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Ruby was sound asleep in the passenger seat of the truck, while in her mind, she was very awake. The first thing she did was access her mind, and quickly gather Weiss and Blake. There was much to talk about.

The three sat at a round table, where there were four chairs. Three of them being filled with Ruby, Weiss, and Blake. The environment around them was that of a cliffside, the cliffside where their team had formed itself.

"For starters, I need the both of you to tell me whatever you can." Ruby said a bit sternly, clearly growing frustrated with lack of answers.

Blake was the first to give an answer. "I can tell you right now, that none of us, are in control of ourselves anymore. Whatever or whoever that has latched themselves in our mind has taken advantage of our internal struggles and our weaknesses, and used them to fully grab hold of our bodies and mind."

Weiss nodded. "I agree. I've... I've done things. I've killed people that didn't need to be killed. I've slaughtered those begging for mercy. I can be cold... but that's not who I am. I care about human life. But the me that did those things... did not."

Weiss had begun to cry, in which Blake held her, and rubbed her back. Weiss calmed slightly as her girlfriend held her, and she lay her head on her chest.

"I too, have done those types of things, against my will." Blake wasn't as emotionally upfront, but she did seem greatly disturbed.

Ruby was rubbing her temples, absorbing information, and growing frustrated with the still lack of answers. The lack of answers, and the one big question that wasn't answered. Who the hell is doing this? And why?

That's when it hit her, that's when it hit Ruby like a truck. "We aren't being controlled by the same person."

Weiss and Blake both glanced at eachother, and asked in unison "What?"

"We are being controlled by different people. If we were being controlled by the same person, I wouldn't have been told to kill you two, and I wouldn't be following through with the plan Cinder and I have. I would be doing whatever the two of you would be doing, wouldn't I?" Ruby explained and questioned, confident in her answers.

"She's right," Weiss said "it doesn't make any sense what's happening, and whoever is controlling us, clearly has something against eachother."

"That's right." This time Blake was speaking. "What Ruby is doing and what we were doing didn't coexist at all. The first time I had actually seen Ruby since the incident was when she killed you, Weiss."

"I... that's right. I hadn't seen Ruby since she knocked on the door. Do you think somebody had her show up intentionally so she would kill me?" Weiss asked, looking around at Blake and Ruby.

"That's reasonable to think. But, why? What does my controller have against yours and vice versa?" Ruby asked more questions, wanting to keep the ball rolling.

That's when Blake was the next one to be hit with an answer. "Ruby... I think your controller is Cinder."

Ruby looked at her with disbelief. "As if, Blake. Cinder loves me, and she would never use me for things like that."

"No no, seriously, Ruby. Think about it. None of us, not Yang, Weiss, or I noticed a change in you until you started hanging out with Cinder." Blake was piecing it together now.

"Well-" Ruby began and was cut off by Blake.

"You never knew you were an aura morpher before, you never killed people before, you never robbed dust shops before, and you certainly never blew up half the freaking city. Even with Yang dying, you have a good heart, and you wouldn't hurt people like you did for no reason." Blake was finished, and she realized her argument had been very convincing, for Ruby was wide-eyed, and dead silent. It appears the thought that Cinder might really be her enemy had never occured to her.

Weiss turned to look up at Blake. "But... Blake, who's controlling us, then? And why?"

Blake looked down at Weiss. "It had to be Ozpin. Neither of us had started acting different until that meeting we had with him, and the house he helped us get. As for why he's controlling us and making us do what we did, I really have no idea."

"It's to get at Cinder." Ruby said quietly. When she realized she had everyone's attention, she continued. "Cinder has attacked Ozpin many times, now. Ozpin realised I had fallen under her control when I blew up the city. He took action, got the only two people left I might be afraid to fight, pumped them with power, and sent them after Cinder. He saw your potential for aura-morphing when Cinder saw mine, and did the same thing she did. Latched onto your unstable mindset, and use your newfound powers to utterly destroy eachother's army. Ozpin is sick of Cinder's troops coming back after they've been beaten, so he started killing them, hence our shortage of troops. And most of all, hence the reason I've become a monster." She was looking down in her lap, in shock at everything that just came together.

Weiss and Blake were speachless, because it all made sense now. There were no more questions to be answered, and there was no question about the fact that Ozpin nor Cinder were allowed to be considered on the good side anymore. The good side, no longer existed.


Ruby felt the car stop in her sleep, and quickly woke up. There, standing in the middle of the road was a man. Ruby knew who he was. Sapphire questioned Vess for information, and found her partner was a man named Con, and judging by the description given, this was him.

Ruby was about to get out of the car, when Neo stopped her.

"I've got this, Ruby. You're in no condition to fight." Neo said, stepping out of the car.

The ice cream woman was right. Ruby could barely move without feeling pain, and she felt like sleeping some more.

Neo walked out into the middle of the road, hips swaying. She soon stopped directly in front of the large man, and smiled up at him.

"Get out of the way, little girl." Con said, going to push past her.

But Neo had grabbed his arm, and stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Little lady, I said, move." Con went to push Neo once more, but this time, was thrown off the side of the road, and into the trees.

Neo just smiled, and clicked out her umbrella. It appears that her strength was several times larger than originally thought.

Neo didn't want to waste time on this fight. They had places to be, and to her, this aura morpher meant nothing. He was strong at one point, but it seemed he had weakened considerably.

The way Vess talked about Con, you think he would be several times stronger than Ruby, Neo, or even Cinder. But the way he slowly dragged himself to his feet did not imply that. He looked sick, malnourished, and very tired. Something happened to him.

Neo strutted over, and pushed him back to the ground. "What's wrong with you? Why do you look half dead?"

Con gritted his teeth. "It was that bastard... that bastard Ozpin. He drained me somehow... he took my aura."

Neo frowned a little. "If you don't have an aura, why are you even trying to fight me?"

"I'm here to send a message." Con said, almost out of breath.

"What kind of message?" Neo asked, looking curious.

"The kind that says if you keep interfering with his plans, you'll end up dead." With that, Con shoved his hand into his jacket, and there was a click, along with a beep.

Neo sighed as her body shattered, and dissipated. Soon, Neo was back in the truck.

Ruby looked over. "What happened?"

Neo didn't answer, and instead put a pair of sunglasses over Ruby's eyes.

No sooner did she do so that Con burst into a massive ball of flames, which curled into an explosion. The explosion stretched up into the sky, and quickly set the forest ablaze.

Neo didn't seem too phased by this, and simply began driving once more. Ruby on the other hand was a little horrified, for she heard what was said, and she knew what this meant for their crew. The danger they had gotten themselves into must have been thickening.

It was then that Neo stopped again, and this time in the middle of the road was a large barricade consisting of several trucks and police force squads.

Neo simply made odd sounds with her lips, seemingly being impatient about something, which caused Ruby to look at her like a psycho.

The men holding the barricade seemed unsettled as they waited for an attack that would never come.

Without warning, something had latched onto the truck. Ruby looked up to see a massive airship just overhead, and a cord was now hooked onto the truck. After another moment or two, the truck began lifting from the ground.

The men aimed their assault rifles, and began rapidly firing at the truck as it was lifted. But, it was too late. The truck was out of easy reach, and was already being loaded onto the ship.


When the truck had been officially loaded onto the ship, there was one thing that was missing. Ruby.

The moment Neo and her had got out, she had up and vanished. Cinder was worried that perhaps something shook her too much while she was out there.

Cinder began quickly looking through rooms in the ship, doing her best to try and find Ruby. It wasn't until Cinder had checked a spare storage room that she found her.

"There you are Ruby!" Cinder said in an excited tone, quickly walking towards Ruby with her arms outstretched.

Ruby's back was turned to Cinder as she sat on a shipping crate. She didn't even turn around to face Cinder, let alone acknowledge she was in the room.

Cinder noticed this, and dropped her arms. She waited a moment, hoping Ruby would turn around and hug her. But she didn't. So, Cinder stepped forward, hoping Ruby was just zoned out as she put her hand on her shoulder.

Ruby had never spun around so fast in her life as her hand formed a fist over the collar of Cinder's shirt. Even though Cinder was taller, she was still dangling in the air with how Ruby held her.

Ruby's eyes were gleaming red as she glared Cinder down. Aura flared about the room, and Ruby's arms glowed fiercely. "Don't touch me, you lying piece of trash."

Cinder immediately looked not only heartbroken, but afraid. Very afraid.

"R-Ruby... please. Put me down. I love you, okay? Let's talk about this." Cinder was practically begging Ruby to let go, which she did.

Ruby dropped Cinder to her feet once more, allowing the older girl to breathe a deep breath of fresh air in. The collar she was held by had practically choked her.

After several moments of silence, and after Cinder had regained her breath, she spoke. "So... I guess you've figured it out, huh?"

"Yeah... I've figured out that you've been controlling me this whole time. You haven't changed your evil ways at all." Ruby was looking away from Cinder, avoiding eye contact as she spoke.

Cinder shook her head. "I'm not controlling you, Ruby. Your mother is."

This time, Ruby's hand was around Cinder's throat, and she was back to glaring into the fiery girl's eyes. "This is another lie to stop me from killing you. I don't have time for this. If you're lying... if..."

Ruby had stopped talking, finding herself unable to at the Cinder in front of her. Cinder was crying. For the first time since either of them had been together had Cinder shed even a single tear.

Cinder's lip had curled up, and begun quivering as she tried to hold in sobs. Ruby couldn't stay mad at this. She knew Cinder was serious about her mother.

Ruby gently wrapped her arms around Cinder, and sat back down on a crate, holding her in her lap.

Cinder kept crying, and eventually began sobbing as she buried her face into Ruby's chest. Ruby was quiet as she held her, rubbing her back.

"I'm sorry, Ruby..." Cinder said through her sobs. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She shouted, gripping at Ruby's jacket in her own anger.

Ruby smiled a little, and patted Cinder's back. "I forgive you."

Cinder looked up in shock. "W-what? Why? I manipulated you! I fed your dark urges that your mother implemented! I lied to you! I'm a monster!"

Ruby just shook her head. "You wouldn't be as upset as you are if you had wanted to hurt me. You love me, don't you?"

Cinder nodded vigorously. "I love you more than anything in the world, Ruby. I never would've dreamed when I was told of my job as manipulating you that I would end up loving you as much as I do."

"That's all that matters then, right? That we love eachother." Ruby smiled a little wider as she looked Cinder in the eyes.

Cinder smiled as well, wiping tears from her eyes as she stood up. "Yeah... that's all that matters."