Dib bobbed his head along to the music, downing the last of his drink and moving out onto the dance floor. The strobe lights made his head spin, the alcohol in his system not helping. Clubbing was a great part of Dib's week, all the others in there too drunk or happy to care that they were in the presence of the paranormal obsessed outcast. Dib glanced around, seeing many familiar faces and lots of new ones. Ginger hair caught his eye and Dib shifted to look over the heads of people dancing round him, instincts keeping his eyes on target. He watched as the person stopped, chatting to someone that they'd led inside before striding away to the bar. The music level raised and Dib swayed with the beat, ignoring those attempting to draw his attention, focusing on the area where the red-head was returning to. Who was it? Why did Dib feel like he had to go over there? Giving in to the temptation, Dib made his way through the dancing horde, recognising the red-head as Keef after nearing him. Green eyes met his and Dib grimaced as the teen grinned.

"Hey Buddy!" He called over the music and Dib gave a half-hearted wave in return, finally drawing close enough to stand beside his 'friend'.

"Hey." Dib could barely hear his own thoughts over the music yet Keef ploughed on.

"It's so great that you're here Dib, this means we can all hang out together! I mean, it took me ages to convince Zim to come but we're going to have the best time ever!" Dib hated his peppiness but that was forgotten the moment Zim's name was mentioned. Dib tensed, turning to the figure that Keef had led in there, meeting fake blue eyes with his own.

"Hey Dib-thing~" The Irken smirked at his expression, reaching up to brush the fringe of a new wig from his face. Keef had apparently gotten the alien to change out of his usual uniform, the clothes being replaced by knee high boots, a pair of tight navy shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt with netting sleeves. The Irken's hands were uncovered, green skin paler than the rest of him. Dib swallowed nervously, trying to ignore the fact that all the exposed green skin was distracting. He'd never seen Zim with so little on and Dib doubted he would ever forget. "Like what you see Dib-let?" Dib flinched, feeling his face flush as warm breath rushed across his cheek, the Irken having moved closer as he was observing him. He wondered how much of the colour he could blame on the alcohol before he was distracted once more. Slim but strong arms slid round his shoulders, claws gently grazing the short hair on the back of his head. "Hm, Dib?" Dib shivered, unsure whether he was repulsed by the contact or not. Zim's skin was cool against his own, a harsh contrast to the heat from the nearby humans. Dib briefly wondered where Keef was or if the teen was even still there, he couldn't hear him or see him and Zim was doing a good job of distracting him from everything else. The Irken's breath smelt sweet as he pressed their foreheads together to gain eye contact. "Not going to answer me?" Dib blinked, trying to remember when a question had been asked, thoughts derailing as the alien stepped closer, their bodies almost touching. Dib tensed further, trying to step back but bumping into another person in the process. The place had gotten more crowded in the time he'd been standing there.

"What do you want Space-boy?" Fake blue eyes blinked slowly and Dib caught the odd glazed hint to them. "Have you been drinking?" A giggle spilt from his enemy's lips and Dib tried to ignore how cute he thought it was. Warm breath caressed his cheek as the Irken spoke again.

"You think I'd go anywhere with Keef without a drink or two first?" He had a point, neither of them could stand the peppy teen sober so maybe he'd be more bearable drunk. "Do you think Zim would wear these clothes if he hadn't had a bit to drink first?" Dib stumbled as Zim collided with him, hands gripping the alien's waist to steady them as a couple of girls giggled and apologized. Dib expected Zim to scream or attack, being shocked when the Irken did neither, offering the teens a charming smile that Dib had never thought the Irken could create. More giggles erupted and Dib felt Zim's arms tighten their grip, the Irken's attention returning to him as the girls drifted off elsewhere. Dib didn't remove his hands from their placing on the alien's hips and Zim didn't seem to notice.

"So how drunk are you?" He wasn't sure how he felt about his enemy being drunk around him, alcohol made people unpredictable and Zim was plenty enough already. A spark of mischief flashed behind the fake blue contacts and Dib found Zim's face close once more.

"Enough that all I want to do is this." Soft green lips pressed against his and Dib froze, finding the move unexpected but not unwanted. He tried to deny the warmth pooling in his stomach as his eyes slid shut, pressing back lightly before pulling away. He should have been repulsed by the action. He wasn't. He watched Zim's serpentine tongue slide out and run over his lips. "You taste nice Dib-let." The alien's eyes were half-lidded, body still pressed almost flush against his despite the fact that the crowd had receded slightly. "Can I have another?" Dib blinked, hands tightening their grip on slim hips as he tried to keep himself grounded. He couldn't do this. It was wrong to make out with your enemy. He really wanted to.

"I can't…" He began, only to be cut off by a quick peck on the lips again.

"Don't think hyuman, just do. Whatever happens, you can always blame it on the drink." Dib wondered if he could. He'd only drunk two glasses of whisky to get a buzz, was that enough for this sort of thing to be acceptable? The Irken was shoved into him again and Dib tried to ignore the way his body was reacting to having Zim pressed against him, the thin fabric of his clothes allowing the alien's body heat to be felt. Hands tightened in his hair and Dib realised that Zim was getting impatient. He stared back into fake blue eyes; the alien's taste still lingering on his lips and his breath mixing with his own. "So?" Choosing not to reply with words but instead with actions, Dib re-joined their lips, this kiss harsher than the last two, putting all the pent up teenage emotion into it that he'd collected over the years. The alien gasped in surprise at the unexpected move and Dib slid his tongue in, exploring the alien's mouth and coaxing his tongue into play. In the back of his mind, he was glad his saliva didn't seem to burn the alien, not enough to pull away anyway, while in the front of his mind he was drowning in the new sensations. He groaned as Zim tugged at his hair, the Irken mewling against his mouth but kissing back just as fiercely. After barely a minute, Dib pulled away, staring down at the flushed face of his enemy, taking in the darkened cheeks, bruised lips and lust-darkened eyes. His eyes followed Zim's tongue as he licked at his lips before rising back up to fake blue. "So what do you think Dib?" His name without any insult sealed the deal and Dib pulled from the alien's grasp, he grabbed a slim green wrist and tugged his enemy through the crowd and from the club. He paused only once, standing outside the alien's door.

"Just this once Zim." He shivered as the alien grinned, before small hands wrapped round his neck again, pulling their bodies flush against each other as they stumbled into the Irken's house.

"Whatever you say Dib. Whatever you say." And the night devolved into flushed skin, low groans and heated kisses that neither could forget the next morning.