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Harvey was mad. No, scratch that. Harvey was pissed.

Now, if you heard anybody say this without knowing the full story, you would merely shrug with little to no interest. Not only was it fairly easy to get pissed on a Wednesday morning when living in New York, but also being pissed wasn't much worse than being mad or angry; plus to be fair, mad or angry weren't exactly highly dangerous feelings, right?

Well, it turns out that when said Harvey is actually Harvey Freaking Specter you can be damn sure that all those excuses… yep, worthless.

Cause Harvey Freaking Specter on a normal freaking Wednesday could be a little distracted, annoyed even, but mad? Pissed? Hell no, Harvey Freaking Specter didn't do those two feeling on a normal Wednesday morning. And you better believe the fact that a mad Harvey Freaking Specter was nothing compared to a pissed one.

So yeah, let's agree on the fact that it wasn't a normal Wednesday, cause on a normal Wednesday Harvey would be comfortable as ever in his God-sized throne while looking down on the rest of the world eating out of his palm.

On an abnormal Wednesday, however, that wasn't the case. On an abnormal Wednesday, something had gone wrong. Really wrong. Wrong enough for the best damn closer not to be able to shake a few hands with a few smirks then and there to fix it.

So, what could have possibly gone wrong enough? Sure, they had been working on a tough case, nothing weird there; after all he wasn't paid for dealing with the easy stuff. Maybe some trouble with the jury? Nah, Harvey could deal with that… So what could it-

"Donna, where's Mike?"

Ah. There it was.

"I don't know" Donna answered without moving her eyes form the computer screen "Just as I didn't know thirty seconds ago" and she heard Harvey sigh in exasperation through the intercom.

"Harvey…" she sighed before glancing towards him from her desk "He's not even that late and you know how the streets get this time of year" but she only received a glare.

"We have a meeting and he is supposed to be here with the files" he growled "And why are you even defend-" he was interrupted by his phone. It was Mike. With a murderous look to Donna he picked up.

Donna merely huffed in annoyance. Sure, Mike was twenty minutes late, and had to there for an important meeting about the merger that had been bothering them since last week, but it was also winter now and the streets were dangerous for a guy who biked to work and who had looked like a zombie during the entire week. Shit… she was getting soft.

"…no I – Harvey! Oh, thank Go-" he heard Mike say as soon as he picked up. Not only was he late, but there was a bloody ruckus on his associate's side of the phone which made it even harder to listen to him.

"Shut up" he interrupted "You better be here by the time I hang up or I swear, Louis will be the least of your worries" and he hung up with anger. He looked at Donna who was staring at him with a frown and was about to say something when the phone rang again.


"Are you here?"

"Wha-? No! List-"

"I don't wanna hear it! If you have time to call again that means you have time to get here when you're supposed to" and he hang up again. His phone started to ring once again but he ignored it while copying Donna's angry look.

She was about to say something when her own phone started ringing. For a split second she glanced at Harvey as if daring him to say something before grabbing the phone.

"Don't answer that!" Harvey stood up but Donna was already listening to the other end of the phone.

"Mike? Listen, I kno-" but she was interrupted by both Mike and the commotion behind his words.

"Donna! Listen! Don't hang up, alright? Listen, the-" and her eyes widened as she recognized the sound of a siren in the distance which made it impossible to hear Mike's agitated voice.

"Mike, what the-?" and it was only then that Harvey glanced at her in anger and yet a slight hint of confusion.

"-…heard? Ugh, stupid cars… Listen, I won't make it, alright?"

"What do you mean you won't-?"

"Tell Harvey that the files he needs are on my desk, but the copy he needed for today isn't! You have to-"

"Wait, I don't- Mike?"

"Donna, you have to get them! I have the copy with me but there's another one in- Ow! What th- would you- Agh!" and she could hear the murmur of a feminine voice above the other voices and sounds. Where the hell was he?

"Mike? What was that? Are you with a girl? Cause if you-" and she pretended not to catch Harvey's flinch at that last part.

"..op it!- What?! No! Ugh! Listen, there's another copy at my apartment, alright? You gotta get it! The meeting is at least twenty minutes away, you can still…" she heard Mike hiss in… pain? She frowned.

Harvey was by her side, having heard something about a girl and being ready to rip his associate a new one. He was about to take Donna's phone, but she stopped him with a raise of her hand.

"Mike, what-?"

"…- No! I told you I'm fine-" she heard him say to someone else. There was the woman's voice again, and she was pretty sure it sounded mad, just like Mike sounded "…no, listen lady, I'm not hanging up- hey! Ow! You did that on purpose!" Okay… Donna was really confused now and she was starting to lose her patience.

"Mike!" she ordered loudly while standing up, putting a hand on her other ear to hear better and turning away from Harvey's demanding stare.

"…no!- Donna, please, would you just-?"

"Mike!" the sounds kept going but Mike seemed to have heard her.

Harvey was at lost. He was pissed yet Donna wouldn't pay him mind! Why wouldn't she hang up already?

"Mike, I heard you the first time- no, Mike? Listen- yes I'll get them Mike, alright? I'll get the copy, don't worry, now- Mike! Mike what's going on?"

Harvey was completely at lost as he heard Donna talking in what seemed the verge of exasperation to what he could only imagine an exasperating Mike, which didn't exactly calm his anger down.

"You what?!" she shrieked, making Harvey step back "Wher-?! Hello? Who are you? Excuse me?! Listen, I don't know who you think yo-"

Okay, Harvey gulped in fear. Who the hell had the nuts big enough to dare and make Donna mad enough to talk like that through the phone? But suddenly Donna went silent.

"Alright." She said seriously "Just, let me talk to him. Yeah- Mike? Mike, stop interrupting me" she asked in a sweet ´I'll make you nuts-less unless you listen´ voice and Harvey would have laughed if Donna wasn't so close as to punch him for it "Listen, I'll take care of everything of everything alright? Now, you better listen to Alex and do as she says or possibly being fired will be the least of your problems, alright? Good, that's what I thought. I'm hanging up now. I'll explain Harvey" she sighed while rubbing her forehead "alright? Just do as she says. Yeah. Yes, I'll see you soon" and she hung up only to start a call again, completely ignoring his boss next to her.

"Donna, wh-" but she ignored him.

"Ray? Hi, listen, I need you to go over to Mike's place alright? Yeah, there should be a few copies of a document on his table. Just call me when you see them and I'll tell you whether they're the right ones or not, then you can bring them to Harvey. He'll be waiting at the firm, alright? Yeah, thanks."

And that's when she turned around.

"You, Harvey Specter, are a jerk" she poked him before grabbing her purse and strolling down towards the elevators. Harvey could only stand there at complete loss.

"What?" and she ran after her.

Mike sighed as he heard the line go off. He was tired and in pain and he would have rather keep talking to an angry Donna than to be left with the woman standing in front of her.

"You done now?" she asked in anger.

"Yeah…" he muttered.

"Good" she stated while pushing him down on the gurney and grabbing his phone "I'm taking this"

"Hey! What if she calls again? I'll need to tell-"

"No. You made your call, they can manage. Now if you would please stop moving and let me do my freaking job" she growled.

Mike glared at her even though he knew he had already lost. He let his head hit drop backwards with a tired sigh before closing his eyes.

Harvey would have his ass for this one.

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