Chapter 2

The Surpise

Gloria happily walks back to her friends holding Rico as if it's an everyday thing to her. As she approaches her friends they give her weird looks and then look to each other, they all are clearly thinking the same thing.

"Gloria, why do you have one of the penguins?" Alex asks pointing to Rico who in return just gave him a unsettling smile.

"Isn't that the insane one?" Marty points out as he feels a bit freaked out by the face the penguin just pulled.

"He doesn't look too well. Is he sick?" Melman asks as he takes a closer look to the penguin.

"Come on guys! Stop being so mean to mine and Melman's baby!" Gloria shouts.

"BABY! OUR BABY!...our baby? Wait what?"

"It's a long story, but if we want to perform our act we must look after little Rico. Come on Melman! You can't say you've never wanted a son." Gloria passes Rico to Melman who takes him and looks to the little penguin.

"He's so little. It can't be that bad right?" Melman smiles to Rico who just stares at him not really knowing what to do right now.

"Okay, talk about weird! So you two are just going to go along with this?" Marty asks confused at the situation. But to the Zebra's disappointment the couple weren't listening to him, so he just sighed and looks to Alex who just signaled for them to go and do something and leave the couple alone.

~With the Penguins

"Sir, it seems you are making a path with all of your pacing."

"I need to think Kowalski! We've been over and over plans and my brains is beginning to melt!" Skipper hits the clipboard in Kowalski's sending paper flying everywhere.

"And there they all go..." Kowalski says as all the plans fly through the air and land all in different places in the room.

"Well I liked my plan! It had Lunacorn's in it, it was a pretty plan." Private sighs happily at the thought of his own plan.

"Pretty plan DON'T fly here, Private! Only manly plans!"

"Skipper, we've been over a dozen of plans and there is but one we've not discussed." Kowalski says as he picks up all the other plans off the floor.

"What is it Kowalski!? Are you holding out on us Solider!" Kowalski looks up to his older brother and sighs.

"Maybe we just let it play out. You said it yourself you've put rules into place if one is broken then the bet if off. I mean this is Rico! He'll get bored and blow something up any minute now."

~With Gloria and Melman

"Aw doesn't he look adorable!" Gloria cues as she looks at her "son" wearing a bib and sitting in a little highchair, the hippo places a plate of fish on the highchair for Rico to eat.

"Oh! Almost forgot the..." Before Gloria could finish her sentence Rico throws up a knife and fork and begins to eat his fish.

"AH! NO NO!" Melman quickly grabs the knife and fork from the penguin. "These have been inside you!? Think of all the bacteria that they could have on them, not to mention the damage they could of done to your insides. Come on now spit everything out right now!" Rico folded his flippers and shakes his head at the giraffe.


"Melman, dear." Gloria steps forwards and usher Melman behind her. "Rico if you throw up everything you have in your stomach you can have this bag of cheese puff snacks"

Gloria shows the pack of cheese snacks to the penguin to show she is not joking. At the sight of the snack Rico nods his heads and goes to grab the snack, which was quickly pulled out of his reach.

"Not until every item inside your stomach is gone!" muttering at the request Rico begins to throw up a number of objects. After about five minutes the penguin goes to grab the snack again.

"Is that everything?" Melman asks shaking a throw up syrup. Rico giggles and throws up a paper clip and throws it in the pile with the other stuff. Gloria gives the penguin the cheese snacks and looks to the pile.

"Best give these equipment back."

~With the penguins.


"Yes, sir?"

"It's been well over a minute now and nothing"

"Skipper, when I said any minute now I didn't literally mean a minute besides..." before Kowalski could finish his sentence and knock was hear and in walked Gloria.

"Back to give return Rico, I see. Well missy that's a no go! Got to at least have him for a while day, there ain't no holes to jump through on our contract" Skipper crossed his flipper and gives the hippo a smug smile.

"Um... Skipper, we didn't write a contract." Kowalski whispers to his leader.

"I ain't here to return my son. I'm here to return this mess." Gloria pulls the curtains and out came Alex wheeling in a wheelbarral full of random stuff. "See you later, Skipper." with that Gloria and Alex leave the penguins be.

"Um... Skippar?" Private ask quietly seeing that the oldest penguin was just looking at the wheelbarral. Skipper collapsed on his knees and screamed to the tents "roof"


Wow! Feels weird writing for these four penguins again. But I must finish my stories!

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