Grady's POV

I can't believe my family had to take a vacation around the FULL MOON, I thought. I mean, come on! The hotel's security is RIDICULOUS! I don't know if I'll be able to make it back into the room before the sun rises! As scientists, my parents had strange sleep schedules. They normally woke before dawn, and went to late at night, since they study both nocturnal creatures. I glared at the path in front of me, wondering how I was going to avoid disturbing my parents. I still couldn't believe they had agreed to go on vacation, leaving their precious deer behind in Florida. Well, maybe it was being invited to talk at the first annual

I was glad though. My human side appreciated being able to be in a more crowded environment. Normally, we were stuck in the middle of NOWHERE, the closest town about half an hour away. Who thinks to build a neighborhood that far away from town? However, my parents had thought it was the perfect place to live, to observe the deer they had brought from South America. Both Emily, my sister, and I didn't like it there. Of course, that was before I met Cassie and Will, and our parents got Emily a phone with text on it. Now, all she does is text her boyfriend in New Hampshire. I get to hang out with my new friends.

Cassie, my werewolf obsessed friend, was sad to see me go. She complained, "I'm going to be all alone! I mean, Will left, and now you're going to be gone too. Seriously, who am I going to talk to?" I gave her my phone number. My cell buzzed every five minutes on the road with her theories about the werewolf who she claims stalks Fever Swamp, behind our houses. I have been careful not to give her too many revealing hints. At least she says it isn't dangerous anymore. I mean, who wants to be called dangerous?

After all, I'm the werewolf.

I know, I know, "werewolves are dangerous," "get away," "eeek." I'm not dangerous though. Not like Will was. He turned homicidal, while I stick with scaring people. I was turned by him, and the only reason I survived was my dog, Wolf. I wished we could take him with us, but I had to leave him with Cassie. She loved him, despite the fact that she thought he might have been the werewolf. I quickly changed her mind by letting her keep an eye on him one night, then did my patented howl in the swamp. When I returned for him in the morning, she nearly whacked me with a bat. She had freaked out, realizing that while Wolf wasn't the werewolf, that could mean it was something a lot scarier than the friendly dog. I calmed her down enough to not brain me. Then I had to calm her down more when she realized that I could be the werewolf. She calmed down after I convinced her that was impossible- Wolf attacked Will. I didn't say it in those words, but she now thinks I'm not the werewolf. I-

Wait. What was that? I sniffed around, the fur on my shoulders rising. Human. I dove behind a bush just as he walked by on the path. I berated myself for walking on a path- of course a human might be on it. I stared at him, memorizing his scent. There was something strange about it- chemical, but it seemed natural to him. He smelled slightly fearful, and he looked around, as if expecting something to jump at him. I decided to mess with the boy.

I slithered around, clacking my claws on a nearby tree. He jumped, looking towards the spot. I whizzed across the path, and he spun around. I snapped a twig, and he spun even more. I repeated this until I knew he was dizzy. Then, I leapt in front of him, growling as loud as a bear. I breathed into his face with what I knew was horrible breath. He screamed at the top of his lungs, turning tail and running as fast as he could. I ran after him for a bit, waiting until he was out of breath. Then, I tapped my claws onto him, just enough to have evidence of claws in his shirt. He screamed again, and ran faster. Then something surprising happened. He tripped on a rock, flying forward, and hit the ground hard. Somehow, he spun around, putting his hands up.

"Don't kill me!" he yelled. I was surprised he still had the strength to yell. I stopped, putting my arms down. I decided to speak to my one of my victims for the first time.

"Don't worry." I said. I was startled by how gravelly my voice was. I realized I had never spoken in werewolf form, even though it had been three months since I had been turned. I kept going, not sure why. "I'm not going to hurt you. I was just messing with you." The boy seemed to calm down a bit, but he still seemed scared.

"W-what are you? Some kind of demon?" he stuttered, still staring at me with eyes the size of saucers.

I was confused at his query. A demon? I was a werewolf! How could I be mistaken as a demon?

"No," I growled, kneeling to his eye level, or close to what kneeling is, anyway. "I'm a werewolf. Why did you think I was otherwise?" I mentally scolded myself at my nerd-speak; I sounded like my parents. However, it seemed he understood.

"I-I got attacked by a witch, once. She looked a bit like you did, at one point." he stuttered again, although he seemed to be gaining confidence.

A witch? I thought, quirking an eyebrow. Hmm… must be a local thing. I smiled, and spoke: "What's your name?"

He seemed startled at the question, but he quickly regained his senses, and threw it right back. "Well, why should I give you my name when I don't know yours?" he said, bravely. He leaned forward, and I leaned back to keep the distance between us. I was taken aback by the question, as I had never needed to tell my name. I knew I couldn't tell him my name! So, I decide to buy some time.

"I could say the same of you." I shot back, giving him a smug look. However, it was met with one of his own. It had a retort in tow.

"Well, you're the one who attacked me; it would be impolite of you not to introduce yourself first."

I was startled for a moment, and paused, wondering how I should proceed. however, the boy seemed patient; I could think of something. I made myself appear to be thinking of what to do, when I knew what to do; I just had to come up with something to say. I remembered something we were studying at school, and decided to use it.

"My name is Anubis."