So, this is one of my rather unusual projects. It's a collection of oneshots put together but they are birthday presents. I got the idea from writing Le Festin for my friend ewisko and so, I decided to do a project to where I write all of my friends on here a oneshot for their birthday. Now you all might be thinking that I have lost my marble cake. No, I haven't lost my marble cake. I am gathering birthdays and placing all of the gifts into one thing. It's like sort of wrapping all of your gifts at once when it comes to the holidays. I think.

Enough said, the first oneshot is a DJ and Lindsay. I have noticed on how there is only two stories on here about them but no real oneshot or something of the sorts. This is a gift for MrAwesome1999 who wanted a DJ and Lindsay.

Awesome, this one is for you.

It was rather quiet on the plane, not much noise within the air as the last two team members of a crumbling team sat quietly in First Class. DJ and Lindsay were the only hope left for a rather fast declining Team Victory. After Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette and LeShawna being eliminated from the game, they were the only two people left to even keep the team alive. They were rather quiet during their luxurious ride despite the other two teams being green with envy at giving up a whole section of the plane for just two people. It was a while before DJ decided to get the nuts to break the ice. He looked at Lindsay and took a deep breath and asked,

"So Lindsay, are you enjoying First Class? We finally made it! We finally made it to First Class."

"Yeah, we did ZJ. We finally made it up here!" Lindsay squealed as she clapped her hands together in excitement.

"It's DJ."

"Oh, sorry CJ, I promise that I won't do it again."

"No hard feeling Lindsay. Besides, this is for us. We can enjoy this whole section of the plane to ourselves."

Lindsay looked at her only teammate who was sitting on the opposite side of the sofa from her. He kicked his sandals off and was allowing his feet to relax on the soft cushions on the mustard yellow couch. She couldn't help but stare at him for he was well... kind of hot. I mean, despite him being a momma's boy and always being that pansy that causes a party to often go flat, Lindsay couldn't help but notice that DJ had a nice body and strong arms, something that was lacking from Tyler. When she thought about DJ and on how she yearned to be in his muscular arms, she also thought about Tyler.

"Do I even still like Lylar? I mean, sure we haven't spoken much during the season and he did kind of just take me and never really focused on me. Yet, TJ is so hot. He has those abs and that muscle and that body that Cayler will never have. Am I really in love with ZJ?"

Lindsay looked up and saw DJ smiling at her. She politely returned the smile as she played with her hair. She acted like a lost and innocent kitten who yearned to receive some attention. She looked at DJ and asked softly,

"So PJ, is there anyone that you like on here?"

DJ looked at Lindsay shockingly. Why would she, our of all the people who was on the plane, ask him. Yet, she was one of the few sane people and so he knew that he could trust Lindsay. So he took a deep breath as he said,

"Yes, there is actually one person that I do like on here. She may not be the brightest tool within the shed but she is actually sweet and has that bubbly personality. She is always happy and let's nothing take her down. She is actually a nice person once when you get to know her."

Lindsay couldn't help but stare at DJ. Was he confessing to her that he actually liked her? Out of everyone that was left on the plane for DJ to snatch up, he liked her. Lindsay was about to say something when DJ said,

"Excuse me for a moment, I have to go to the restroom."

"Ok. Hurry right back!"

As DJ rose up to use the restroom, Lindsay just couldn't stop thinking about him and what she would love to do him.

"God, what a man."

So this might have turned out the way I wanted. So what? Sue me. Anyway, I think I caught Lindsay and DJ in character. Thoughts? Concerns?

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