"This time, I'll do whatever you want, Ruby. You've done enough for me." Cinder said, following after Ruby down the hallway of the air ship.

Ruby was speedwalking down the hall, thinking to herself. "I expected you would. Our plan is to take over Vale."

"What? I thought you didn't want that." Cinder was feeling confused now.

"I never said I didn't want that. But what I will say is that Ozpin and Summer are going to be out of the picture." Ruby had already prepared to fight her Mom, and this only made it easier.

Ruby opened the door to the cockpit to see Sapphire standing there, a large sword in hand. She looked more roughed up than the last time Ruby saw her, like the mission getting the airship wasn't easy.

"Stop right there, Ruby Rose. I'm not letting you go any further. I know what you're thinking." Sapphire readied her blade, which was a large silver sword that emanated a blue glow.

"Sapphire, I don't want to fight you. Id prefer you got out of the way." Ruby had her hand on the handle of her sword, readying herself for any attack Sapphire would throw at her.

"Cinder, put her in place." Sapphire said sternly, waiting patiently for Cinder to obide.

Cinder shook her head and stood beside Ruby. "No. I will not be apart of this any longer. I love Ruby, and she's more important to me than your stupid plans."

Ruby smiled a little, and blushed. Cinder defending her was so hot to her, and it made her a tad turned on to see her girlfriend on the defensive.

"You don't understand the mistake you're making, either of you." Sapphire said, as she held her sword in the air. A glyph charged itself in the air, and began spinning rapidly.

Ruby watched as the glyph spun itself about in the air, and she was curious to what it would do. Despite all her senses of danger activating, she did not move. She could not.

Cinder jumped in front of Ruby and put up a shield of flames just in time to stop a flurry of swords from stabbing into Ruby. "Ruby! The hell are you doing?! Get to cover!" Cinder shouted.

But by now, Ruby's back was turned to Cinder, and her mind was on something else. A voice had been heard. A beautiful, sweet, soft voice had been heard. One Ruby knew very well.

"Oh Ruby, my dear, it's been so long." Spoke the voice. The ever-awaited voice, the voice that meant this was all real. The voice of Summer Rose. The woman stood there, smiling a gentle smile over at Ruby. Her eyes were a gleaming silver, and her skin was as pale and fair as snow. She had long, red hair that draped down her back, and she had a smile that could make anyone's heart melt. She carried herself with an elegance beyond Weiss, and she had a beauty that went far beyond Pyrrha's.

Ruby had begun trembling. All the anger, hate, fear, and love that she had built towards her mother. Where had it gone? The only semblance of those emotions left was that of fear, fearing of what was next to come.

Ruby tried to speak, tried to blink, tried to do anything, but simply could not. Something was stopping her, and the harder Ruby tried to come back to reality, the farther it got away from her.

Summer was wearing her treasured white cloak, and had her signature sword in her hand; a silver sword that resembled that of a cross. It was like she hadn't changed from the day Ruby last saw her.

Summer slowly stepped towards Ruby with her gentle smile, and when she reached the girl, it made the girl starstruck. She slowly cupped Ruby's chin in her hand, looking down in her daughter's eyes, not losing the smile.

"How I've missed you." Summer spoke, drawing Ruby in even further. Ruby was shaking now, almost violently, but she didn't seem to notice. Her eyes would not pull away from her Mother's own.

There was a faint shouting that could be heard, and as much as Ruby tried to turn and look, she could not. That's when she felt herself get knocked to the ground, sending her into a further daze.

The ground spun, and it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. It took several minutes for Ruby to at least try to comprehend anything that was happening.

When Ruby's mind had finally begun to clear, she looked up to see Cinder standing above her. She was about to say something, when she noticed that there was a dark red stain in the back of Cinder's jacket. The closer Ruby looked, the more she noticed a sharp point sticking through the jacket at the spot of the red stain.

Ruby was about to stand, when Cinder suddenly fell to her knees. After a moment or two of the girl on her knees, she fell back to the ground next to Ruby and went completely limp.

Cinder's eyes were closed, and she had a smile on her face. A smile that truly did look happy, a smile that looked at peace.

That's when it occured to Ruby that there was a large hole in Cinder's chest, and there was blood spilling onto her clothes and the ground. Cinder was not moving, and not reacting the way someone would when they were injured.

Ruby shook herself from her daze, and crawled over to Cinder as fast as she could. Her hands immediately went to her chest, trying to feel any movement of her lungs or body, but found none.

"This can't be happening... this can not be happening!" Ruby screamed. Her aura had begun circling around her, swirling in an angry spiral. The whole ship seemed to be shooken by this, and several small objects began to fly around the ship.

"No... no... I won't lose the last person I love!" Ruby was crying now, sobbing even. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she was gritting her teeth so tightly the sounds they made were sickening.

"Please Cinder! Please don't die!" Ruby screamed, now holding Cinder's body in her lap. But, it was too late. Cinder had died the moment her heart was pierced.

It was like Yang all over again, but even worse. It seemed every time something good happened in Ruby's life, something just had to come and take it away from her. That something, from the looks of it, was her own mother.

Summer stood above the two girls, her smile gone, and her look of beauty diminished. She looked cold, unfeeling, and like she had done this many times before.

Summer didn't care about Ruby. She wasn't aiming for Cinder, she was aiming for her. Cinder had pushed Ruby out of the way, not caring for her own life.

"How... could you?" Ruby whispered. She then looked up at Summer, and screamed "How could you?!" The swirling of Ruby's red aura was intensifying, and several sirens went off on the ship to indicate that it was losing balance in the air.

"How, fucking, could you?!" Ruby screamed even louder now, her eyes beaming a red. Her hair began spiking itself once more, turning a dark red. Her muscles were rippling out of her skin, rapidly increasing in size with her rage.

When Ruby was finished transforming, her skin was practically on fire with aura. She carefully slid Cinder off of her, and stood up. "I... will... kill you!" She yelled, her teeth still gritting.

Summer was a little shocked to see this much power come from her daughter. This was more aura than even she could generate, which was really saying something. Regardless, Summer readied her bloodstained sword, and beckoned Ruby.

Ruby let out a scream of rage, and literally flew at Summer, her feet not once touching the ground. The very floor below Ruby had ripped open from how fast she had flown forward.

Ruby's fist aimed itself at Summer's head, and was just barely caught by the woman's sword. Her fist was smashing into the sharp end of the sword, generating sparks with the amount of friction this generated.

Summer seemed to be doing well at holding Ruby at bay, but it was not enough. Ruby's aura would propel her even further forward, causing Summer to stagger on the ground.

The aura that Ruby emitted was like a rocket. Anything behind it was blown away, including the wall of the ship, and some of the floor.

Summer had to react, fast. She spun herself out of the way of Ruby, letting the girl rocket off into another part of the ship. There was a few loud smashes as Ruby presumably went flying through wall and floor of the ship, and it furthered the amount of sirens going off.

Summer knew now was where she should get off, and jumped through the hole in the floor, carefully sailing down to the ground. Although the drop from the ship was large, Summer landed quickly, and gracefully. Only a small plume of dust even indicated that she had touched the ground when she did.

Up above, the airship could be seen. Several pieces were alit with flames, and it was crashing out of the sky. It sailed downwards at an angle, slowly but surely, before smashing into the ground and generating an explosion that could be seen for miles.

Summer shook her head, and was about to walk off, when something stopped her. She spun around as fast as she could, to see Ruby standing there, holding Cinder's body.

Ruby looked like she had cooled off significantly, and was now in a calm state of mind. "Mother, I am going to kill you. Right here, right now."

Summer gritted her teeth. "Yeah? You really think so, huh?" She said, throwing off her cloak, to reveal her silver studded armor. "Give it your best shot."

Ruby carefully set down Cinder, and just when she turned to look at Summer, her sword was already aiming down at her throat. Ruby caught the sword with her bare hand, and sent Summer stumbling back for the second time now as she got up.

"What... what are you?!" Summer yelled at her. "I just don't understand! I expected you to be powerful, but this! No, I never would've expected this!"

"Anger is a powerful thing, Mother. But the most dangerous part, is the calm after the storm, because that's when you'd least expect to be struck by lightning." Ruby said, smiling at her own metaphor.

Summer shook her head. "No. This aura, this power, it outmatches mine by at least three times. It's impossible. No human body can truly withstand this kind of power without your heart or your mind ripping to pieces."

She was right. Summer herself had set the record for the most aura being endured at once, but here Ruby was, stacking it on three times more. How is that possible? She is only one person... unless, she isn't.

That was it. Weiss and Blake were both inside of her, and they too could withstand that level of aura. It wasn't as much of the physical aspect of the aura as it was the soul capacity. The soul itself could only hold so much, and if it was overloaded, the body's main organs would explode. But now with three souls, the body is no longer at risk.

"Why did you try to kill me?" Ruby asked, a dark look overcoming her face. She was less upset that her Mother had tried to kill her, and far, far more upset that her girlfriend had died in the process.

"I wanted to increase my own power." Summer said rather plainly. "I was willing to pay any price to finish off Ozpin. But now..." Summer's hood overlapsed her face. "I'm willing to pay any price to finish you!" She suddenly screamed, and from under her hood Ruby could see her eyes glow a bright red.

Ruby carefully set Cinder's body next to a tree, giving her a sorrowful look before turning to face her Mother.

Summer had begun charging her aura, charging it even further than supposedly her max power. But it didn't stop with surprassing their, it continued to grow, exploding in sizes. Summer had gone from a lean woman, to a very large, more muscular she-beast.

Ruby knew what she was doing. If the body was strong enough, it could sustain past the aura limit for a short time before taking damage. But in Summer's case, it would be before she died.

Summer was coated in a thick red aura, larger than Ruby's now. Her whole body was covered in a thick plating of it like her own armor.

Ruby held her hand out, and concentrated her aura. In her hand, a large sword appeared. The blade was black, the handle was red, and the tip was white. Concentrating her aura next on her body, a thick layer of black, white, and red all formed into an armor set over Ruby.

Summer had finished charging her power, and now made Ruby's aura look much smaller. The woman truly could live up to her legend.

"Are you ready to pay your price, Mother?" Ruby asked, readying her body into a stance.

The only reply she got from her Mother was a scream of rage, and a sudden charging like that of an insanely powerful rhino.

Ruby jumped up, and over Summer just in time to spiral back down and smash her sword several times into Summer's back. It did more damage than expected, for Summer let out a groan of pain, and whipped her fist into Ruby's side.

Ruby was sent flying into a tree, which snapped and bent with the force and weight of the girl. Summer followed soon after, her fists over her head as she aimed them for Ruby's torso yet again.

Ruby rolled out of the way as the fists collided with where she once was. The force of Summer's smash had caused the entire ground to shake and split open, creating cracks and uplifts of rocks all over the new battlefield.

Summer then turned, and charged at Ruby again while she recovered from the roll. Ruby jumped yet again, but this time, Summer grabbed her by the ankle, and whipped her as hard as she could further into the forest.

Ruby bounced, thudded, and smacked her way through the dirt before stabbing her sword into the ground to stop herself. She dragged on for several moments, her sword cutting through the dirt before finally gaining enough resistance to stop the girl.

Just when Ruby looked up, she saw Summer flying at her once more. Ruby stepped out of the way just in time, but not before hooking her sword into Summer's massive form.

Ruby grabbed onto the very aura her Mother posessed like a twine, and began slashing rapidly at her Mother's back, hacking into the thick armor. Summer did her best to try and shake Ruby off, but by the time she did, Ruby had already cut off a large chunk of Summer's aura to keep for herself.

Summer growled in rage, watching Ruby's body fill with her aura as well. She didn't hesitate this time in punching Ruby directly in the face, sending her back again. Mid air Summer caught up with her, grabbed her by her arms and legs, and smashed her knee into Ruby's lower back.

Ruby screamed in agony, and after she was dropped, she felt herself reeling from the experience. Her back was in tremendous pain, and her motor senses were extremely disorriented as she could not get to her feet.

Just when Summer came to lay another smack down, Ruby recovered faster than ever before. She stood up, and held her hands out. Several red aura fists began flying into Summer, each one laying a punch before dissipating. But Ruby didn't stop with a several, she kept forming more, punching her Mother over and over and over again. The amount of fists grew and grew, before it was a full on barrage of massive red aura fists punching Summer rose out of the way.

Summer was clearly stunned by this, for her aura looked to be feeling weakened, and she was not able to stand. Ruby rushed in, plunging her sword into Summer's side, and ripping more of her aura into Ruby's own.

Summer tried to punch Ruby with her exposed arm, but Ruby hacked her sword into it, watching with satisfaction as blood sprayed out of her limb. Ruby began cutting downwards on the arm, digging through bone, vein, flesh, and everything between as she flayed the arm from Summer's body.

Summer was screaming in pain, and doing her best to try and claw her way away from Ruby. But Ruby would not have it. Her Mother was not able to recover if she did not let her.

Ruby smashed her sword this time into Summer's hind leg as she crawled, and pinned her to the ground, grunting with pain. She walked forward, and ripped her sword out as she this time sat down on her Mother's back.

Aura from Summer was leeching into Ruby consistently now, draining even more of her armor away from her.

"Please Ruby!" Summer screamed. "Have mercy!"

But Ruby did not hear her prayers. This woman manipulated her and her friends into killing several innocent people. This woman had made her blow up half the city, and throw the rest of her education away. This woman had killed her sister to activate Ruby's rage. This woman had just tried to kill her and killed her girlfriend instead with no regret. Now, was not the time to ask Ruby for mercy.

Ruby took her sword high into the air, and plunged it into Summer's back, causing her to scream once more, and more blood to spray out onto Ruby. But she did not stop there, she repeated the process, yielding the same results.

Summer was desperately trying to crawl away from her torturer, but each time she was stabbed, she felt more energy drain from her body.

Ruby would smash the sword even deeper into her back this time, watching with cold satisfaction as more life drained from Summer, and more blood exploded from her body.

Summer was crying now, sobbing even as she prayed her daughter would put her out of her horrible misery and suffering. And Ruby did just that, with one final slam of her sword. The entire sword plunged into Summer, all the way to the handle, and did not come out this time.

With that last stab, Ruby got up off of Summer, and began walking off towards Vale.

Summer lay there, her eyes rolled into her head, and blood spurting from her cold dead mouth. Summer and Ruby's aura dissipated, along with the sword that was stuck into Summer's back.

Summer was now nothing but an empty husk. No soul, no life, and definitely no aura.

Ruby had soon gathered up Cinder's body once again, and began walking off into the City of Vale.


Ruby entered the city with the same cold expression on her face. The city itself was empty. Not one single car in sight, and not a single person either.

Just when Ruby was about to walk up to Ozpin's tower, she stopped.

"I figured you should do the honors." A voice spoke up, and there was a thud, along with a pained groan.

Ruby turned around to see Sapphire covered in scrapes and cuts, as well as blood. Neo stood behind her, injured in the same way, and dead silent. Below the two girls was the person of the hour. Ozpin.

He was beaten beyond belief, and was only recognizable now by his outfit, and his hair. His face and body were badly bruised, as well as cut, shot, and stabbed. It seemed by now, he had accepted his fate.

"When you and Summer had begun your fighting, and those aura levels were measured, the entire army of Vale ditched the city. The only stupid enough to stick around was this fool, leaving Neo and I to take care of him." Sapphire said, looking with the same coldness as Ruby. "And... another thing." She said, looking off to the side. "I'm sorry. Please... please bury her somewhere nice." Tears streamed down her face, and she was clearly holding in sobs.

Ruby simply nodded, and stepped forward in front of Ozpin. He was about to speak, but before he could, Ruby's sword plunged through his chest, halting what he was going to say, and forever halting any more future statements.

Ruby then turned back, and began heading for the tower once again. She never looked back at Sapphire, Neo, Ozpin, or Summer. They were all in the past now.


As the sun set that evening, Ruby looked on coldly at the horizon. She was at the place this all started. Summer's grave. But now, there were a few more editions. Four more.

Cinder, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Inside of Ozpin's tower, Ruby had found all of her teammates bodies. From what it seemed, Ozpin had plans to implement new auras into them, and use them as painless soldiers against Ruby and Summer. Those plans would never work out. At least now, all five doors were open.

Along with the new graves, their was one change to Summer's. It now included a body.

Ruby kept her hood up as she watched the sunset, hiding her eyes from the view of the rest of the world. But sadly, even in this time of grief, no tears would be shed. There would be no recovery. For now, there was only an empty soul of the most powerful woman on the planet. But there was no reason for tears, for her team, her girlfriend, and her mother were all with her soul forever.