Hello everyone! Welcome to my first and most prized story! Warning you all right now, there is some sexual content and heavy amounts of violence throughout this fanfic. But, otherwise, there is a complicated twisting plot of romance and deception I think you will all enjoy. Please do so, enjoy.

Ruby opened her eyes to find she was not in her dorm room asleep with her team mates. She was... somewhere, but it was rather difficult to make out. All there was to it was this black void.

"Where am I?" Ruby asked out loud, starting to walk forward only to occupy her mind.

Ruby was dressed up in her everyday clothes, which happened to be a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt. She no longer liked the idea of a combat skirt with her red hood.

As Ruby walked, it was made evident that things weren't really changing. The darkness just continued to envelop her, and it caused a confused look to dawn upon Ruby.

"This is definitely the most odd dream I've ever ha-" But Ruby was cut off, as the floor beneath suddenly cracked open, and small beams of light would burst through. An immense shaking began taking place, and Ruby could not keep her balance as a massive crack opened up beneath her, and she stumbled forward.

Now that Ruby had tumbled into the light producing crack, she found herself with a feeling of falling. Wind circled past her face, and roared in her ears. It wasn't until she opened her eyes that she realized where she was.

Ruby was above the City of Vale, and she was dive bombing towards it. She threw her arms out at her sides to try and stop herself from crashing to the ground, but it didn't seem to help much.

Ruby was heading straight for the town square, and it seemed to be suspiciously empty. Save for one figure that stood alone, looking up at Ruby, watching as she fell.

Ruby looked down at the figure she was sailing towards, and immediately grabbed her head as something overcame her. Memories of Ruby's past began flashing forth in her mind, everything since the day she had joined Beacon academy.

Finally, Ruby hit the ground. To her surprise it didn't hurt. She was panting heavily from the rush of falling, and she sat on her hands and knees as she looked up towards the figure above her.

It was a woman, around a few inches taller than Ruby. Her hair was down to her shoulders, and was a white color. She had lightly tanned skin, and a pair of eyes that matched the color of flame. Her outfit was a blue dress, embroidered with orange streaks here and there.

Ruby blinked as she slowly stood up, and took a few steps back from this woman. The woman didn't seem threatening, and actually seemed a bit friendly. She had a small smile on her face as she watched Ruby.

Ruby eventually decided to speak up. "Um... hi..." She said kindof quietly, not exactly sure what this was anymore.

"Hello, Ruby. It's nice to finally meet you." The woman said this rather nicely as she held her hand out for Ruby to shake.

Ruby carefully reached forward, and connected hands with the figure. No sooner did Ruby do that, that she noticed an instant change in her appearance. Her arms. Currently, transferring from this woman to Ruby was a series of bright red lines, that wrapped themselves around Ruby in an odd manner. They looked like glyphs, or seals, or something like that.

This made Ruby jump back a bit, quickly examining the newly added red tattoes on her arms. "What did you do to me?" She asked, and found herself relieved to see the markings slowly disappear.

"Don't worry about that right now, Ruby. But all you need to remember is that you're stronger than anyone in this world, and you shouldn't take anything from anyone that you don't want to." That being said, the woman turned around, and began walking. A large rift ripped itself open in the wall of a building near the town square, and after stepping into it, she was gone.

Ruby was just about to chase after her, when she began getting the feeling that something was shaking her, again.


Yang was currently in the process of shaking Ruby awake. She had slept through her alarm, and Yang was not going to let her miss breakfast.

After another moment or two of shaking, Ruby awoke with a start, sitting up as quickly as possible.

"Woah there Ruby! You okay?" Yang asked, seeing the panic on Ruby's face.

Ruby sat for a moment, looking about her dorm room as if to make sure this was real.

Slowly, Ruby nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, Yang. Just... an odd dream, I guess."

Yang gave Ruby a small look of concern, before hugging her and patting her back. "Well, you can tell me about it at breakfast. Currently Weiss and Blake are waiting for us, so I'll meet you down there, okay?"

"Yeah... I'll be down as soon as I'm dressed." Ruby said, standing up, and watching as Yang left the dorm, closing the door behind her.

Ruby was thinking over her dream as she threw her tanktop off, and dropped her sweat pants. Those eyes. Where had she seen them before? They seemed so familiar for some reason.

Ruby decided to put it out of her mind for the moment as she pulled some jeans and a red T-shirt on. She pulled on her favorite black socks, and slipped into her combat boots, the one thing she kept from her old outfit. Though, they were a different kind of boot, being bigger and whatnot.

Now that Ruby was dressed, she was ready to greet the day with her team mates. She opened the door to the dorm room, stepped out, and closed it behind her.