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It was a bright, sunny day in Tokyo, and Usagi sat on a bench in the park, sighing contentedly. It had been a few weeks since everyone's memories returned after the fight with Queen Beryl. Luna had warned of a new enemy, but aside from the occasional youma attack, and some bizarre energy readings, everything was normal.

She and Mamoru were finally a real couple, she was getting slightly better grades in school with his help in tutoring her, and she, Ami, Rei, Minako and Makoto could finally just be normal girls with normal lives.

Plus, Ikuko didn't seem to have regained her memories, so Usagi didn't have to deal with her mom knowing she was Sailor Moon. It was a relief, but also a bit of a disappointment. She wasn't sure how to have a relationship with her mom when Ikuko knew the truth about her daughter.

It made things easier, and yet… telling her had been such a relief. She had wanted so badly to tell her family, to stop lying and sneaking around. Having her family know about her secret identity would make things so much easier, and also so much harder. But she knew she didn't have a choice, as long as her mom didn't remember, she couldn't tell them. They would be safer that way.

"Sorry I'm late," a voice said, interrupting Usagi's thoughts.

"I thought I was the one with punctuality issues," she said, rolling her eyes.

"I got tied up with work at the university," Mamoru said. "But I'm here now." He smiled, but it seemed a little forced, and something seemed a little off about him.

"Are you okay?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Yes, I know, me being late must mean the world is ending or I'm terribly sick," he said. "I already apologized, Usako. Now could we please get on with our date? I was really looking forward to it."

Usagi smiled. She loved it when he called her Usako. He was waiting with his hand outstretched, and she took it, pulling herself up off the bench. He drew her into an embrace, and kissed her.

"Did I say I was sorry for being late?" he said between kisses.

"Mm, if this is the kind of apology I get you should be late more often," she said. He playfully scowled at her, and she shook off the feeling she'd had earlier that something was off about him. She had to stop over-thinking these things.

Although their relationship was great, things weren't entirely without trouble. It was weird, trying to begin a relationship with Mamoru, when she had all these memories of their past life together. They had all the memories of Serenity and Endymion, but they weren't really those people anymore. Mamoru and Usagi were new to this relationship, but Serenity and Endymion had already loved and lost.

And then there was the issue of when Mamoru had been brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom. Usagi shuddered at the thought. That had been one of the darkest periods of her life. Becoming Sailor Moon, fighting the Dark Kingdom… all of it was so hard, but losing Mamoru, right after she realized what he meant to her, that was what nearly broke her.

Even after getting him back, Usagi was occasionally plagued by nightmares and doubts, and an overwhelming feeling she would lose him again. She was always on the lookout for slight abnormalities, something to suggest that things would change for the worse. It was ridiculous, of course, nothing could tear them apart now that they had found each other again. But she still worried, because she didn't think she could stand losing him again. Not now, not after everything she'd been through.

"Usagi?" Mamoru said. "Are you listening to me?"

"Sorry," she said, plastering a smile onto her face. She was on a date with her boyfriend, it was a beautiful day, and her life was going great. Now was not the time to worry. "What were you saying?"

"You can be so air-headed sometimes," he chided gently. "I was just saying that I got us reservations at that new restaurant, so we have an hour to kill before lunch."

"Ooh, that sounds so nice," she said. "How did you manage to get reservations on such short notice?"

"Motoki is friends with the owner, I asked him to call in a favor," he said. "Being the best friend of the manager of a café and arcade sure can be useful."

"Do you think we should tell Motoki about our relationship?" she asked, resting her head against his shoulder. So far, they'd been keeping their relationship relatively secret. Of course, the Senshi all knew about it, but no one else did. They'd wanted to take things slow, and keep it to themselves for a little while.

"Eventually," he said. "And I'm sure he'll be mad when he founds out we've been keeping it a secret. But I kind of like having it just be between us at the moment."

"Me too," Usagi admitted.

They walked in silence through the park for a few minutes, enjoying the sunny weather and each other's company. A sudden scream sliced through the serene silence. Mamoru and Usagi looked at each other, each knowing what it must be: a youma attack.

Usagi broke into a run, Mamoru following close behind. Up ahead, there was some sort of youma, although it looked different from anything she had seen before. It was terrorizing the people in the park, breathing ice, which froze people solid if it touched them. Seeing them approach, the youma turned towards them, and with a guttural roar, it sent ice in their direction.

"Go transform!" Mamoru said, pushing Usagi out of the way of the blast, and narrowly dodging it himself.

Dashing behind a tree, Usagi called out her transformation phrase. "Moon Prism Power!" She pulled out her communicator, and quickly called the other Senshi, informing them of the youma attack.

"Hey you!" she said, stepping out from behind the tree. Mamoru was trying to hold off the youma, but he hadn't transformed into Tuxedo Kamen, and so Sailor Moon knew he wouldn't last long. She needed to distract the youma long enough for the other Senshi to arrive, and help finish it off.

"What do you think you're doing, freezing people on such a beautiful day like this?" she said, hoping to draw the youma's attention away from Mamoru and the innocent civilians. "People should be spending time with their loved ones, and enjoying the sunshine, not running for their lives!"

The youma didn't say anything, but it sent a flurry of ice daggers towards her. Sailor Moon dropped to the ground just in time, feeling the whoosh of air as the daggers narrowly missed her head, and instead collided with the tree behind her.

"Some people had plans with their boyfriend, which you're kinda ruining," she muttered under breath, picking herself up off the ground.

"Crescent Beam!" Venus' light beam hit the enemy, but it barely seemed to do any damage.

"Uh… Mercury?" Sailor Moon asked, looking up to find all the Senshi had arrived. "A little help here?"

"Working on it," the blue-haired Senshi said, already tapping away furiously at her mini computer.

The youma roared incomprehensibly, and sent a burst of ice daggers towards the clustered Senshi. They dove for cover, but one of the daggers impaled itself in Sailor Moon's calf, and another grazed Jupiter's shoulder.

"Sailor Moon!" Mamoru had managed to slip away and transform, and he ran over to Sailor Moon's side. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she said, wincing a little as she got up.

"It doesn't appear to have any obvious weakness," Mercury said. "Despite being an ice-based form, it's not susceptible to fire. I think our best bet is to just hit it strong and hard, continuously."

No sooner had the words left her mouth, when a wave of water crashed into the youma. Everyone looked at Mercury, but she looked just as puzzled as the rest of them.

"That wasn't me," she said. She frowned, and began calculating something else on her computer.

A graceful, feminine figure leapt off of a tree branch landing right next to the Senshi. She had shoulder-length turquoise hair, and she was wearing a uniform like the Senshi, but Sailor Moon had never seen her before.

"Leave this to us," she said coolly.

"World Shaking!" A ball of light slammed into the youma, and it howled in pain. Another person jumped down, landing next to the mysterious woman. The newcomer was also wearing what looked like a Sailor fuku, but again, she wasn't anyone Sailor Moon had ever seen before.

"Moon Scepter Elimination!" Sailor Moon called out, shaking herself out of her confused stupor. She had a job to do. The youma screamed one last time, and turned to a pile of dust. Slowly, the civilians which had been frozen started to thaw out, and the last remaining people in the park fled the scene.

"I said you should leave it to us!" the blue-haired girl snapped. "You shouldn't have interfered."

"I…" Sailor Moon trailed off. Who were these people? Were they Sailor Senshi, too? If so, why were they acting like this? Weren't the Senshi a team? And if they weren't Sailor Senshi, then who the hell were they?

"We had it under control," the other girl, this one with short blonde hair, said. "Your meddling will only get in our way."

"I have a job to do," Sailor Moon said lamely.

"So do we," the blonde girl said. "You don't know what you're dealing with, so next time we tell you to get out of our way, do it."

"Well, well, well," a voice said.

The Senshi, plus the two newcomers, turned to look at the source of the voice. A red-headed man stood there, an upside-down black crescent moon on his forehead, and a smirk on his face.

"You may have defeated my droid," he said. "But make no mistake—that was just the tiniest taste of my powers. I will get what I've come for, and I will destroy you in the process. I will take everything you have ever loved, Sailor Moon, and take it from you. The Black Moon Clan never fails." With a bone-chilling laugh, he vanished into thin air.

"I told you, you have no idea what you're dealing with," the blonde girl said, shaking her head. "Go home." The two turned to walk away, leaving the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen standing there, very stunned.

"Who were they?" Mars asked. "And who was that guy?"

"I have no idea," Sailor Moon whispered. She hated to admit it, but what if those girls were right? What if she was clueless? They seemed to know a lot more about the situation than she did. The second she contemplated it, Sailor Moon knew they were wrong. She might not know exactly what was going on, but she had defeated Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. She could handle this.

"Mercury, I want you to start researching," she said, her voice taking on an authoritative tone. "Of course, we also need to tell Luna and Artemis about this. I want to know who those two are, and who the Black Moon Clan is. I don't like being left in the dark."

Mercury nodded. "We should also take a look at your leg. Let's go back to the base, we can fill in Luna and Artemis there."

Back at their base underneath the Crown Arcade, Usagi filled Luna and Artemis in on the mysterious events of the day, while Ami bandaged her leg.

"I don't like this," Luna said. "The Black Moon Clan… that name sounds so familiar to me for some reason. I'll see what my research has to say."

"I want to know who those two new Senshi were," Usagi said. "Were they even Senshi? And if they are Senshi, why were they so mean to us?"

"I wish I could help you," Artemis said. "But you girls are the only Senshi Luna and I know of. My memories of our past lives on the Moon are still a little fuzzy, but you girls are the only ones we were sent to awaken. If there are more Senshi, that's news to me."

Sighing, Usagi leaned back in her chair. She had so many questions, so many things she wish she knew the answer to. Trying to figure it all out was giving her a headache, so she rubbed her eyes, and tried to think of something else.

"Oh!" she cried, springing up from her chair. "I almost forgot, I told Mamoru I'd meet him once I was done here!"

"Careful with the leg," Ami called after Usagi as she ran up the stairs to the Arcade. "You shouldn't put too much weight on it."

Usagi ignored her, taking the stairs two at a time, eager to see Mamoru. Their date had been rudely interrupted, and she hoped they would be able to pick back up where they left off.

She quickly made her way through the Arcade, heading towards the exit. Luna had explained to her that there was a glamour concealing the entrance to their base, so no one would be able to detect it, or find it odd that Usagi was appearing from the back of the arcade.

Mamoru was waiting for her when she got outside, his hands in his pockets, and a slightly troubled look on his face. He didn't say anything, just nodded at her as she came up to him.

"Mamo-chan!" she said, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Can you walk with me for a minute?" he asked, disentangling himself from her.

"Sure," she said. "Is something going on?"

He didn't say anything, and Usagi bit her lip nervously. What could be making him act this way? But she didn't know what to say, so they walked in silence for several minutes, heading towards the park.

"Mamoru?" she asked again. "Is everything okay? You seem kind of… distant."

He sighed. "We need to talk about our relationship, Usagi."

"Okay…" she said, not sure where this was going. "What about it?"

"I just don't think it's working out between us," he said. "I think we should break up."

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