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Chapter 8: Festivals are more fun than information

"Ow, ow, ow... That stings so damn badly..."

Yamamoto let out a sigh as he rubbed his neck. While nothing particularly happened when one of his own bit each other, or anything other than a human, it still hurt quite a bit. Not to mention that other painful things Hibari had done.


Looking ahead, the monster saw Tsuna run up to him with a worried look on his face.

That wasn't a look Yamamoto liked seeing.

"Tsuna? What's up? Why do you look so worried?"

"You went to see Hibari-san! Of course I'd be worried!? That guy's crazy! Are you hurt anywhere!? Do you need to go to the infirmary!? How many fingers an I-!?"

Yamamoto had to turn his head and cover his mouth to hide his laugh.

Tsuna thought this meant he had been hurt and so said no more before grabbing the other's wrist and pulling him to get a checkup.

"T-Tsuna-hahaha! I'm fine...! Hehehe... It's just that you looked so cute when you started going on that little question spree."

"C-cute...!? I'm worried about you and that's what you have to say to me!?"

The girls that were around started glaring at the brunet. The reason for this bearing that he let go of Yamamoto's wrist and started hitting his chest.

Yamamoto didn't seem to mind and simply started laughing.

"So... You're really okay?"

"Yup! Nothing broken and no bruises have been made. I'm pretty sure I'm okay." He ended up putting an arm around the shorter one's shoulder as they walked to their class. "Thanks for worrying about me, Tsuna."

"I-it's no problem."

Tsuna got a small blush at how close the two currently were. Not only that, the realization that he had just grabbed Yamamoto's wrist and pulled him through the hall had finally hit him.

'It's unfair that I'm the only one feeling like this...'

On the flip side of that, Yamamoto seemed to be beaming as he continued to keep his arm around the brunet's shoulder.

'It may be unfair, but I'm sure this give me another point. Sorry, Senpai, Gokudera, but Tsuna will be mine.'


Looking down, the vampiric being saw Tsuna giving him a very questioning look. This one seemed more curious than anything else.

"It's nothing. Just thinking about something."

That's when he felt something.

It felt like he was being watched. He tried to sense if it was another creature, but only got a slight similar feeling to the one he got when around Chrome.

He looked around but found nothing out of the ordinary. That is until he looked out the window.

It was far off, but he could make out what looked to be a small white dragon flying in circles before taking its leave.

Deciding that the brunet next to him would probably think something was wrong again, he just continued to walk as if nothing happened. Something did come to his mind though and wondered if he could get some answers from the others.


Hibari Kiyoya straightened his back as he looked down at the item in his hands.

Said item was a small bracelet with a ruby, a sapphire and an emerald imbedded into it. He could feel his powers being held back, but still felt quite a bit leaking out. It wasn't enough to where one could tell he was different from a regular person, but it was enough to where another monster wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him and a regular human.

"Kufufu. So you'll have both of them? Why don't you just have that idiotic vampire while I have Tsunayoshi to myself? That way we both win."

"Hm. You really want to be bitten to death, don't you?"

"What would ever give you that impression?"

Without looking at the direction the voice was coming from, Hibari got ready to fight.

Right behind him a male with hair styled like a pineapple started to fizzle into existence behind the skylark.

Rokudō Mukuro.

The man was the one who could completely rival the vampiric being in a fight. He was the man who was able to conquer a school without using any sort of supernatural powers before switching over to Namimori.

His actual ability with magic far exceeded his cousin's. While she was able to do extraordinary things like turn a vampire into a human, he was able to do that in less time, with little preparation and turn them back into a vampire with no issue.

"So you seem rather interested in this little back-and-forth that new one has with Tsunayoshi. Could it be that you're jealous since you are no longer the only blood-sucker here?"


"Well I suppose your thoughts on that particular matter doesn't really affect me. What does concern me is the reason you didn't inform him about what's going on here. Chrome, the mutt and the idiotic feline don't know anything about it, but we both know it's because you-"


"... Was that suppose to hit me~? Kufufu. Your aim is getting worse and worse by the day."

The air around Hibari seemed to go down by 50 degrees as he made his way over to the tonfa that was embedded into the wall.

Mukuro just stayed by the window as a trident manifested in his hand.

Hibari took the tonfa from the wall and turned to Mukuro while he started to give more of a vampiric appearance after throwing the bracelet to the ground. He started to speak in a venomous tone while getting ready for a fight.

"I'll bite you to death."

The school day was done, but no one had left the school grounds yet. Most of them feared getting "bitten to death" by the local psychopath, but the rest knew that Hibari would allow it for the festival.

While most would have loved to get home or hang out with friends, people like Kurokawa Hana wanted to get right to the point and start preparing for the upcoming festival.

"You need to keep each individual meal under 200 yen. And if possible include some vegetables such as a salad. Got it?"

"If you upped that to 300 yen, we could manage the mid-sized gyudon course. We live in an age where even a standard hamburger with nothing on it costs more than 100 yen when you add in the tax."

"Calculate it out using the nutritional information. For example, the sale price for extra-large gyudon is 380 each. But that clearly has more than double the normal size. If we split each one between two people, it fits within the budget."

"If we're going to buy a lot, can't we just call ahead to the store? They should be more flexible if we're buying in large portions."

"If they allowed that, the restaurants here and there would be swamped simply with the amount they have to make ahead of time." Hana narrowed her eyes as she explained. "I will give you the money, but don't you dare come back telling me you had somehow trip and it got washed down a drain just to get out of doing this."

"Hahaha. Don't worry. I'll be fine."

"The money is in a waterproof envelope. I will put my GPS-equipped phone in with it. Is that enough?"

'She really doesn't have any faith in me...'

Yamamoto would have to carry food for a few dozen people, so merely hanging shopping bags over his arms was not going to cut it. He brought out a small cart meant for the work in the school and headed out. It wasn't like he couldn't carry the bags, it was more like the bag would most likely rip before he returned.

Even if the festival was still in the preparation phase, everyone seemed restless no matter where he went. Others like him who had been tasked with procuring food were running about.

'Less than 200 yen each with some vegetables included, hm? Some type of sandwich would be my best bet. But the individually packaged convenience store sandwiches are out. Maybe I should check out some of the horrible places that target gluttons. Just like with books, those places get a cheaper price on their ingredients by buying them in higher than normal quantities. The burden on the customer has an inverse relationship with the portions. By dividing up things from there, I should be able to satisfy everyone in the class.'

Yamamoto preferred to cook for himself, or help his dad make something, so his very first idea was that it would be cheapest to just make the food himself. However, he had to feed a few dozen people. It would be difficult to make that much on his own without using his enhanced abilities.

'I always thought of eating out as simply being too strongly flavored and too expensive, but I guess they have their own kind of professional spirit. The old man is too aware about health, so it doesn't even feel like take-out to those who eat it.'

After thinking everything over carefully, Yamamoto headed toward a large sandwich shop. But suddenly he got the feeling he had overlooked something he could not afford to overlook.


Yamamoto came to a stop. The restless atmosphere characteristic surrounded him just as before, more so because he was now near people getting off of work instead of his school's students. Even if it was a peculiar or even "strange" atmosphere, it was still a good one. However, there was something large enough to blow that atmosphere away. Yamamoto was convinced of it. The problem was that something did not radiate killing intent like a drawn Japanese sword. It was completely blended in and perfectly adapted. That was why everyone overlooked it. Even though this large something was incredibly dangerous and carelessly approaching it would lead to certain doom.

The fellow vampire known as Hibari Kiyoya. That strange feeling he had when he walked with Tsuna in the hall.

A monster.

There was something there that was just as, if not more, concentrated than that. Having sensed that threat, Yamamoto remained still and slowly looked around in all 360 degrees. He carefully observed his surroundings. When he did, he finally realized the source of the feeling.

It was only 30 meters away.

This something that would have been enough to make him sweat uncomfortably from the other side of the planet was leaning on one of the trees lining the walking path and watching him.

However, this was not a monster.

But this person may have been even more bizarre than them in a certain way.

It was Byakuran.

It was the man who was a "Spirit", according to Chrome, that Yamamoto had met in the sweets shop.

"Hey," said the man in a slight greeting as he removed his back from the tree and walked toward Yamamoto with a bag of marshmallows in hand. "Kikyo and I were discussing when you would notice me. It looks like I might owe him dinner. ...But at least you weren't so dull you didn't notice me until the very end."

A Yōkai.

That term did not refer to a ghost who who haunt others. It referred to an entity that could come from its own living place to mingle with humans however they wanted. They, unlike monsters, didn't live among the people and instead had places dedicated to them. For the most part.

There were all kinds of them ranging from kitsune to tanuki that all had different traits and appearances. But another thought had entered Yamamoto's mind when he had thought about it.

Is that something like an Alien?

Is that something that everyone whispers of being theoretically possible and there are rumors of it having existed somewhere in the world, but no one has ever actually seen it? What's more was that even the creatures like Yamamoto were never sure about either of them since they couldn't sense either Yōkai or Aliens.

And yet Byakuran had existed in that territory.

That being of unimaginable power said, "You have obtained some stability now, right? It is about time we spoke. Spoke about something concerning that cute little human."


"I'm sure you have tons of questions by this point. About the beings like me. About the boy named Sawada Tsunayoshi who seems special to non-human beings. About why others are attracted to him. And most importantly..." Byakuran paused before continuing. When he did continue, he spoke very clearly. "About that fedora-wearing man. About the secret of that man...or rather, his very identity."

His statement broke directly into the core of the issue. His statement seemed to smash through something that had just barely been keeping everything dammed up and now it would all come flowing out at an unstoppable pace.

Yamamoto heard an audible gulp and it took him a few seconds to realize it had come from his own throat.

Why had this come at a time like this?

He was helping his class prepare and had only just begun to feel like he was living a relatively "normal" life so as to get to know Tsuna better.

Yamamoto agonized over it for a bit, but finally let out a sigh.

He dashed at full speed past Byakuran who seemed intent on beginning a long, drawn-out, and annoying conversation. Which was very unlike him.

Byakuran, the man who was in a realm of his own, was left dumbfounded.

"W-wait! I thought this was a serious scene! Wouldn't you normally jump at the chance to learn about the identity of the guy who's trying to kill you? Why aren't you? Are kids these days really this dry? Waaaiiitt!"

"Shut up! I have to get these things for the class or Kurokawa will literally run a stake through me! I'm sure you know what exactly that means for me!"

He knew a conversation with that sort of "person" would end up dragging on forever. He was not yet mentally prepared for that.

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