Hey guys i know this story is short but i will make the chaptors longer i promise.

Tsukune was an average boy with average problems until he went to yokai academy. There he met moka a vampire, an ice maiden, a succubus, and 2 witchs. Moka was his first friend at yokai academy moka is the most sweetest girl ever. He also has four other girls that are his friends the are kumuru, yukari, mizore, and ruby. All of them are in the news paper club together but since he has been there things have happend. He has almost died so many times that tsukune has wanted to get stronger to protect moka.

Moka gave tsukune his blood so many times that he turned into a super ghoul but that didnt last long he gradually turned into a shinzo vampire with the help of his friends. So all in all tsukune has conquered every enemy there was except asking moka to marry him, but he wouldnt get a chance to because the other girls would interrupt us. So late one night tsukune called kurumu, yukari, mizore, and ruby up and told them to meet him after graduation so he could tell them something important and he said no families either just you guys.

So 3 months have went by and it was graduation day everyone one excited especially moka, moka couldn't wait to kiss tsukune. Graduation whent off with a hitch everyone was excited. After graduation kurumu, yukari, mizore and ruby were all waiting for tsukune in the newspaper club room, when tsukune and moka came in the room. Tsukune said thanks for coming.

Kurumu said tsukune we are all hear what do you want to talk to us about. Tsukune said first of all im going to miss you guys very much, and second thing is you guys need to stop saying im going to marry you guys because im not yukari you are like a sister to me and I don't want that to end. As for the other 3 I know that you guys love me very much more than I know, but im sorry kurumu, mizore and ruby I don't love you like that. I just want to be friends with you 3 thats it.

Im sorry I know I broke your hearts, but I only love one person and that is you moka. She was the first real friend I had here and I love her with all of my heart, and I want to ask you something moka and your other personality if thats ok with you two. both moka's said sure. Tsukune got down on one knee and said from the time we met you two have been there for me and kept me alive and I want to thank you for giveing me your blood if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here to day doing this tsukune pulled out a box and opened it moka akashia will you marry me.

Moka started crying and tsukune was the only one that heard it. Both moka's said YES he stud up and placed the on her fingure and kissed. That afternoon after graduation tsukune took her to see his parents in the human world. When they told his parents . Both his parents were overjoyed koji and kasumi were so excited that they were bouncing off the walls. Kusumi gave her future daughter in law a great big hug. Both tsukune and moka stayed for another hour and then left.

Tsukune said I hope your mother and father will be as easy as my parents were. Moka said everything will be fine dont worry about it. Moka gave tsukune the most deepest kiss ever. When they broke apart moka asked if she could sick his blood so they went into the ally way and she gave him a capu-chu. After she sucked his blood they both got on the bus and the bus driver said congratulations you two where do you want to go. We want to go see my parents, and off they whent to castle shuzen

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