The smokey air swirled around her. The smell of burning wood was fresh in the air while the cracking of the house added the bright glow of the flames. With each second, the house kept on burning, and each burn was a past that was slowly being destroy by time and by nature.

Jasmine stood outside, looking up at the sight in front of her. She was wearing a white dress, which represented the love and the purity that was missing her from life. The fire made me think of Shawn, the man who she always had on her mind. The fire drew her into the house and made her wonder if he was in there waiting for her.

Instead of staying outside, she walked into the burning house. She might've been sleepwalking too close to the fire if this was only a dream, but it wasn't a dream. It was a reality. She had been wondering all through the night and had made her mind up.

She entered the house and remembered the first time that she had meet Shawn. It was at a party she was attending with a few friends. From the moment that she had arrived, her eyes only focused on him, but he didn't focus on her. Slowly, however, that changed as the party progressed on. Shawn found himself more drawn to Jasmine's beauty every time he looked at her. He slowly gathered the courage to sit next to her, and slowly mumbling, "I think you're very pretty."

Jasmine's response came in the form of blushing. "I think you're very attractive." She replied.

Afterward, the two hit it off and couldn't resist each other, as if their own lives depended on one another. They spent all of their free time together and grew to love one another as if they had known each other all of their lives.

One night, while they were asleep together in bed, Jasmine pulled Shawn close to her and whispered, "I love you, Shawn. You're the greatest man in my life."

She kissed him and went to sleep, but didn't hear Shawn reply back, "I love you too Jasmine. You're my world and my universe. I hope you remember that."

In a very ironic twist, their romantic bloom came to an end as quickly as it started. They grew apart in a melancholy way and instead of happiness, misery controlled them. They soon lived separated lives, but couldn't get over each other. How they wished they could go back in time and see how love truly was. They wanted to go back and apologize, but going back was what the burning house was doing for Jasmine.

While Jasmine was walking from room to room, the flames illuminated the light and made it appear that she was in another world. It was almost as if the act was some divine sign or light entering the darkness.

She found the stairs and walked up them while the flames were piling up around her. It was as if she knew this way from previous times as if she knew what was already going to happen.

Jasmine stopped in front of a door with smoke coming from the bottom. She had a gut feeling who was in there and when she opened the door, her feeling was right.

There stood Shawn on the bed, flames all around him. He looked up at Jasmine with a look of sadness in her eyes, showing her that he had done this for her, that he had missed her so much that he was willing to die for her.

Jasmine walked toward the bed and sat down next to Shawn. "You shouldn't have come," Shawn told her.

"No Shawn, I love you too much to let you go," Jasmine replied.

Shawn spat, "Go before the both of us go up in smoke. You don't care about me."

"No. I'm going to stay here until this dream is gone," Jasmine commented while she leaned her head onto Shawn's shoulder. "Love isn't what it seems on the surface. I never meant to hurt you, Shawn, and you know that. I guess that I was afraid of losing you so I ended up doing something foolish, but where you go, I go Shawn."

Shawn looked up at Jasmine and leaned in to kiss her while the house finally lost it's battle with the fireball and collapsed into a bright orange star. A loud cracking noise was heard while timbers and everything came falling down and the smoke rose up into the night sky.

Jasmine woke up with a cold sweat all over her body. She looked around and realized that it was only a dream. Shawn was asleep right next to her, all bundled up and in his own world.

She laid back down and sighed. "It was only a dream. A dream with no meaning."

Little did she know that dreams were real and that it was a sign of things that would come their way when they least expected it.

So this short Shawn and Jasmine Drabble is for my dear friend Johnny (Epic Hobo Chuck). He wanted a Shawn/Jasmine piece and for a while, all of my inspiration was drawing blanks to this, but when I heard the song Burning House by Cam, it just stuck out in my mind and an idea entered my head that I spent almost a whole afternoon writing this simple little Drabble in hopes that my idea was executed well. I do hope you enjoy this Johnny! And have a wonderful birthday. C:

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