I've been meaning to do this for a while. I create imaginary scenes from CW's Reign and write them down here. I usually do them in between each episode so the wait for the next episode is a little more bearable. These scenes are not full episodes. Mainly Frary fluff that I hope you all will enjoy! 3

(After 2.09)

Mary walks into the hallway. She spots Lola walking towards her. Mary smiles, but Lola does not return it. Instead, Lola walks at a speedily pace towards Mary. Lola grabs Mary's arms.

"Francis is dead. And it's all your fault." Lola says.

"What?" Mary asks with concern.

"He's dead!" Lola shakes Mary. "It's your fault!"


Mary turns and runs to her and Francis' chambers. She bursts through the door and sees a few strange men, but no Francis. Before she can speak, the men beat her to the ground and-

Mary wakes with a start, gasping for air. She sits up and pushes the covers off of her and wipes her tear stained cheeks.

She looks around her room and notices Francis is nowhere to be seen. Their relationship has been distant lately, but she still worries for him and she knows that he is doing all he can to be there for her.

Mary runs a hand through her hair, debating whether she should actually get out of bed today. She decides against it.

Francis is fumbling with the handle of his sword while vaguely discussing something 'interesting' with one of the nobles. He abruptly turns around when he realizes how late in the day it is getting, and he still hasn't seen Mary. With his head turned away from the awkward nobleman, Francis spots Kenna, nodding intently to Lola.

"Excuse me," Francis says to the nobleman, who doesn't really seem to mind.

Francis walks over to Mary's two ladies.

"Francis," Lola says, slightly surprised.

"Lola, Kenna," Francis greets them. The women nod their heads in return.

Francis wastes no time in asking what's been on his mind.

"Have either of you seen Mary this morning?" He questions with a raised brow.

Kenna scrunches her face up, as if she is trying to remember. Lola purses her lips and looks at him sympathetically. Francis wonders if Mary has told her ladies what happened.

"I haven't seen her all morning." Lola says.

"Me either." Kenna adds. "Usually we'd have breakfast together… but she insisted we leave when we knocked on her door."

"She must still be in her chambers. She couldn't be snooping around the castle without anyone noticing." Lola says.

Francis comes to the conclusion that they mustn't know about what happened, thinking Mary would actually want to get up and roam around the castle.

"Thank you." Francis tries to smile normally, but he's sure it comes out odd.

He leaves Kenna and Lola and heads towards his shared bedchambers with Mary. He's been a wreck since that night. Mary doesn't notice, but he can't sit still without knowing Mary is completely safe. He always needs reassurance that she is protected. Even a guards report isn't enough; he needs visible proof that she is alive and secure. The truth is, all he wants to do is hold her and tell her she is going to be safe… safe with him…in his arms. But Mary barely wants him in the same room as her. However, he knows if he's got any chance of making their relationship better, he must be patient.

Francis opens the door carefully, in case she's asleep. He spots his beautiful wife on the bed. She's sitting up with her eyes alert and the covers pushed away from her body. She looks sweaty and wary. And all Francis wants to do is crawl in next to her and forget everything else.

Mary slows her breaths when she realizes it is Francis.

He's your husband, she thinks to herself, he loves you and would never hurt you.

The thoughts have become a repetitive chant in Mary's head every time she is with Francis. It helps her exceptionally.

"Mary," Francis says, just above a whisper. Regardless of her state, Francis is still captured by her beauty.

Francis slowly makes his way over to the bed and stands a good distance. Only when Mary's alert eyes calm down, he begins to speak.

"Good morning, darling." He says, soothingly. "How are you feeling?"

Mary touches a hand to her forehead, remembering her dream. "I don't think I'm well enough to get out of bed today. I… I had an awful dream."

In the moment, Mary looks so pained, so distressed that, on impulse, Francis sits on the side of the bed. He only realizes it when Mary looks up cautiously.

It's too late now, he thinks. Just be calm.

"What was it?" He asks quietly.

Mary's fingers play with the hem of the sheets. "You know…" she says, quietly. Even though, he only knows half of it.

"Oh," Francis nods. He doesn't know what to say. For a while, they are both quiet, while Francis thinks.

Francis takes a deep breath. Mary looks up at him. She's missed getting lost into his crystal blue eyes that always seem to soothe her. And for a moment, she forgets about everything. Everything bad that had ever happened to her and everything she is afraid of.

Then she blinks.

And all the memories come rushing back into her.

Mary shivers.

Francis looks up and offers a small smile.

"Mary. I know this is hard. I don't want it to be. I would do anything to make you forget, to make it easier. I'd give you the moon if I had to." Francis says, and Mary hangs on to every word.

"I love you. You know that. And I want to be able to show my love, openly."

Mary furrows her eyebrows in worry.

"Don't worry." Francis adds. "I know it'll take time. And small steps. I'm willing to do anything to make it better for you."

Mary smiles.

Francis notices and immediately wants to touch her. Just to feel her skin brushing his. He suddenly needs it more than anything and thinks this is the perfect opportunity to attempt it.

Francis offers his hand to Mary, palm open. She notices it shakes slightly and realizes how much this is hurting him as well.

Francis takes a deep breath. "Small steps. Shall we begin with this one?"

Mary decides that the only way to move on from the horror she faced is to listen to Francis and take his small steps. So, she places her hand in his and feels the familiar surface.

Francis is flushed with relief instantly. He closes his eyes, and remembers her touch, implanting it into his mind forever, so he may never lose it again.