as ziva's mini. He had a bad feeling about this, but he put his brave face on and looked inside the car, the site that greeted him made him feel queasy. It was ziva.

She didn't look good "Mcgee, Gibbs you might want to get over here" tony shouted to the rest of his team with worry in his voice. "What is DiNozzo" Gibbs asked gruffly "I think i know why ziva didn't show up for work this morning." There she was squashed in the tangled wreck. It took the

emergence team about an hour and a half to cut her out of the car .

Once she was out she was taken to the hospital. gibbs told tony to go with her so he could find out how bad her injuries are, so tony hopped into the ambulance with ziva. After they had arrived at the hospital ziva was taken away for surgery, and all tony could do was wait for any news about her condition and if she was going to be alright.


The rest of the team arrive back at headquarters and mcgee told abby what had happened to ziva and that tony had gone with her to the hospital, while gibbs told jenny what had happened then they headed over to the hospital to meet up with tony and find out what her condition was.


After a little while the rest of the team arrive and we all wait in the waiting room in silence, until the nurse came in and asked "Are you Miss David's family?"

"Yes" replied tony

"All of you cause i can only let family in at the moment"

that's when gibbs spoke up and said "yes he is her family"

"Ok follow me sir" tony looked back to gibbs and nodded saying 'thanks boss' then he followed the nurse to ziva's room. She didn't look good she had wires and IV lines coming out of her arms, the sight of her make tony stomach turn. "What are her injuries?"

"Well she has a major concussion, Her right leg's broken, left shoulder is dislocated, 3 broken ribs and severe blood loss." once she is finished she looks up from the sheet she was reading off and walks out of the room.