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-Chapter 53: Grovyle, Son of Basileus-

-Connor's POV-

I knew that Tyranitar really wanted to go, and I didn't see why not… But I had more pressing matters to discuss with Treecko.

I leaned forward in my chair, balancing on the table with tons of maps on them, "So, I was wanting to know more about what you know about the prophecy that we believe is about you, primarily…"

Treecko raised a brow at that remark, "Huh?"
I leaned back, using my feet to keep from falling backwards, "I want to know what you know about it."
He stroked his chin, deep in thought, and he replied, "Well, I know that I need to evolve into a Grovyle, and then I go to the past with you, put the time gears into place atop Temporal Tower, stopping the collapse of Temporal Tower and ultimately changing the whole course of events, which causes all the pokemon in this timeline to disappear."
I pressed further, "And are you willing to do that?"

He nodded, "Of course."
"Even if it means that Celebi has to disappear as well?"
I knew that he deeply cared for Celebi, and if he was willing to change the future, even if it meant losing her… Then he was ready.

He thought about it briefly before nodding, "I have to. Nothing will change if I don't do this."
I was pleased that he made the choice that I expected him to make. "Well said! Now you're ready to evolve!" I clapped once, and his body began glowing. He rolled out of his chair in surprise, and fell to his knees, "What's this?!"
I smirked slightly, "I sort of snuck an everstone into your wonder bag when you first arrived, to have some wiggle room in the timing of the prophecy… I apologize, but if you evolved when you were ready, the entire series of events would have been accelerated; I needed to make sure that you were ready to take up the prophecy."

He coughed slightly, and the light grew brighter until I had to look away. When the light dimmed, I looked back at him, and he was now twice as tall, and he had more defined muscles in his arms and legs. He looked a lot more powerful. He had a long green leaf flowing from his head like long hair, and he was at least four feet tall now.

He was breathing hard, and when he stood up, he looked at himself with a mix of excitement and dismay, like he wanted to evolve, but something in him said that he didn't want to…

I remained sitting, and he glared at me, "Why… Did you postpone my evolution?" His voice was much deeper, like mine, except slightly brighter… He flinched at the sound of his voice, so I could tell that it bothered him.
I stood up, preparing myself; I could sense an edge of hostility in his voice, and I didn't want to be caught off guard, "I had to. If you had evolved when you should have, then the entire prophecy would be underway. I had to make sure that you were ready to make the big decisions, and not back out of restoring the future."
He looked angry, but not at me, necessarily. He looked angry with himself, more than anything. I could feel it in his mind…

He walked to me slowly, adjusting to the new power in his legs, and leaned on the table, his leaf-hair falling around his shoulders, "Alright… What are we doing?"
I pulled out a map of Immanis, a land that was in our world, with numerous forests, lakes, and a huge northern desert. It had many seaside caves and cliffs, but only a few beaches that opened to the ocean. "The mainland. That's where we're going."
He seemed confused slightly with that, "The mainland? How much bigger is it than our world?"
I laughed, amused with him slightly, "Oh, it's part of our world… You see this little floating island to the west, just off the coast?"
He nodded, "Yeah. What about it?"

"That's our 'world'. It was formerly called the hidden land. The place where Temporal Tower was hidden. When it collapsed, well… You saw it when you lived with Dialga. Anywho, the time gears that we need are on the mainland."
His low voice made me glance at him, "My mom said that there were tons of time gears scattered throughout the entire multiverse; How come we can't just gather a few of them from this world and put them in Temporal Tower?"
I shook my head, "Dialga destroyed all of the time gears in the hidden land when he went into his primal rage. The ones on the mainland are all that we have left. I have an ability given to me by Arceus that can help with finding them, called the Dimensional Scream. I need you in order to help activate it and find the Time Gears… Will you help me?"
Grovyle nodded his head, with a fierce, fiery determination in his eyes, "I will."

I smiled again, eager to start our adventure, "Good. Then we have a lot to discuss."

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