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Grovyle: Through Time and Darkness


I… Am Grovyle. Member of the Insurgo, Son of Basileus. My past is rarely explained at all, let alone well, so I will explain my origins, when I was a Treecko, born into the dark world where cold and darkness reign, and time stands still. The world I was born into was so far into the future that what I am about to unveil isn't recorded anywhere else. Others might try to tell you about what happened, but this is coming from the Pokemon that the stories are about. This includes my parents, Dusknoir, my human partner... Celebi... and many other pokemon that you didn't know I knew. They will all share their thoughts in the story, each one having a different view to tell, so take note of what is written. You may need it someday.

-Chapter 1: Treecko the Legend-

-Treecko's POV-

The first thing that I remember is feeling cold and alone. My instincts kicked in, and the darkness was pierced with the *crack* of an eggshell. My eyes closed to adjust to the light, and once the warm, insulated interior of my egg was broken, the cold seeped in like a poison, making my body slow down and shiver.

I crawled out of the hole I had broken, and laid on my stomach for a few seconds, taking in my surroundings. I felt the floor; It was hard and cold. I observed the walls around me;

They were made of the same material as the floors. I cried out, not seeing another living thing in the enclosed space that I had appeared in, and I looked down a corridor after hearing some faint footsteps that seemed to reply to my cries.

I saw two Pokemon that were green with red stomachs and tails that looked like bristles on a tree, that looked like me slightly, a boy and a girl, and the girl picked me up in her arms, and looked to the other pokemon as she said, seeming to ignore me, "Look, Basileus!"

The other, taller Pokemon that I presumed was Basileus looked at me with such care that I smiled, and said, "Wow… He is beautiful, Briar…"

Then, the Pokemon named Briar began to pet my head affectionately as she whispered, "I love you so much, Treecko…"

I sneezed, and my breath misted in the cold air. I started shivering uncontrollably, and the Pokemon Briar moved her hand that wasn't cradling me, and I heard a cracking sound. I sat up slightly and saw that a green plant had sprouted from the hard, cold ground, and had grown giant leaves.

The Pokemon that I had decided was Briar plucked the leaf off of the plant, and it retreated into the ground, leaving no evidence except a slight scar in the stone where the plant had come from.

She picked me up and wrapped me in the leafy blanket that she had grabbed, and after a minute, I started to warm up slightly. At least, I stopped shivering. I tried to stay awake, to battle the exhaustion that was setting in, but I was so little, I had to sleep. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep in that Pokemon's arms.

It only seemed like a moment, but I awoke as soon as I was set down onto the floor. I cried out, and the Pokemon named Briar sat down and cradled me again. I was still too young to understand what all was happening, but from what I understood, Briar and the Pokemon Basileus were about to leave for some reason.

Briar spoke to Basileus, saying something about Ember Moss and Grass… I didn't know what any of those things were, but she showed me soon afterwards.

She slid her hand across the hard ground that she explained was stone, and then little green slivers appeared to grow through it.

She set me down onto it, and I noticed it spreading across the whole space that I was in. As soon as it touched my skin, I rolled around, taking in the silky smooth feel of it, and it was so soft and warm compared to the stone.

I smiled and rolled around, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was getting up off of the chair that seemed to sink into the ground, melting like water, even though it looked like the same stuff that I was sprawled out on… Grass, that's what she had called it. A grass chair that receded into the ground.

She put her hand onto the wall, and then another kind of plant bloomed there… It was orange with green leaves, and when I tried to stand up, I fell back over again, but I felt strangely drawn to it, like it was something I hadn't felt before…

Briar picked me up, and held me on her shoulder as she gleamed, "Ember moss! It's not actually moss, but that's what we call it. It's warm to the touch, and radiates heat and light. It really lightens up this place, huh? Oh, what am I saying? You're a newborn…"

I inclined my head slightly, hinting that I didn't understand, and she sighed, "This is hard…"

I couldn't quite speak yet, but I managed to mumble slightly. I guess that my brain developed really quickly, since I could clearly understand what was going on. Either that, or it was already fully developed inside my egg. It's hard to tell when you aren't even a day old.

Briar placed me down onto the grass, and made a quick bowl-looking shape out of ember moss, and looked at me as she said, "You can sleep here until we get back… I love you, and just stay here…"

She scooped me into her arms, and I smiled as she placed me into the bed of warm plants. I curled into a ball, and fell soundly asleep to the sound of my breathing.

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