As Ruby walked down the halls of Beacon, she saw only one face she recognized, and it was Pyrrha.

"Oh, hey Pyrrha!" Ruby said with a smile, running over to meet the girl. She noticed the bags at Pyrrha's feet, and found her conclusion. "You're leaving for Summer vacation, aren't you?"

Pyrrha smiled and nodded. "Yes, Ruby. I believe it time I go visit my family, like the rest of my team has done. What about you Ruby? Are you going anywhere?"

Ruby shook her head. "Nah, we don't have anywhere to go. Since Yang and I don't really have a place, Weiss and Blake decided to stay with us for some comfort."

Pyrrha had a sad look on her face, knowing what Ruby meant when she said she had nowhere to go. "I'm... I'm sorry, Ruby." Pyrrha pulled the shorter girl into a hug. "Stay strong, alright? I'll make sure to bring you a souvenir from my homeland."

Ruby sighed as she hugged the girl back. "Thank you, Pyrrha. You'll be missed."

It was then that a voice cut into their conversation. "Ruby, what are you doing?" It was Weiss, and she didn't seem happy for some particular reason.

"Oh." Pyrrha said as she quickly pulled out of the hug, seeing Weiss was glaring at her. "I'm off, then. Bye Ruby, bye Weiss." Pyrrha then speed walked out of the hallway, leaving Weiss and Ruby.

"I was just sending Pyrrha off... she's going off to see her family." Ruby said this a little awkwardly, poking her fingers together.

"Yeah, that's definitely what it looked like to me. You guys really need that intimate of a hug just to send her off? A simple 'bye' would've been adequate." Weiss was stamping her foot at Ruby, glaring at the girl as well.

Ruby's face darkened a bit, and she glared right back at Weiss. "Actually, that wasn't all, Weiss. She was giving me condolences for the passing of my Father. And I don't really see why it's your business. I can hug whoever I want."

The guilt showed on Weiss' face as she finished, and she growled out angrily. "Whatever. I was just coming to make sure you're eating breakfast. Yang wants you healthy." The heiress then turned around, and walked back down the stairs that led to the cafeteria.

Ruby merely shook her head and followed after Weiss, deciding to let it go and just try to eat breakfast.


When Ruby arrived, Yang had saved a seat for her at their lunch table, and had also made Ruby a plate of pancakes and bacon.

Ruby smiled as she sat down next to Yang. "Thanks, Yang." She said happily, taking the syrup bottle and beginning to spray syrup on it.

Yang and Ruby had the same breakfast, while Weiss had an assortment of fruits, and Blake was eating sushi.

"Oh, no problem, Rubes. You don't have to pay me back, either." Yang said as she began cutting her own pancakes.

"Really, Yang? You need to quit wasting all your money on me. I'm a big girl, I make my own money." Ruby sighed as she finished with the syrup, and set it down on the table once more.

Blake wasn't really too focused on her eating. She had her nose in a book, and was carefully stuffing sushi into her mouth while she read.

Weiss on the other hand seemed entirely focused on her eating, and was trying to ignore the sisters for some reason.

"If you say so, Ruby. But I'm still going to look out for you. You're my little sister, after all." Yang was about done with eating her pancakes by now.

Ruby wasn't too far behind with her eating. "Yeah yeah, alright. I guess I won't really argue against free food."

"That's the spirit." Yang said as she finished, and then she remembered what had happened earlier. "Oh, Ruby, you were going to tell me about this dream of yours."

"Oh yeah." Ruby said, finishing her plate now. "It was really weird. I woke up in this big place that was all black, and then the floor cracked open, and I fell through it. I remember falling from the sky, and landing in the City of Vale. But for some reason nobody was there except for this pretty lady. Her eyes were the same color as flames, and she seems oddly familiar."

Yang, Blake, and Weiss were all watching Ruby now as she went on about her dream.

"Oooh, I think you met your future girlfriend, Ruby." Yang said with a smirk, elbowing Ruby's side as she raised her eyebrows.

This made Ruby blush, and she began lightly hitting Yang's arm. "Yang! Don't talk about that!"

"I agree with Ruby, Yang. She's too young for a girlfriend, anyways. Besides, all teenage relationships end in shambles." Weiss said this with her usual cold attitude.

This made Ruby stop hitting Yang, and turn to face Weiss. Her blush had disappeared, and her face was easily described as angry. "I'm sorry, what was that, Ice Princess? I don't recall you being a love expert last time I checked."

"I know more about it than you do. You're still practically a child, who still hasn't realized that this is the real world." Weiss had a smirk on her face, knowing she had gotten to Ruby.

Though, what Ruby did next, surprised her. Ruby stood up on the table, and yanked Weiss up by her collar. "Shut your mouth, Weiss. Or I'll shut it for you."

Weiss had shut up, all right. Her face was one of complete fear, for the look on Ruby's face was one tat said she would be hurt badly if she didn't shut up.

Yang and Blake had stood up as well. "Ruby, just calm down. You know she doesn't mean it." This was Blake who was speaking, trying to be the peace keeper.

"Oh yeah, I'm real sure she doesn't. Just like I'm real sure she could care less that my Dad just died." Ruby was clenching Weiss' collar even tighter.

"Ruby, please. I know you're upset, but you don't need to hurt Weiss over something stupid." Yang said this, getting up and putting her hand on Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby looked at Yang, and her face seemed to ease. With a sigh, Ruby dropped Weiss to the floor, and hopped off the table. Without saying anything, she walked out of the cafeteria, and into the courtyard.

Ruby figured her team mates would be upset with her for what happened, but she seemed to care less as she walked right up to the statue in the middle of the yard and gave it a solid punch.

Ruby had often done this to relieve stress, but found even herself surprised as the statue split a crack open where she had punched it.

Ruby had decided to write this off as the statue being old, not wanting to think she was too strong or anything.

That's when a few loud howls were heard in the forest next to the school of Beacon.

"What? Beowulves shouldn't be this close to the school..." Ruby said, beginning to walk towards the forest. That's when there was a loud scream, and it caused Ruby to start running.