Chapter 2

It hurts tony seeing ziva so hurt. Tony decides to shut his eyes for a few minutes, but he ends up sleeping for a few hours. He wakes up when he hears someone entering the room, it was just a nurse to check up on how ziva is doing, she is still just laying there but he knows she is alive because of all of the beeping machines around her.

The next morning she is allowed to have other visitors so gibbs comes in to visit and he sees her with tony asleep right next to her and understands why tony hasn't left her side, he loves her. Gibbs wakes tony up and tells him "Tony go home, shower and change your clothes i will stay with her to make sure she's ok" "ok boss, but make sure you take care of her please" "i will DiNozzo now go."

Tony's Apartment

Tony goes home and has a shower changes his clothes and packs a small bag for in the hospital then he drives back to the hospital. On the way he stops by the coffee shop to get him and gibbs a decent coffee no the stuff that hospitals serve.


When i got to the hospital i gave gibbs his coffee and then his phone rang

"scuse me a minute i gotta take this" and walked out of the room he came back in a few minutes later and said "i got to go, i want you to stay here and make sure she's safe. After gibbs had left i started talking to ziva "hey you can't die on us 1. it wouldn't be the same without you, 2. gibbs hasn't given you permission to die and 3. i love you." little did he know that ziva could actually hear what was being said around her so she heard all of what tony had said to her.

Later that night tony had fallen asleep in the chair next to ziva's bed. "tony" said a raspy voice tony bolted awake in an instant and looked around the room for the person that had said his name "where are you?" "tony i am down here" tony looked down to ziva and saw that she was awake "wait a minute and i will go and get the nurse. The nurse came in a made sure that ziva was alright "ok miss david how do you feel?" "I feel a little dizzy and i am sore all over" "can you wiggle your toes for me" ziva wiggles her toes "ok that's all thank you"

"Tony did you mean what you said to me?" " what did i say cause i said so many things to you and i just can't remember everything that i said" "you said that you loved me" "well yes i did mean that not so much the other...wait you could hear me?" yes tony i could hear some things you were saying, why wouldn't you didn't you say it to me before now?" "i wasn't sure if you felt the same way as me, and you are the one person i didn't want to be rejected by" ziva looked into his eyes and saw in them that he wasn't lying and replied "well that's why i didn't ask you cause i didn't want to be rejected by you either."

A few hours later ziva and tony are asleep and gibbs comes in to check on them and see's tony asleep with his head resting on ziva bed and ziva asleep on the uncomfortable hospital beds, he chuckles to himself and he thinks 'i don't think that rule 12 will be around much longer for these two' then he leaves them in peace.

The next morning ziva wakes up when the nurse is coming to check on how her progress is going, all the rusling and talking woke tony up. After the nurse is finished she leaves them in peace and then gibbs comes in "DiNozzo i need a word outside" "go i will be fine for a few minutes" so tony left so meet gibbs outside the room

"you love her don't you DiNozzo"

"well, yes i do and i have since i met her"

"well ask her out i know you've wanted to for a long time but i think that now is the right time"

"but boss what about rule 12" "

"i don't give a damn about rule 12 any more, she needs you now go in there and tell her how you feel about her. GO!" tony renters the room and says

"do you wanna go out with me?"

"what about rule 12?"

"gibbs gave me permission to break rule 12 for you"

"well then yes i will go out with you"