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Oh shit what about kokoa said tsukune she will will be so pissed at me that she will try to kill me. i was thinking about it to well if she does i will just make her know her place said the inner moke. I dont dont doubt you will said tsukune. The bus driver said we are almost there there two. Moka said thank you. As they begane to get ready to get off. tsukune said i love you moke akashia with all of my heart and im happy that we are engaged i have been wanting to ask you for years now untill today on our graduation day. i love you to tsukune aono with all my heart body and soul. and i know when you told kurumu, mizore, and ruby that you didnt love them like you did but it was sweat that you told yukari that she was like a sister to you. When you asked me to marry you my dreams had come true. I've been hopeing you would ask me to marry you for a long time now. Tsukune held onto moka's hand and looked into her eyes

Moka kissed tsukune again before they got to moka's parents house both moka and tsukune smiled. The bus driver said we are hear castle shuzen. Both tsukune and moka got off the bus when the bus diver said congratulations you two see you both later. With that the bus driver was gone. Moka grab tsukunes hand as they started walking down a long drive way to get to the front door. Once they got to the front door moka opened it. Kokoa ran to moka in turn make moka fall backword. Kokoa was so excited that she had a smile on her face. Moka said take it easy kokoa you could of wated till i got in to hug me. Kokoa's smile faded away when she saw a ring on her sisters finger. Kokoa asked what is that sis. It's and engage ment ring said moka. Kokoa's face was priceless kokoa had a smile from ear to ear.

Kokoa was so happy that she couldnt contain her self. Tsukune said wow i didn't expect that to happen. I know said moka i didnt either. Just then moka's dad kame out to see what all the noise was KOKOA GET OFF YOUR SISTER NOW. Kokoa jumped off of moka really fast. Kokoa get to your room now i will deal with you later. Tsukune helped moka up to her feet as she brushed off the dirt from her skirt. Moka and tsukune what brings you two here said issa. well daddy we neet to tell you and mom something of course. Well come on in and sit down. A three of them whent into the dinning room and sat down. Then there was a voice that said is that moka. yes it is wife they just arived. Akasha came running in and whent strait to moka. She gave moka the deepest hug and a kiss on the cheek. Akasha sat next to her husband and smiled.

Akasha asked how graduation was it was great we passed all of our classes it was a nice gradutation. So what do you two need to tell us said akasha and issa together. well said moka. Wait said issa and akasha together. KOKOA GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW YOUNG LADY. Kokoa ran strait to her room and closed the door. We're sorry moka what did you want to tell us. well moka said looking at tsukune nodding. well mom and dad me and tsukune are engaged. For a few seconds the there was joy both issa and akasha yelling for joy as the 4 off them hugged each other. Congradulations you two we are soo proud of you guy. whe did he pop the questioin asked akasha. Today said moka right after graduation actually. both issa and akasha both had a smile on there faces. Both tsukune and moka were shocked then they smiled.

Both issa and akasha asked when big day, we dont know said moka and tskune. what were you thinking of haveing the wedding said akasha. Moka said im thinking in the spring or fall. I was thinking the same thing said tsukune. Thas wonderful said akasha those are the beest times to have a wedding said akasha. yes i agree with you wife those are the two best season to have a wedding. Tsukune and moka was soo happy that they kissed right infront of her parents. Both of her parents said awww. Issa ok guys thats enouph you can do that in your priveate time. Both of them blusshed. Akasha said husband dont imbaress them please. Ok sorry said issa.

Now tsukune said issa what do you want to do for your bachelor party. well sir i really dont want one said tsukune. how come said issa. well sir i respect moka so much and love her with all of my heart that. That i would never hurt her in any way shape or form. she means that hole world to me. From the time i met her she is the only one i think about the only one i care about, and the onlyone i want to spend the rest of my life with. That i would rather stay home watch movies/tv play cards, or play video games then go to a bar or strip clubs. I would never do that to moka if anything i would rather spend out final night at home with each other. than at some place where i dont belong. Tsukune you have maid me a happy father. i love your answer and i know in my heart that u will make my daughter the happiest woman in the world.

Both moka and akasha started to cry together. Tsukune put his arm around moka and held her tightly in his arms. Tsukune said moka you make me so happy. what you said just now is the sweetest thing i have ever heard anyone say to me before. Akasha was whipeing her eyes. and then Moka you chose the right person to marry. We both can tell he loves you and respects your feelings. Tsukune please take care of our daughter. I will said tskune with my a few minets moka and akasha stopped crying. They sat there talking for a bout half hour longer. Moka asked can me and tskune spend the night tonight. Both issa and akasha said yes you may with a smiles on there faces. I promise said moka we wont do anything inaproppriate. Moka its ok you two are engaged and will be married soon as long as you where condoms we dont care if you two have sex. After all you two are getting married soon. Moka said thank you daddy and mom. i love you both. We love you two moka said akasha and issa.

Tsukune said what about kokoa she could barge in on us and try to kill me. i will take care of her said issa just enjoy your selfs tonight. the reason i asked is because every time me and moka would kiss she would try hiting me with her wepon. Akasha said tskune you are the most kindes man to my daughter that i could ever imagine and i know you would never hurt our daughter. Kokoa is just going to have to get over it. and dont worry you two will have privacy no one will come in on you. thank you mom said moka. My little girl is going up so fast said issa I know said akasha but she has the most wonderful man in her life and he loves her with all of his heart and that makes me the most happiest father in the whole world. Moka got up and hugged her parents then akasha hugged tsukune and both of her parents when to go and get ready for tonight.

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