Zim scowled, tightening his coat around himself. Why he'd allowed Dib to ride the Voot, he couldn't remember. He watched the human as he gathered the scattered machinery so Zim could set about fixing it. They'd crashed over the colder part of the Earth and all Zim could see was water and ice all around them. They'd been lucky to land on a solid chunk around 5 miles wide, instead of the freezing liquid which would burn Zim and give Dib hyperthermia. A cold gust of air blew past him and Zim winced, a shiver racing down his spine. He was glad his Pak regulated his heat, making the cold more bearable and could only imagine what hell Dib was suffering through. Now he thought of it, the human was shaking uncontrollably... Zim swallowed, panic taking over his thoughts. He stalked over on shaky steps, stopping by the human and seeing bright amber eyes turn to him.

"Z... Zim?" He could see the teen's lips were tinted blue already, a bad sign if he could remember correctly.

"Get up Dib-let." He watched him stand on shaky feet, the teen trembling and shoving his hands into his pockets immediately. "Get in the Voot." Zim didn't wait for a response, knowing Dib would say no, instead pushing and manhandling him into the ship and closing the hatch behind them. He'd upgraded the thing after Earth's gravity had allowed him to grow some more, upgrading it again when Dib and him became friends so it was large enough for them to both travel in and for a room so the human could do his stupid sleep cycle thing. "Stay the fuck in here and warm the hell up. I'm not taking your sorry frozen arse home with me if you die." That said, Zim turned round, stepping back outside and closing the hatch behind him. He could handle the cold for a bit longer. He just needed to get all the pieces together at least and then he could fix it later once he'd warmed up a bit more. Thankfully, Dib seemed to have heeded his warning and remained inside. Zim shivered, gathering the parts quickly and dumping the unsalvageable.

Once satisfied he'd gotten all he could, Zim paced back to the ship pausing just by the hatch and staring out across the area. He stared at the chunks of ice drifting in the water, seeing some wildlife in the distance which looked unaffected by the cold. It was sort of nice out here. The air blew again and Zim ignored the coldness, focusing instead on how clean it actually was. No pollution, no cities, no filthy humans... A harsh shiver tore through him and Zim noticed that the wind had picked up, it'd also gotten darker. How long had he been standing there? The sun had sunk and varying shades of red, orange and yellow streaked across the sky, reflecting off the ice and water... Beautiful. The sun sort of reminded him of the dying stars he'd seen during his time in space... then again it was one wasn't it? Didn't they mention something about it at Skool? He frowned, pushing the thought aside.

Zim risked the cold to watch the fiery orb finish setting, waiting until the last few rays fell below the skyline and disappeared. Only then did he turn and climb back into the ship. Worried amber eyes met his as soon as he entered.

"Zim!" Strong arms wrapped around him quickly and though surprised Zim let himself be pulled to a wide chest. He didn't realise how cold he was until he was pressed so close to the teen's warm body. "Where were you? You'd been gone so long I was considering going after you." Now he mentioned it, the teen was dressed in his coat and gloves... Zim frowned, pushing out of the warm grasp to see Dib's face.

"Zim is fine. A bit of cold won't kill me..." He was cut off as chilled chapped lips pressed against his own. Zim groaned, resisting the strong urge to kiss back and instead pulling away again.

"Then why are you shivering? You're freezing Zim. Get inside properly and warm up." He didn't reply, instead silently moving further inside, letting the teen close the hatch fully and feeling the air warm considerably. A harsh shiver tore through him and Zim found his teeth chattering. Was he really that cold? He glanced down at his hands, encased in rubber and shaking slightly. His Pak was telling him that he was cold. That he'd been cold for a long time. He heard the human move behind him, hands wrapping round him and fumbling with his coat's zip. He let the coat be removed from him, not complaining when the teen didn't stop there. The warmth from the human was welcome and Zim melted into his embrace.

"Fuck Dib, you're too warm." Large hands roamed his bare chest and Zim wondered how much of his clothes the human was going to remove. It wasn't like anyone was around though...

"You're just too cold." The teen's voice was husky, breath warm against his chilled skin and Zim shuddered at the sensation. "What were you doing out there anyway?" Zim closed his eyes, revelling in the warmth and attention, feeling the teen move round to the front of him, hands staying looped around him and rubbing circles into the skin above his hips.

"I was watching the sun set over the chunks of ice in the water." Zim pressed closer to the human's heat, nuzzling his face into a pale chest and looping his arms round Dib's waist.

"Do you mean icebergs or glaziers?" Zim hummed, only half hearing the question over the pounding of the teen's heart. He felt the hat on his head being pulled off, lekku perking once free.

"Don't know." He tugged lightly at the human's shirt, leaning his head back to stare into amber eyes. He whined, standing up on his tiptoes to press his lips against Dibs in a clumsy kiss. "Don't care." He mumbled and he felt the teen's grip tighten in response.

"Let me warm you up Zim~" He groaned at the human's low tone, pressing closer to the warm body before him and tugging the teen's shirt harder.

"Just do it already hyuman." The kiss he'd started devolved into a needy one and it was hardly a minute before both of their clothes were littering the floor.

Zim woke later, tangled in the teen's arms. He nuzzled his face into Dib's neck, kissing pale skin and feeling the teen stir slightly. He should really get to fixing the ship... Warm hands tightened their grip and Zim felt the urge to go outside dwindling. Unfortunately it was something he had to do, unless he fancied becoming a popsicle in the middle of nowhere. Scowling, Zim forced himself to leave the grasp, easily untangling himself from the teen's grip. He shivered at the cool air, already missing Dib's body heat but refusing to return. He pulled on his clothes, donning his coat and hat. He tugged on his gloves, picking up a toolbox from a compartment before heading out into the crisp morning air.

The change in temperature was harsh and Zim shivered despite the Pak already altering his core temperature to take away the worst of it. He stomped his feet as he made his way around the ship, taking in the damage and deeming it salvageable. Sighing, Zim set down to work, glancing out across the icy water to see the sun just beginning to rise. Even now it was still beautiful but Zim admitted to himself that he'd much rather be inside with Dib than out here alone.