I still remember the Box, the dark, stuffy metal crate that delivered me here, to the Glade, to the Maze. I, like any 16 year old girl, was scared, petrified even. I didn't know anything, my memories erased, remembering only my name, Amelia.

There were new places, new sounds, new people to get aquainted with. And the weirdest part was...I was the only girl. There were at least 20 guys, more or less when I arrived, now one comes each month through the Box.

But here I am, two years later, in a strage place named the Glade that I now call home, with 50 other guys, and someone who means the world to me named Newt. He, along with 2 of my best friends Minho and Alby, watched over me as I got used to the Glade and it's residents called Gladers.