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The second day after the accident found Harvey taking the day off -as Donna knew would happen- and talking to Jessica over the phone while Mike was asleep. You see, Harvey had asked Donna to gather everything she could about the people involved in the car accident the day before, and at night he had called Jessica to tell her about his intentions of representing Mike pro bono and any other victim who was willing to pay for his services against the drunken bastard.

He actually hadn't talked about it with Mike yet and knowing the kid he might ask Harvey to leave it alone. But that wasn't who the closer was. He had once told that to Mike. And this time, not only was Mike not fine, but he also did not deserve it. So if Mike didn't want to fill a lawsuit against the man then screw him, cause Harvey was going after his sorry ass with or without the kid.

Because -and in case Mike didn't want to press charges this, sadly, would probably prove a point to make him see reason- any of those people involved could have been Mike's parents.

Mike could have died. He could have not called Harvey or Donna and they would have been none the wiser until getting some stranger's call telling Harvey that a man named Michael Ross who had him listed as his next of keen had been in an awful car accident a few hours before and…


He was going to make sure that man -Ryan Keys, he had learned- didn't get to see the light of day again.

That day Mike's fever was gone, and while he still felt exhausted for the better part of the day, this time he did get to watch a movie. Hah.

He had woken up around 10 am, his stomach empty and Harvey eager to give him anything before he became so damn thin that your skinny ties won't do justice to their name when wore by you. So he had convinced the older man to help him towards the couch, that way he would be able to watch more than one movie, not complain (so much, because that's hard to do when your whole body aches), and sleep at the same time.

He had finally won the fight when he explained to Harvey that his couch was more comfortable that his own bed back at his apartment (Harvey making a face right there- well not everybody can afford a couch worth a small fortune) so there was no possible way that lying on it during the day could do him wrong.

It was after their first movie that Harvey asked.

"Mike, I assume you intent to sue the son of a bitch that caused all this" he sort of asked. But just as Mike opened his mouth he pressed on "And by assume I don't mean a nice ol' 'as your lawyer I highly recommend that you do', but a 'you better press charges or you'll be working for Louis exclusively for the rest of your life'" he finished with a smile.

Mike opened his mouth again, then closed it and sighed.

"Yeah… I'm doing it…" he said "It's just… he was drunk" as it that was enough of an explanation. And for Harvey, it was.

"I know, kid" Harvey sighed "Don't worry, though. If I can, and we both know I do, I will also bring down the potential woman that made him get drunk in the morning, the bar tender that provided the drinks and his lawyer for trying to defend him" and that earned him a laugh from Mike.

"I don't think that's necessary, Harvey, but thanks"

"Pussy…" the latter sang to himself.

"Shut up"

Most people around the office had already heard about Mike's 'detour'.

Rachel had asked Donna about Mike the next day and Donna had had to calm her down for about an hour before convincing her that, yes, Mike was fine; No, not in a coma; Yes, he was well enough for some get-better sex.

"Donna!" Rachel had whispered.

"What? You wanna tell me that wasn't one of your worries?"

It had been left at that.

Louis, on the other hand, had noticed Harvey and Mike's lack of presence, which could be easily explained, after a busy morning filled with important meetings. But once he was free and looking for Donna, not being able to find her, he had become suspicious. And so he had gone to Jessica.

It was already after lunch by then, so Jessica had already been informed of what had happened and she had been the one to explain it to him.

"Oh my god" Louis muttered "Is he okay? Are Harvey and Donna already there then?"

"Louis" she had tried to calm him down "Everything is fine, but given that Harvey is not here now, I need you to get the associates working. Can't I count on you, Louis?"

And after that it had been a piece of cake for her.

Mike's week off went pretty fast.

Thursday and Friday were spent at Harvey's apartment with the closer himself, figures. Then during the weekend, Harvey spent both mornings at the firm working on the lawsuit (for which he was now representing a few other victims pro bono as well- Jessica's idea on the grounds that it would look good and in exchange Harvey would be off pro bono duty for a year. Harvey had decided to count it as a win), before spending the rest of the day with Mike and making sure he didn't die and ruin his apartment.

Harvey's words, not Mike's.

After the weekend though, Harvey finally seemed to calm down a little as he was doing better and could at least stand up for more than ten minutes. If things kept going this way, Harvey would let him go to work half day on Thursday and Friday. After all, his week off would be up by then, but Harvey and Donna had been clear from the start: no work until they both deemed it secure enough.

He had to go to court of course. He had already gone once on Monday, much to Harvey's annoyance. The closer hadn't let him out of his sight during the whole ordeal and he had been forced into a wheelchair. So yeah, it only took a couple of hours and by the end of it he was already exhausted and in pain, but still! It had been humiliating.

Anyway, long story short Harvey ended up making sure that the trial took place once Mike was at least capable (to his eyes) of walking without passing out in the process, which, in Mike's heated defense had only happened once.

And, man, hadn't that been a fun phone call for Donna and Harvey to receive.

It happened on Tuesday morning. Harvey was at the office of course and would be back for lunch and, as it had been since staying with him, he had left everything ready for when Mike woke up.

He was up by nine am. Even though he was still dead to the world by the time the clock marked 8 pm, he was finally being able to rise somewhat early and not be too tired during the day.

Anyway, he carefully changed into some comfortable clothes (he wasn't allowed to shower while being alone in case he somehow fell or something. And he knew better than to disobey him) and went to the kitchen. As expected, there were some juice and cereal for him along with the pain meds. Soon after, he was choosing what movie to watch.

He had actually asked Harvey to let him go through some cases, but Harvey wouldn't let him. So, inevitably, he got bored. The older layer would complain then as the better Mike felt the bored he got and the more annoying he became.

He had to explain Harvey that it wasn't simple for him not feel exasperated when he didn't have stuff to keep his mind occupied with. The man had merely given him a bored stare, however, the next day, he had brought a bunch of stuff to keep Mike entertained with. And while it wasn't work, it wasn't bad stuff either.

"What's the point on keeping you out of work so you can rest when by doing nothing you won't rest either?" was all Harvey had said when asked. All in all, it had been a nice touch.

The movie was over about half past eleven. Harvey would be back by one, but Donna always made sure to call at twelve. And he had to answer. Every time. Or he would be fed to Louis as soon as he was back to work.

He stood up and went to get more food. He left what he had used on the sink and took out some snacks. He was careful not to jostle his ribs and accomplished the mission of getting some cookies out of a top shelf. However, when he was about to help himself some water, he clumsily pushed a cup off the table with his elbow.

It was instinct. As soon as he realized what he had done, he went to catch it.

Wrong move.

Pain exploded in his side, and there was a crashing sound somewhere followed by a bump. His vision was pulsing as pain continued to course through him.

Somewhere in the back ground there was a phone ringing

Then, next thing he knew he was lying on something soft, Harvey's face hovering over him. He looked tired and kind of exasperated.

"You're so not working for the next month" the closer had said while shaking his head.

It turns out Donna had called but he hadn't answered so Harvey had gone ran back, ready to have his associate's ass for not answering when he was supposed to.

He had found the kid passed out in the kitchen and had called (yelled, demanded, begged, whatever) for an ambulance. By the time the paramedics got there Mike was a little more responsive but still pretty out of it. In fact, he didn't remember any of the questions he had been asked or the answers Harvey assured him he had given.

They gave him more of the good stuff and calmed Harvey's threats by explaining to him that it was pretty common for this to happen when the patient had broken or cracked ribs. One wrong jostle and the pain was a sure passing out factor.

Donna had already gotten there by then of course and they had both make sure to plan Mike's future weeks.

Good bye Thursday and Friday for work. And the following week he would go to work at nine with Harvey and they would both be leaving at two pm. And he would stay at Harvey's office at all times except when having to go to the bathroom.

Donna would bring them lunch and he would do as told by them.

And so it had been.

Soon enough, the case was over and Mike along with six other people were compensated. By then, Mike had already gone back to work. However, Donna and Harvey had made him stay at Harvey's for about a week after he was already able to walk properly.

Then, a little over three weeks after the accident, Mike was finally stepping out of his own apartment, ready to go to work and looking forward to having lunch with Donna and Harvey as a celebration for his recovery.

Of course, there was no way Danna and Harvey would make it any easier on him. They had both forbidden him to ride a bike for the foreseeable future (We'll tell you when we change our mind, they had said) so he would be picked up by either of them every morning and dropped off at his 'poor excuse of an apartment'.

They would still ask if he was hurting or if he had taken the vitamins he had been prescribed. And even after that, they would always be the first ones to notice if anything was wrong. They would make sure he was eating and sleeping, even though they tried to be subtle.

He didn't know it would be still a good for month before they even started to think about letting him ride a bike to work again, but it was still nice.

While they still joked about Harvey caring or Donna going soft, it was clear now where they stood. And while it was kind of unnerving to be told what to do, he would be lying if he ever said it didn't feel good.

It was nice to feel what it was to have a family again. And it was even nicer to discover that he had had a family again for even longer: since meeting Harvey actually.

He had just needed to be hit by a car to realize it.

All in all… pretty much worth it.


The end.

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