Prologue: Becoming a World's Sword

He stood there, the boy known as Emiya Shirou. Steel erupted from the left side of his body, and his mind turning to steel. He didn't know his name, nor did he know of his own 'existence'. He did not notice the world, or anyone else. Every movement he made-he sounded liked rusted steel.

Simply put, Emiya Shirou was merely a walking sword. Blades kept his flesh together, and it was because of his unwavering will that he could still move. Because of his desire, he had opened the seal on his left arm-Archer's-arm, and had become invaded by the Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works.

-A poisonous power. Since Servant flesh and Human flesh were not meant to be jointed, Shirou should have ceased to exist by now. He should have died. But he didn't. He couldn't. He still had to fulfill the promise he had made to a girl who's name he couldn't remember, a girl who he had forsaken everything for.

A girl, who reminded him of a cherry blossom. But since he was transforming into a living sword, he did not know the term. He merely knew. He had freed her from something-Corruptiondestructiondeath-, and he was going to finish that abomination that reminded him of a desolate night.

When he had 'become' Emiya Shirou.


Someone was talking to him, but he couldn't recognise them right now. His own eyes were fixed on a goal, that he would fulfill no matter what. Despite what anyone would tell him, he would continue on. He would save her, and the world from this thing.


A woman with long pale hair, and wearing curious attire stepped into his view. The 'remnant' of Shirou thought that she could be attractive, and that he trusted her somehow. He stopped his walk, and looked at her. She wanted to say something to him, so he decided to listen for a moment.

He remembered that she is dangerous, but she was not dangerous towards him, or the -saveherprotecther- behind him. His muscles relaxed; he knew her, so there was no reason to try and kill her. He only had one last Projection that he could perform, one last effort to kill that -deathcryingfirefireFIRE- in front of him.

"Can you get them out of here?" He asked, his breathing laboured. But he asked this last favour of this dangerous woman, and he wanted her to accept.

"-Shirou. What about you?"

Her question throws him for a second, but he quickly reclaimed himself. He knew that he was dead on his feet anyway, and there was no point in trying to hide the fact. She knew of his limit, and had saw how the steel emerged from him. She knew he was going to die. But he didn't regret it.

"I'll go after I take care of this thing. It'll be quick, but every second counts for -sisterdaggerAzothJewel-. And -blossomscherrylove- would be affected by the shadow if she stays here. Angra Mainyu might be persistent and make her his Master again. I can't let that happen."

He wouldn't. He cared too much about that plum-haired girl. He wouldn't let harm come to her, now or ever. If he did, he could never forgive himself. He would not be able to forgive himself.

"Understood. I'll carry them both out of her. I have recuperated enough for that." She replied, and Shirou could tell that she meant every word. There was no way he couldn't trust her.

"Please. Get out along with them. The cavern's collapsing. R-Ri-" His mind was already becoming steel, and it was frustrating. "Damn...! Your speed should be enough to avoid the rocks."

She looked at him with some emotion that Shirou couldn't remember the definition for or if he had felt it. Even though she was blindfolded, he could still see she was trying to say something. What it was, he couldn't remember, or didn't know.

"Alright." The woman finally replied to his statement, given that there had been a long moment of silence between them. "I'll carry them out of here, and then I'll come back for you."

That was an impossibility. He was going to die, if only to kill that corruption or shadow. His body was just too torn from the exhaustion and physical invasions that he had withstood because of his left arm.

"I'll get myself out of here. Don't worry about me." He tried to reassure her, but both of them knew that this would be the last time that they would speak to each other face to face. Even if he couldn't recognise the fact, he knew.

The woman picked up the two girls, and leapt out. He didn't try looking on their progress-his body was becoming swords, and his head was forced forward. So even if he had wanted to see if they were safe, he couldn't. His head and neck literally couldn't turn that way.

He was glad that they were gone. They wouldn't have to watch as his body eroded, and become a living sword. He didn't want his last memories being them recoiling in horror, nor did he want their last memories of him tainted like that. He wanted them to be secure, and safe.

He continued the walk, mindless to all but his objective. Once, the white-haired man who had 'gifted' him his own arm would have said the level of dedication was like when the Servant had been alive. He had pursued his ideals mindlessly, until he became consumed by it.

That was not him. Shirou Emiya was not like that. He couldn't be. He had forsaken that ideal to save the girl he loved, the one of cherry blossoms. That was part of the reason most of his Reality Marble was unaccessible to him. Archer's and his own inner worlds were too vastly different for him to use it.

He could call upon the 'knowledge' of the arm, but that was it. He was only proficient in Tracing and Projection, but it would be enough to finish this business. The business that had forged him in fire-

I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.

The cavern was collapsing fast; but Shirou would still reach that tower in time. He would have enough time to destroy it, and then die knowing that he had saved the world, but more importantly, saved the woman that he had loved unconditionally. That was sweeter to him than Archer's former ideals.

However, there was one last obstacle. Shirou's eyes couldn't narrow, but he recalled this man. He was bathed in the crimson glow of the Greater Holy Grail, standing tall and firm despite the wrongness that Shirou could feel coming from him in waves.


The man who had grafted Archer's arm to him, and had told him he could only Project or Trace three times before his body gave out. The man that was so similar to him, in more ways that one. Kirei embodied the former emptiness Shirou had possessed, but it was meaningless now. Shirou had purged himself of that emptiness, but Kirei still wallowed in it. After all, Shirou had found her.

In my left hand I hold Hell's Wrath.

In my right, Heaven's Joy.

"It seems we both managed to survive until this point, Emiya Shirou." The man's fake smile angered Shirou, who stayed still. "What are you doing now?"

He was curious, Shirou could tell. But Shirou was wondering why he was standing in front of that monstrosity. Why was he positioned as if to protect it? He didn't bother answering Kirei's question, only standing still, his mind full of swords.

"I am going to allow this curse to be born." Kirei stated, but Shirou was horrified, even though he was not surprised. His senses were dulled after all.

"You won't be able to control him if he comes into this world." Shirou argued, but Kirei seemed to consider the point before replying to Shirou's statement.

"Of course not. I do not have any means of stopping the birthing, but I have no intention to. I will bless anything that comes to life; anything that seeks differently I will eliminate."

Shirou 'remembered' being told this, but now that he could visualise the insanity of this man, he was not surprised. Kirei was insane and sick, but he had once been the same. Empty and searching for something that could fill him again.

"I will destroy it while you protect it...? I suppose I can see sense in that. But..." Shirou struggled forward, even as Kirei did the same. "We're going to die. I'm happy to die if it means killing that thing, but what about you?"

Shirou already knew the answer to that question, and Kirei did not disappoint.

"It is as you have said; I will be glad to die, so long as it is birthed. That is my purpose in life; to seek the misery of others and revel in it."

He needed time to Trace, but Kirei wouldn't allow it. He gathered prana, ready to attack once he was able. So he let Kirei continue on in his speech, while Shirou watched him.

"It is arrogant to assume it is evil before it is born. Is it not love to allow a life that yearns to be born into the world to do so?" Kirei asked, and Shirou felt anger. Anger at the fact that Kirei's logic fit so simply with his own.

But, there was a difference...

"Don't bullshit me. He's killed so many people already. I can't let him out into the world."

"Then let me ask you, Shirou." Kirei's smirk was absolute. "What is 'good' and 'evil'? Are you saying that murder is always an 'absolute evil'?"

The question gave Shirou pause. He couldn't answer such a question since the justice he had formerly followed was unknown to him the moment he chose Sakura over the rest of the world.

"You already told me...that there's no crime in the baby even if it is evil."

"Correct. Humans become 'good' or 'evil' through learning. Humans are superior to angels because they know of evil but are not evil themselves. Angels only know of good; humans have evil inside, but they can live as good, so they are superior to angels by that logic.

"But there is also at times goodwill shown by evil men. There are bad intentions shown on a whim by saints. The contradiction of humanity. But it is good and evil that make people human. Good exists with life and evil exists the same way. You cannot inquire about the crime of one who has not yet been born. There is no existence that is born as evil, that is unwanted by everyone. It has no reason to be punished until it is born."

He continued in his speech, and every time he finished a sentence Shirou felt a resonance between them. This cemented the fact that he hated Kirei because he was so similar to himself, the way he had been and part of how he was now. But...there was something he said just then...

"You used Sakura because of that reason?" Shirou became angry at how this bastard had manipulated the girl he loved, and fire coursed through his veins.

To protect her, I have created countless swords.

Even if it means I cease to live, my blades will protect her forever more.

"Of course. To the end of Angra Mainyu's birth, I have killed many people. That is why I cannot hold back now. This is my way of life, Shirou Emiya. I live to answer the question 'is a human born evil?'. My actions have proven that is correct. Now, I will complete my purpose, even if I die."

They stared at each other, both dead men walking. Kirei's heart had been destroyed by Sakura's own, corrupt powers. He would not last more than a few more minutes. Shirou was becoming a sword inside-out, and he wouldn't survive past exterminating Angra Mainyu.

Shirou came to the judgement. If Kirei is indeed the same as him, then the priest will not back down, no matter what. If they are the same, they share the same stubborn nature, and Kirei was protecting his desire to the end. Like Shirou. But still...

"I understand your existence now, Kirei." Shirou's declaration surprised the priest. "From what you've told yourself find joy in suffering, in evil. That is why you want him born, right? As you said, sometimes goodwill is shown by evil men."

Kirei smirked, having seen that Shirou was correct. "It is as you say. And I envy the normal people who are not so twisted as myself. Yes, my purpose since my birth has been the incarnation of the only evil greater than myself. Neither of us have much more time. So let us dispense with words, and begin our final duel."

Shirou stood tall now, and his left arm clenched into a fist despite the pain being felt, of the sword-bones being forced to break inside his body, causing even more harm than before.

Even though I have felt great pain to create my weapons,

I do not regret it. I do not regret the path I have chosen.

It was going to be a brawl; not a spectacular feat like when he had killed Berserker, but simply two similarities beating each other until one of them fell. Uncivilized, other magus' would not condone this duel, simply because it was not elaborate.

Perhaps it was fitting then, that the two of them were not normal magus.

"Let's finish this...Kirei! Right here and now!" Shirou yelled, and dashed forward.

Kirei's own smirk didn't vanish as he himself leapt forward as well, his own fist clenched and ready to pummel Shirou into dust. Ready to eliminate the threat to the definition of his own distorted existence.

Several minutes later, the remnant of Shirou Emiya looked down on the dead body of Kotomine Kirei. The priest who had been his greatest opponent in his life.

The man's heart had finally caught up with him; he had become half-dead some time before Shirou had when he had unsealed Archer's arm to kill the blackened and corrupt Berserker. He had given him some last words, before dying with a smile on his face.

"You are the last Master. Go to the Holy Grail, and fulfill your wish."

In the end, there had been respect between the two enemies who had hated each other because of how similar they had been. One final respect, for the two men who understood each other more than strangers understood them.

Only other distortions could understand distortions, right?

Shirou's eyes were rusting away, so that was the last thing he 'saw' before his mind became mostly steel. But he refused to give up the memory of that girl he had loved with all of his heart. He was going to save her from this abomination, even if he was going to die in the process.

The last Projection he will ever perform.

Shirou held out his left arm, feeling the corrupting energy of Archer's arm fuel his Magic Circuits. Normally, this would be a desperation move, one that would kill him. But that didn't matter; Shirou was already dead on his feet. There was no way he wouldn't die. That was how this would work.


He would use the strongest Noble Phantasm he knew and had 'recorded' in his Reality Marble to finish this. The last relic he had of his partner, who had died and had been corrupted by this thing. It was his own last salute to her. To that woman whose name he couldn't remember clearly.

That is the definition of my existence.

Throughout my life, my true purpose has always been...

The golden sword appeared in his hand, and with practiced motions he held it in his right hand as well. With both hands, the true power of Excalibur would be able to be used. He wasn't sure of the power Excalibur could generate, the limit, but this would be enough. It would be enough to destroy this corruption of the world.

Wordlessly, he held up the sword above his head. Golden mana began to gather around the blade, and in a moment a great golden blade of mana had imposed itself over the blade of Excalibur.

Unlimited Blade Works...


Without a trumpet of good will as was customary back in Arturia's time, the golden blade slashed down, and an enormous blast of holy light enveloped the Greater Grail. In a cry of sheer pain, Angra Mainyu was killed, and the Holy Grail was no more.

Even as Excalibur dissolved from his hands, Shirou fell forward, and the cavern now began to collapse in earnest. The last thing he saw in his static vision was a purple haired girl, who smiled kindly at him.


His world went white, and he knew nothing more.

Alaya frowned.

It was not common for the personification of mankind's unconscious desire for survival to frown. It mostly just existed, watching as its Counter Guardians dispensed the justice that they had sworn to uphold when they had made their contracts with it, and not that bore Gaia.

Alaya was looking down on Earth, at the scene before it. A boy who had swords growing out of him defeated that stain that had been a result of the corruption of the Holy Grail. It had watched as he had used that golden sword to destroy the Grail, and had died as a result.

Of course, Alaya had been watching before. It had been curious about this particular universe in the collection; it differed from others as that boy had cast aside his initial ideals, unlike that angsty Counter Guardian that had quickly become its favourite to use against the enemies that opposed mankind's survival.

It had watched as the boy cut down that black Berserker and finished off Saber or Arturia, the greatest trophy Gaia had held against it. It gave Alaya something of a euphoric rush that its rival and sometimes-friend had lost its centerpiece. After all, they had been feuding since their inception, wouldn't it be natural to take pleasure in other's discomfort.

Still...that boy interested Alaya. He was unlike the other Counter Guardian. Perhaps it would be worth it to extend a contract to the boy, and see if he would become a Counter Guardian like his alternate self.

But at the same time, it would have to be very careful about approaching the boy. Simply shipping him off to any world-threatening cataclysm would eventually cause the same hurt and broken EMIYA to emerge in this boy. There couldn't be a duplicate Counter Guardian; even Alaya was aware of that.

It mulled a possible resolution in its 'head'. It could send this boy off on much more 'focused' events; ones that would threaten the lives of those he had chosen over the world full of strangers. Yes, perhaps that would work. He had shown that he would protect those he knew and held close over sacrificing his happiness and their own for the sake of a few billion people.

If this worked, the boy wouldn't fall into the same trap that Kiritsugu and EMIYA had.

Alaya's mind made up, it 'opened' a route for the soul of the boy to follow, from that cavern to here. Even as the boy's soul materialized in the place Alaya called 'Geass', it already began to shape its form according to the memories of the boy.

This was going to be very fun.

When Shirou opened his eyes, he didn't expect an amber sky.

For a moment, he was paralyzed. The last strike he had dealt in defiance to Angra Mainyu had taken a great toll on his body, and he was sure he had died. But right now, he was also confused as hell.

Mainly because his left side wasn't full of blades.

Yes, that was what Shirou focused on as he sat up on the grassy field, and looked at his left arm. There were no blades protruding from it, nor from his left side. Even his clothes had been replaced with something he was sure was a jab at Archer.

He was wearing a dark red jacket, and black pants with red lines going down them. On his feet were dark, steel tipped boots that reminded him of Archer's own, and a black shirt underneath the jacket. Reaching around the back of his jacket, he felt a hood, and was puzzled.

"Where am I?" Shirou asked the world, and he flexed his muscles as he stood up.

It was a polite question given that he shouldn't be alive right now; he should be dead. Even with his advanced healing capabilities, he should have died from the sheer pain and wrongness of his injuries. It was strange, and it was really making Shirou's head hurt.

Then, Shirou saw, the hill. It was really quite beautiful, with dark grass and a slope that was even, giving the hill he stood on some significance. The sky was golden, as he had saw previously, the sun glowing in the light of the ending day, lazily setting itself to sleep.

"Congratulations Shirou Emiya," He heard a voice call out that was familiar to him. "Not many deserve an audience with me. You should count yourself lucky."

He whipped around, and came face to face with Saber.

At first, Shirou was shocked beyond everything. But in a moment, he saw that this wasn't Saber, his former Servant. The entity was a few centimeters taller, and wore red instead of blue. Even then, her attire was more military and Roman from what he recognised. Also, there was her...generous...bust to consider.

Shirou blushed at her beauty, and the entity giggled. "Well, that's the first time I've made a visitor blush so much."

The entity looked itself over, and raised an eyebrow. "I was sure that this was Arturia, but it seems I made a mistake. Oh well, nothing to cry over. I rather like this form."

"Uh..." Shirou tried to gather his thoughts, before asking the entity the questions on his tongue. "Sorry, but who are you?"

"Hmm?" The entity blinked, before coming to a realisation. "Oh, my apologies. I forgot that I haven't introduced myself. Very well. I am what some may call 'survival' and I am what some would call 'life'. But you may call me 'Alaya'."

Alaya...the name seemed familiar to Shirou, before he felt pain lance through his left arm and he clutched his head as electricity flowed through his brain.

A battle-torn field...

A girl with white hair and red eyes...

A promise, an oath..

A hand...

A smile, and accepting the outstretched hand...

Counter Force...

Suddenly, the information gathered from Archer's memories was complete, and Shirou looked at the entity in wonder and fear. "Alaya. The Counter Force."

The entity that had taken Archer, an idealistic and naïve person, and broken him so thoroughly that he became obssessed with ending his own existence. Even if it meant killing his past self. Though, given how Archer had given him his left arm, Shirou thought that that ambition had died.

"What do you want with me?"

It was a direct question, given that Shirou was through with trying to understand the machinations he had been put through courtesy of Kirei and Zouken. The manipulations he had faced, and the vague words of those damnable men...

He was finished with that.

"Put it simply, Shirou Emiya." Alaya said with a smile on that face that resembled Saber. "I wish to firstly congratulate you on becoming a Hero. And secondly...I have a request to make of you."

Shirou blinked; a Hero? That was what he was now? Did that mean he was a Heroic Spirit then? Possible, but slightly unlikely. Even though he had forsaken his past ideals, the idea of having become a True Hero gave Shirou pause. He frowned. There was something about a request too...

"What request?" Shirou was confused, but alarmed.

Given that Alaya had made a contract with Archer to save as many people as possible, it stood to reason that it would make the same deal with him. But he had his fingers crossed for the contrary.

Alaya smiled. "Oh, don't worry Mister Emiya. I have uses for you yes, similar to Counter Guardian EMIYA. But you have earned...a special privilege."

Shirou's eyes narrowed, the blueprints for Kanshou and Bakuya already loaded into his mind. He'd be damned if he became a Counter Guardian, even...huh? What had it said?

"A special...privilege?" Shirou asked, the blueprints still loaded in his mind. "What do you mean?"

Alaya smiled again. "Exactly what I mean Shirou Emiya. A special privilege because of how you have saved the world from this disaster."

At Shirou's confusion, Alaya continued. "You are aware of the untold destruction that would have ripped apart the Earth, right? Angra Mainyu and by extension the Grail was simply too corrupt to exist anymore. I had enlisted EMIYA, but when he died I paid attention to you. With that special arm of yours."

Shirou looked at his left arm, and to his amazement it fitted him better than it had before. It was still tan, but the way it had invaded his body was gone. The Circuits and power inside this arm linked seamlessly with the Magic Circuits already present in his body. There was a sense of acceptance coming from the arm, rather than rejection.

"Because Angra Mainyu was already manifesting, and the Greater Grail was nearing completion," Alaya continued. "You have been granted permission to be a Heroic Spirit. As you know, Heroic Spirits are defined by their accomplishments, and by saving the world you've done what some haven't."

That made sense to Shirou; after all, from his memories Archer had destroyed the Grail in his youth, though it hadn't been close to manifesting itself like in Shirou's world. The fact he eliminated a great evil that the public would never hear about meant that Archer's legend would never have been so well-known, and thus a weaker Heroic Spirit.

However, he had become a Counter Guardian in the course of trying to become a Hero, and thus any chance he had at becoming a True Heroic Spirit was lost to the contract with Alaya. But still, that did not answer any questions he had for the entity that was talking to him.

"What do you want from me? To be a Counter Guardian?" Shirou asked, getting angry now. There was no way that he would accept the deal with the devil, so to speak. "I'm not like Archer; I'm not so obsessed with my ideal of saving people that I'm gonna be your dog."

For a moment, Alaya looked surprised, and Shirou began to think that he had gone too far in his defiance of it. But then Alaya threw back her head and laughed loudly. She disappeared from view, but Shirou turned around, and was face to face with Rin.

He knew that this was Alaya, simply because she was doing something wrong. The impersonation of Rin was masterful but it was the little things that gave it away. The smile, and the fondness in her eyes didn't match with the Rin he was familiar with.

"Oh, I don't plan for you to be a Counter Guardian, at least a full-time one." Alaya replied. "What I meant was that you will become a Heroic Spirit, and at the same time be a...part-time Counter Guardian."

"Part time?" Shirou asked, very confused with the whole thing so far. "What do you mean?"

Alaya smiled, and before Shirou knew it she was beside him. He resisted the urge to sigh; he was getting very irritated by the entity's playfulness. This was a serious matter after all.

"Well, I can give you a sort of 'executive pass' to the Throne proper," Alaya explained, that fox like grin still on her face. "But in return, you'd have to perform some Counter Guardian duties for me."

Shirou had to admit he was shocked. Why was Alaya giving him these privileges? He thought that Heroic Spirits were chosen because of their brave deeds or outstanding feats. Then again, he reasoned, he had slain Angra Mainyu, so didn't it make sense he'd be chosen as a Heroic Spirit?

But also...

"What are those duties?" Shirou asked, keeping an eye on the entity as it walked in a circle around him. "I don't plan on selling my soul to become a Heroic Spirit."

Alaya laughed again, the fake-laugh of Rin making Shirou slightly off edge. "Oh Shirou, you'd benefit from these duties as well. Yes, I'd call you in for a few massacres every now and then, but they'd be to the benefit of those you're so protective of."

Shirou was interested now; what did that being mean by that last comment?

Alaya continued, unaware of Shirou's curiosity. "I can see the confusion in your eyes. What I mean is that I'd call you in, but to protect those you call family."

For a moment, Shirou found himself remembering all of them; Issei, Ayako, Rin, Taiga, Illya, Sakura...All of them. His suspicion grew; what did the eternal consciousness mean by that last comment?

It seemed to read Shirou's mind, as it shifted form to Kirei, which made Shirou tense up. "I mean what I said; I'd call you in to protect those you love from harm. That protection extends to their children, their grandchildren, their descendants. You will be killing anything that harms those precious people of yours."

With a sly grin that perfectly suited that particular face, Alaya asked Shirou a simple question. "Well, Hero of Swords? What is your answer? Will you accept this most gracious offer? To protect your loved ones from any undue harm for eternity?"

Shirou was quiet for a moment, as he thought it over. His eyes were downcast the more he thought of it; he'd be killing people, perhaps more than Archer ever had in his loathsome existence as a Counter Guardian. While he'd get reprieves occassionally, Shirou would have to keep killing killing killing, all for...

His heart stopped as he remembered Sakura. He recalled that she would be threatened because of the Holy Grail War; even if no-one else but those involved in the War knew of her association with it, word could get out. That would mean a life time of experimentation. He had true faith in Rider's abilities, but still...

Protect her...

That had been the promise Shirou had made to himself that day. He chose to protect Sakura and become selfish, keeping her and his other loved ones from harm. He wouldn't follow Archer's path; he couldn't forsake them for the flawed ideal he had once clinged to. He just couldn't.

So, with his head held high, Shirou gave his answer.

"I accept."

The world around the two beings began to crack, and white began to fill his vision. As Shirou felt the sensation of falling from a height, for a moment he thought he saw Sakura smiling at him again. He smiled back; even if it was Alaya playing him, Shirou had cherished that smile, and would continue to do so.

And so ends the life of Shirou Emiya, and the birth of the Heroic Spirit and Counter Guardian known as SHIROU.

What Shirou didn't know, however, was what would occur to him later down the road. He would be summoned for a Grail War, but not the one he was familiar with. No, he'd be summoned for the Grail War that had shaped him and forged him in fire. Though he didn't know it, he would participate in the Fourth Grail War.

He was unaware of the massive changes he himself would make.

So, here is a Fate/stay night story that I haven't been able to get out of my head; one where HF!Shirou from the Normal End becomes a Heroic Spirit and Counter Guardian. I admit, I might have screwed the rules a little on this, but it was a perfect opportunity for me. Next chapter, Shirou gets summoned by an unexpected person. Stay tuned!

To explain some aspects, Shirou and by extension Archer, gained 'permission' to become Heroic Spirits as they had slain the Holy Grail, and with it Angra Mainyu. However, this would not have happened as greatly with UBW!Shirou, simply because it wasn't him who destroyed the Grail though he does get a sort of 'pass' since Gilgamesh was, y'know, threatening the world.

However, the Shirou that became Archer was never aware of this and neither was any other Shirou until this one, and by forging a contract with Alaya became a Counter Guardian, whereas he could have become a True Heroic Spirit after a long period of time.

Now, this Shirou was able to become a Heroic Spirit by slaying the SOURCE of the Holy Grail; the Greater Grail and the true Angra Mainyu with it. This gave him good 'permission' to become a Heroic Spirit as Angra Mainyu threatened the world much more than any other previous threat.

I hope this is a good explanation, but I also have a few ideas to bounce around.

What would you guys think of a Fate/stay night/Campione crosssover? This would be different from God Slaying Blade Works in that Proto-Saber would be the Heretic God Arthur from the latter series, and be incarnated when Alex attempts to kill Guinevere.

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