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So, I suppose "in honor" of that story being MIA for me, here's the first chapter of that story. I hope you like it.

Star date: 45 BBY (Before Battle Yavin)

Naruto's Age: 4

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

or perhaps, closer than truly imagined…

Much could be said about a Jedi who'd been nicknamed "the Dark Woman". Thoroughly resourceful, cunning, and devoted to the will of the Force, it was said she'd even given up her name – An'ya Kuro – in order to remove herself completely of attachments in her search to become closer to the force. She was a powerful Jedi Master, a woman of wisdom from many prior experiences, a trainer of difficult and troubled youths, and one of the few who was able to find children of Force sensitivity where others would not – or could not - have seen.

A woman in her later middle years, she had dark hair, with faint streaks of what would one day be grey/white hair. She stood tall though, and those who'd engaged her in saber combat knew all too well her prowess in the art, as well as her strengths in them. Those who'd further met her and seen her usage of the Force would also know that the true depths of her abilities lay in her connection to the Force.

It was here that she flew, undauntedly trusting in the Force, towards the gapping abyss that was the black hole cluster known as the Maw. She'd been completing a mission nearby when the Force suddenly whispered intently to her, in a voice almost sounding flustered, or maybe concerned; whichever tone it was didn't concern her, so much as the message it bore. Why it led her into a place known to be a death trap to all who was unaware of the danger, or perhaps even missed it due to its nature as a black hole, she did not yet worry about.

This was the Will of the Force. If it deemed her to go here, she would go.

Stretching out her senses, she felt herself mildly surprised when she felt the Force illuminating a trail that led even further into the Maw. Following this trail, which felt strangely foreign in this cluster of darkness, she kept herself at a slow and even pace to avoid mishaps. In a place such as this, one mistake was truly death. Yet onwards she flew.

Pressing a few buttons on her console, she hummed softly as the only light she now had was from the console before her. At the moment, it was silent, but worked all the same in relaying the information without the starcraft. Nothing at all.

Closing her eyes, she allowed the Force to illuminate what her starcraft could not see. Within seconds upon reaching out to feel the Force, she saw a star system, wrapped up in a cradle of the black holes with which one shone with an anomaly of the Force. Curious, she kept her eyes closed and sank deeper into the Force for confirmation.

The further she seeped herself in the Force, the closer she felt to the planet. Yet in that same moment, she sighed at the feeling of the dark side that echoed across the surface of the planet. Still, the Force was here, but it had also called her here for a specific purpose.


Opening her eyes, and for the first time seeing the planet, she sped her vessel up just a bit and made her way towards the planet. Whatever it was that awaited her, she would find out soon enough.

Stepping out of her craft, she silently used the Force to coax the foliage around her to wrap around her vessel to conceal it. From just a quick fly over, she'd realized that the world was primitive, and secluded. Somewhat nostalgically, it reminded her of when she'd found Ki-Adi-Mundi on his homeworld; though in his world's case, they had actively decided not to take the technological advances that otherworlders had offered from time to time.

Leaving all but what the Force told her was necessary – her regular tunic, and a few supplies – she slowly made her way into the village nearby. The Force seemed to resonate most powerfully from a surprisingly wide amount of areas, but the one that the Force drew her towards was here in this forest. Landing on top of the mountain, which had four people's heads carved into it, she couldn't help but laugh softly at the image as she walked down the mountain.

"I've seen the arrogance of many beings, but even this is still rather surprising. I wonder how long it took for these people to carve out the faces of these people." She idly muttered, glancing into the village as the corners of her mouth turned downwards in a frown. The Force was indeed strong here, but it was also crawling with a feeling not unlike the Dark Side of the Force. Warily, she continued on her way down the mountain.

The village was small in her eyes, made of finite materials that she knew could quite easily waste away with time. The tallest building was towards the back of the village, with a symbol on it resembling a line drawn straight down before curving in to separate directions, and two marks near the top on either side. While the Force had told her this planet had held no connection to the outside world in millennia, her mind faltered for a moment as she tried to see if she recognized it at all. Drawing a blank, she shook her head and let her inspection continue.

The people all seemed to be talking cheerfully, their rendition of what was likely a bazaar was quite condensed in this area, and seemed to contain one revolving idea; war. Despite the cheerful talk, she found herself eyeing the weapons and other miscellaneous items that they sold with regret. Furthermore, many of the people around her who seemed to be eyeing the materials more intimately were wearing green flak jackets and wore some sort of metal plate attached to a sash or bandana with an insignia. No criminal or galactic area had a symbol like that to her knowledge, indicating that it was likely the normal officers of the world.

It also meant that the world was militarized.

This troubled Kuro slightly. The feeling of the Force was seeped into the world, with the very walls of it almost seeming alive to her at points. But whenever she would hesitantly reach out to feel the Force of another being, she found them off, drawing something in but having no connection to the Force. Many children ran past her, but she paid most no mind. Their parents watched over them, and in this world it was likely that they were waiting for the day when they would enroll the children in some form of academy to become like those in the flak jackets.

Above her, several men leapt across rooftops, causing her to duck into an alley. A patrol of some sort? Or simply more of these people going about their daily life? Curiouser and curiouser, she eventually emerged and continued on her way.

Hearing a noise down the street to her right, she glanced over and frowned as she saw a small group of children picking on another young child; a blond in a white shirt who was clearly struggling against his oppressors. For a second she considered helping, but quickly realized that if she could see him, that others could as well. So where were they? Staying back instead, she observed the world around her from the safety of the shadows.

The boys where clearly several years older, the oldest perhaps eleven or twelve, and had looks of anger that no child should have. There were indeed several adults who were glancing at the mayhem going on, but rather than taking care of it, stepping in, or doing something productive, they turned their backs and moved on. I seemed almost a trained response, but not one that was conditioned. This clearly wasn't something that happened all the time, but it was clear that there was something that the boy had done which earned enough ire that they would ignore him in a time of need.

It was rather disgusting to her.

Doing something to hurt someone was one thing, but ignoring another when you could help was another thing altogether. She'd had moments where the Force had told her to stay back, such as now, and in each time it had served its purpose. This time, in a place she knew nothing about, she'd seen the silent brutality of the world she was in. Shuddering silently, she watched as the blond child ran off.

"…poor child." She whispered, wondering how well he'd recover. Hearing others speaking about him, she silently listened in.

It didn't take long for her frown to deepen, whispers of 'that child' and hushing voices soon after made her quite worried. Deciding she'd heard enough, and not wishing to deal further with those around her, she began seeking for a place of rest.

Judging from the time, and from the time she'd spent navigating the Maw, and exploring the village, she found herself rightfully exhausted. Already knowing that they wouldn't accept credits, as they were too "far" from the Republic to even know what they were, some other form of payment would be necessary if she wanted to find a place of lodging. Had she thought of this earlier, she might have brought something inconspicuous to trade, and possibly gain some currency for at least one night's stay.

Following the promptings of the Force, she moved to an alley, and sat herself down, resting herself against the wall. Though an odd choice, the Force knew what she did not, and so she slept.

And waited.

"Um, ol' lady? Ol' lady are you dead?"

Not for the first time, it was the soft voice of a young child roused her from slumber. Surprisingly soft, but then, if she had been dead the poor child might've felt very strange trying to talk with a corpse. Steadying herself, she slowly opened her eyes and glanced down at the young one who had awakened her.

"Oh good! You're alive." The young boy's face – the face of the boy she'd seen the day before – shifted from one of worry to an oversized grin as he gripped the back of his head. The smile morphed his face rather unusually, causing his eyes to scrunch up till he was all but squinting, and pulling the three line-like marks on his cheeks taunt and give just the barest hint of a vulpine look to him. "It would have been really weird if you were dead. You looked too good to be a dead person."

"Oh really? And what if I had been dead then?" An'ya asked curiously.

The boy's eyes widened in confusion and flailed a bit. "Then-then you wouldn't have talked to me and I would have looked for help …or something. I don't know?" He shuffled in place and stared at the ground sheepishly. "I didn't think about that…"

An'ya smirked at the boy's awkwardness, kneeling in front of him. "Well, you had a good intentions, so the heart is there. Tell me boy, what's your name?"

"Ah! It's Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto said, the bright grin returning full force. Humming softly, he seemed to be thinking about something. "Um, ol' lady – "

"An'ya Kuro."

"Oh! An'ya-san, why were you in the alley? Aren't there more comfortable places to sleep?"

An'ya considered his question silently, gently tapping her chin as she slowly answered his question. "I suppose, but then I knew that if I slept here, I would find something of importance."

"Well, you met me because I found you, so…" Naruto started, but then turned around and seemed far more worried than he had a second ago. "Um, never mind."

"But what you said is true. You found me, so clearly there's something important about me meeting you." An'ya said, the Force drawing her attention to the body as though it were highlighting him as her objective. For whatever reason, the Force was guiding her to him, but for what purpose, she did not know. "Maybe you know something about this village I need to know?"

Naruto scrunched up his face, thinking about what he knew. "Um…uh, oh! I know about Ichiraku! It's the best ramen ever in the world! Come on! I'll show you!"

He reached out and grabbed her hand, dragging her in the direction of this 'Ichiraku' place. An'ya followed, biting her lip as she let him lead her. She'd had instances where the Force spoke to her upon touching something without her intending to, but this was one of the few times where the Force spoke through to her through the person. And what it said for Naruto was a bit worrying.

Ichiraku was a quiet little place, not far from what Naruto had pointed out as the Academy which had loomed off to the side during their journey. Naruto rambled on about how all the other kids were going to be going into the academy in the coming years, and how they all seemed to be forming into groups already. When she'd asked about whether his parents would enter him into the Academy as well, he'd almost angrily informed her that he didn't have any parents.

Not one to simply allow him to speak to her in a tone like that, she sternly asked why he'd spoken so angrily at her. Dropping his head shamefully, he apologized, having seen the other kids with their parents and felt that he would never get to experience that. That and apparently he felt that people looked at him funny, and it made him angry to think that they were mad about something he hadn't done.

"…except Ichiraku! They're super awesome, and they sometimes let me have some free ramen!" Naruto exclaimed, pointing to the stand and tugged her in. "Oi oi! Ayame-chan! Old Man!"

"Ah, Naruto-kun!" A young girl exclaimed, poking her head out from the back. "Dad, Naruto's here!"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard him. Me and half the neighborhood." An old man said as he stepped out and glanced over to Naruto and his guest. "Oh? And who's your friend Naruto? I haven't seen her in the village before."

"My name is An'ya Kuro, and I'm from a very far way away." An'ya replied, bowing to the two of them. "I apologize if we awoke you, I hadn't realized that this was also your home."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Naruto asked, peaking over the counter. Blinking, he turned to An'ya as he pointed to the back. "Are you saying that they live in Ichiraku? That's…so awesome! You guy's live with ramen around you? That's so cool!"

Ayame giggled at his antics, while her father rolled her eyes at Naruto's exclamation. "Alright, calm down Naruto. What can I get you?"

"One big chicken ramen please!" Naruto shouted as he sat relatively still, though he squirmed around eagerly.

"And you miss?"

An'ya glanced at Ayame, suddenly feeling out of place by her question. "Um, no thank you. I don't wish to impose –"

"First one'll be on the house." Ayame's father said, grabbing a second bowl for her as he motioned to the broth he was cooking up. "So, what'll it be?"

"…" An'ya glanced up, and quickly realized she had no idea what most of these were. Uncertain of what to say, she glanced to Naruto and decided to trust his choice for the time being. "I'll have a…chicken as well."

"Alrighty then, two chicken ramen's coming right up. Have a seat, and enjoy yourselves."

An'ya nodded, patiently sitting on the stool next to Naruto as she silently meditated. Although she'd heard what the Force had told her, she felt she needed just another little bit to confirm her feelings about the world. Reaching out with her senses, she decided to use Ayame as a sort of example to see if she was correct about her assumption; the assumption being that there was something about this world.

Although it was a bit hazy to feel fully, the Force was truly seeped into the world around her. On occasion this meant that the inhabitants were usually Force users or Force sensitive, however she had yet to truly feel the Force yet from any of the inhabitants. Upon touching the Force to Ayame, she felt it flow with her ever so slightly, but not enough to be a Force sensitive. Using the same sense on Naruto, the feeling increased by quite a bit, and for a moment actually seemed to stretch back towards her; seeking the familiar touch of the Force.

Almost as soon as this happened, she felt a disturbance in the Force, not unlike when someone tapped into the dark side. Glancing around behind her, her eyes locked onto a particular rooftop a ways away from them. The feeling had stopped for a second, which made her scowl softly at her mistake. Someone had likely felt her using the Force, and would soon send more. Her time here was likely going to be much more limited, which meant she was likely going to have to hurry with speaking to the boy.

Keeping herself calm, she acted natural, letting the boy do the most part of the talking. Despite herself, she found herself drawn into quite a few of his tall tales; tales of him flying over the Elemental Nations, swimming in a tub of ramen, and gaining the respect of everyone in the village. An'ya could tell that convincing him to come with her wouldn't be super difficult, though she silently considered the repercussions of what she was going to be asking.

She'd seen children drawn from their homelands, from Jedi duty to military duty alight. In some cases she'd seen parents who would lash out and the thought concerned her. This was far more than just parents who would be angry and lashing out; it would likely be the military.

Each soldier in their little planetary dispute likely seemed worth it to them, even those who were just the fodder-type of soldier, which Naruto likely would be seen as. Those without parents were expendable, and the thought of someone thinking that there was someone who was expendable when all things served their purpose in the Force. What that purpose was, even in death, only the Force knew. No one should simply take a life without that consideration.

The food before her seemed to vanish all too fast, and soon the two of them were walking away. The sun was peaking above the mountains in the distance, gently touching the top of the mountains heads as it slowly made its way down the cliff face – and the four others as well.

Walking with Naruto slowly, she considered her options. While there was always the option of simply guiding him out of the village without him fully realizing, she knew that was not what would benefit her. Another one was to take him somewhere he could see her use the Force and decide then, which was good but would also reveal herself to whomever had been acting earlier. The final option though, left it all up to chance, but was the option that was best and was backed up by the feeling of the Force.

So she decided to bet on Naruto.

"Boy." She said, her voice firm and demanding his full attention. Upon seeing it, she knelt next to him and considered her words. "Are you…happy here?"

"Um, huh?"

"I saw what happened to you the other day. I've heard some of the things that the people around us said. None of what they said made any sense to me, but it was enough." Her expression softened a bit, hopefully helping Naruto feel a bit more relaxed himself. "So I'll ask again, are you happy here?"

Naruto was silent for a moment, letting her question sink in. It was a strange question, and a big one to ask to a child, but Naruto seemed to take it into considerable consideration. "I…I dunno. It's my home, but everyone looks at me weird and people pick on me. But…that's okay! I'll one day be so great they'll have no choice but to respect me!"

"…and how will you do that?"

Another question that Naruto hadn't put thought into. He'd spoken to the leader of the village – the Hokage – about respect and whatnot, but he'd just used big words that had very little meaning to the poor child when he'd heard it. "I dunno…somehow…"

An'ya nodded, making sure that Naruto paid attention to what she was saying. "What if I told you that I knew a way?"

"What? Really?! How?!" Naruto's eyes gleamed with unbridled curiosity and desire. She had his full and undivided attention, and she chose her words carefully.

"There's always more than one way to do something. Where I'm from, the people I am with are very respected, but they put in a lot of work. They travel all over the universe, and do everything they can to protect everyone in it."

Naruto's mouth opened slightly before quickly shutting as his face scrunched up in confusion. "What a uni-uni…verse?"

Closing her eyes, An'ya realized that with their position in the Maw, the concept of the universe wouldn't be all that common to them. "Think of this village. Tell me when you can see all of it." Naruto closed his eyes, trying his best to think of everyone in the village. "Now try to imagine if all those people were actually a village themselves, filled with as many people as your village."

Naruto's face scrunched up, almost unable to comprehend that many people. Still he did his best to try and follow her instructions.

"Now imagine that all of the people in those villages are villages, with people in them."

At this point, Naruto's eyes snapped open and his jaw dropped. "Are there really even that many people out there?"

"More than that. That many people would barely make up one planet. In a universe, there are many, many planets." An'ya replied, amusement on her face at his expression. Clearly the gravity of what she was saying was finally beginning to sink in.

Naruto's eyes swirled as he tried to comprehend the amount of people who could possibly make up these 'planets'. The number of people who lived out there, people he'd never met or knew about, seemed impossible. "And you…you protect all those people?"

"Not everyone, but that's why we work together. It's not just me, there are thousands of people like me who protect the universe from people who would hurt other people."

"And I could do that? I could help?" Naruto asked, "I could…keep other people safe?"

"You have a power, an ability that few others of your world seem to care about. If you come with me to the stars, you will be able to help others with it. And you'll have the chance to be the person who'll never turn away from another person in suffering." An'ya replied, giving her words a moment to sink in. Once he seemed to understand something of what she was saying, she quickly continued. "However, you won't be able to come back here…not for a long time Force willing."

"I won't come back?" Naruto muttered, looking behind him. The village around him was still barely waking, the sun now just below the eyes of the four faces on the mountain, and many memories washed over him. Despite his youth, and despite the fact that in all honesty he was in no position to make such a large choice, what he'd been through and what had happened to him had built up the belief that he had the right to this choice. "But…one day I could come back?"

"…if it is the will of the Force, then yes." An'ya said slowly, uncertain what the Force had in store for this boy's future.

"Then-then it doesn't matter where I go to be respected!" Naruto proclaimed, nodding resolutely. "If I go protect the universe, I can come back and be the sort of person everyone here will have no choice but to respect!"

An'ya nodded, knowing that as a Jedi, Naruto would eventually learn about what respect truly meant. "Is that a yes then?"

"Mhmm." Naruto said, nodding rapidly. "I want to do it. I want to be respected, and save everyone in the uni-u-uni…uh…"


"Right, the universe!" Naruto said, grinning brightly.

"Well then, if you feel you're ready, follow me." An'ya said, turning to leave the village. If he was truly committed, he'd follow. It was to no surprise to her when she felt him catching up to her to walk alongside her. Eerily, the words of the Force echoed once more in her mind, amplified with a strange sense of urgency.

Take him from here. He must not remain here for long.

It was the dawn of a new day, and the beginning of a new saga for Naruto.

An'ya dragged Naruto behind her, dodging and weaving through the trees before pulling Naruto onto her back. This had gone about how she'd expected, but she'd thought that they would have more time before it happened.

Above her she could feel the Force flowing through the trees, doing whatever they could as she directed them to assist her in slowing their pursuers. The masked men looked menacing, some going as far as to simply cut through the foliage that suddenly popped up in front of them as they raced after her. The twisted feeling of the Force came from others, causing An'ya to dodge behind a tree just seconds before a destructive blast of wind barreled through the trees and cut through most things in its path.

Continuing on her path, she idly noted the way Naruto gripped her tightly and held him closer. "Relax Naruto, feel the Force around you, it guides me."

"But-but they just –" Naruto muttered, burying his face into her back as he glanced behind them at the oncoming forces. "They just destroyed stuff! And they're chasing us!"

"Relax. You'll miss out on what the Force is telling you if you don't." An'ya said, following where the Force directed her to go. Through her back, she let some of the Force flow through Naruto to allow him the opportunity to feel the Force as well, to hopefully calm him down from the blind panic.

Ducking under another tree, she flinched at how close the next barrage of earth came from them. Staying still, she closed her eyes and reached out with the Force. Feeling the light in the air, she began bending it around her and Naruto, creating an illusion of invisibility which she increased by moving very slowly in the shadows.

Despite the change in her attitude, Naruto remained tensely gripping her for a bit, eyes darting around. Though he could feel something foreign and confusing, he was slowly beginning to relax. Soon, even when the shadows of several more of their pursers appeared above them, he was more curious than anything. Could they not see that they were right here, walking on the forest floor?

There was a brief second where even An'ya froze, one of the members of their pursuit landing directly beside them. Wearing a dog mask, with a red scarf around his neck, his armor was different than some of the others; his was clearly more militarized, though had several more openings, with arm and leg guards made of some white almost bone-looking material. The Force all but shouted at her and Naruto to avoid his eyes, and though thoroughly confused, they both did so.

"Kakashi, can you see them?"

"…no. She can't have gone far though. Keep searching." The man, Kakashi, replied. He glanced around, looking where An'ya and Naruto had been seconds before, but saw nothing as they'd already continued on.

Naruto glanced back for a second, wondering what that had all been about. It didn't make sense to him with all those people chasing after them. Had An'ya done something wrong? She didn't seem like it, and if she was protecting everyone in the uni-verse, then she couldn't be that bad. It never once occurred to him that they were chasing because she'd taken him; after all he was just some kid from the streets.

It took quite a bit of time before they made their way to the top of the mountain, moving around towards where An'ya had parked her spaceship. Upon seeing it, Naruto's eyes widened in shock and surprise at the monstrosity before him. "Is this your house?"

"No, this is my ship." An'ya replied, opening the ramp before setting Naruto down. "This is how we'll be traveling to my home. Go ahead, check it out."

Naruto nodded, racing up the ramp into the ship with the curiosity that only a child could have. Smiling at his enthusiasm, she made her way up and headed towards the cockpit, the ramp closing behind her.

It took a little bit of time for her to take off, going through several systems checks to ensure that they hadn't been followed and created a technological disturbance for the planet by being seen. Thoroughly satisfied that they'd gotten far enough away and that their pursuers wouldn't be able to do anything even if they'd caught up, she fired up the engines and took off.

Taking a deep breath upon leaving the planet's atmosphere, she paused as she passed by the moon, a deep sense or revulsion towards the feeling of the dark side that radiated from it. Remembering Naruto was in back, she silently hoped that it hadn't startled him; she still had to pilot their way out of the Maw.

It took her several hours before she exited the Maw, careful piloting that only a user of the Force could make it through. Being able to see the stars was surprisingly novel for her, and she closed her eyes with a sigh. Idly plotting a course for Coruscant, she began to realize that there was something off.

Where was Naruto?

Finishing her course, she pushed back and made her way back into her cabin. Uncertain as to what was going on, she frowned as she systematically checked each of the rooms. She hadn't left him behind had she?

"Excuse me miss."

Pausing, she glanced at one of the droids she had aboard, a GH-7 medical examination droid, with a raised brow. "Yes?"

"It appears that the youngling you brought aboard is afflicted with some form of fright, and had hidden himself in the upper cupboard." GH-7 replied, motioning to one of the cupboards. If she observed it closely, there was a slight opening of it before it quickly closed again.

Shaking her head, she yanked the door open. Yelping at being exposed, Naruto stared wide eyed at An'ya as she was revealed in front of him. Noting the droid still behind her, his eyes widened imperceptibly as he pointed at it. "There's something behind you!"

There was a small silence as An'ya stared at him, causing him to suddenly squirm deeper back into the cupboard. Finally, she stepped back and pointed down at the floor in front of him. "Get out of there Naruto."

Naruto, still wary of the droid, scooted out and dropped in front of her. Shuffling in place, he nervously kept glancing from her to the droid.

"Is there some problem with GH-seven Naruto?" An'ya asked after a moment, getting somewhat perturbed by how jumpy Naruto now seemed.

"He-he's made of metal!" Naruto finally said, pointing at GH-7 with wide eyes. "People are supposed to be made of metal are they?!"

"…" Blinking at his strange question, she finally laughed softly and shook her head. "No, they aren't, but GH isn't a person, he's a droid."

"A…droid?" Naruto asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Yes, a droid. Don't worry, I'll be giving you a crash course in droids and other robotics later. For now, why don't you go see how things look from the window? Do not touch anything, but go look. You might be…pleasantly surprised." An'ya said, motioning Naruto out of the room.

Naruto glanced back at GH-7 one more time with a skeptical look before going to where she indicated. It didn't take long for her to know that he'd found one of the viewports because he was exclaiming quite loudly his amazement and wonder.

"…GH?" An'ya said after a moment, rolling up her sleeve. "How did he get in the cupboard?"

"He leapt into it when I activated to do a preliminary medical scan. I only desired to check his vitals and make certain he was in good health." GH-7 replied, taking her arm and swabbing it gently. Drawing a small bit of blood, it began its diagnostics. "Did something happen down on the planet?"

"…not particularly, but…there's something about this boy…" An'ya replied, ignoring the droid's curious look towards him as she made her way over to watch him bounce around the room. He was so full of energy, so full of life, and yet there was also so much about him that made her both nervous and excited. Whatever there was in his future, something was going to change.

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