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GRS 4:10:15

"So, we meet again."

Naruto stared as he made his way within himself, slowly staring around at the little "hideaway" within his mind. He'd come here so many times before to see his father, to experience and speak with Kurama. Jiraiya had shown up here, and that had been something he'd considered, but didn't think too much on. Up until now, as the spirit that had attempted to jump into him, that had caused him to seize up, and to make him leave the lightsaber they'd leapt from in Gonk, was seated in front of him. In this place.

"Sorry kid," Jiraiya muttered, staring at him as well, looking perplexed. "I tried to pull him away from you, and..." He shook his head, crossing his arms and squinting at the man. "This was, unexpected."

"But not unwelcome." Their voice seemed odd, like it was both synthesized and natural. Their form had a translator around their throat, but when they spoke there wasn't near as much the electrical pops as it had once had.

"It's a little unwelcome." Naruto cut back, frowning. The dark energy he'd felt when the man - at least he presumed they were by their voice - had attempted to grab hold of him before. It was not longer there, or perhaps just not as strong. "What are you... how did you get here?"

"We don't know." Jiraiya answered, to which they nodded as well. "Ah, um, also. Naruto, Vulcan. Vulcan, Naruto. Keep the trying to body snatch down Sith man, and I won't have to kick your ass again."

Naruto felt himself blanch, staring down Vulcan with a growl. A Sith? Another one? But, this one was different, in a way. Mainly in the fact he was already dead. Feeling color quickly return to him, he squinted and stared down Vulcan, trying to get a better understanding of who, and what, he was.

"Formerly a Sith. If what I've seen and heard is to be understood from your Jiraiya friend, the Sith are, no more. I am a product of a bygone age, who could build it up again... but I did not think it would fall." There was a buzzing laugh, then Vulcan sighed as they shook their head. "If it fell it was unworthy of the power struggle it fought. I will need time to consider before I try something as foolhardy again. I ask your forgiveness... Naruto."

The way they said his name was, strange. Like they were both testing it, and pleased to say his name. Naruto frowned, slowly crossing his arms. "What are you talking about?"

Vulcan glanced up at him, seeming to consider his question before shrugging. "Taking over your body was not a gamble, it was an act of desperation. I, failed myself, showing no control of my fear that I would have no other chances. Instead I took them all from myself, and I must accept this. The dark side has punished me for my hubris, and I was deserving of it."

"... wait hold on, I..." Naruto growled to himself, slowly dropping into a seated position across from Vulcan. "Start over. Explain a bit more, please."

"You are polite, even to one such as I?" That same buzzing laughter filled the room. "You are wise then. Wiser than many masters of my age. Very well, ask your questions young man."

"What did you mean by all that about you thinking you... about... and apologizing you just..."

"Take your time."

It was a lot to take in, and the more he did, the more confused he felt. Vulcan was a Sith. Supposedly. He'd fought Maul and seen how obstinate and belligerent. Vulcan had been angry, filled with dark power, and now was simply sitting across from him in pleasant conversation. Naruto had no reason to trust it, and he didn't. But additionally, if he had a chance to ask questions, why wouldn't he take it?

"Let's start over. You say you're... a Sith. But what are you, you, specifically? I'm not as familiar with every race in the galaxy, and you'll have to forgive me for not knowing. I originally thought you were Mustafarian, but I don't wish to be wrong."

"No, no you are indeed correct. I am Mustafarian from Mustafar." Vulcan seemed pleased, patting their leg gently. "Ah, even in our isolation, we are known. I've always thought my people were fools for trying to simply focus on themselves and on their mining efforts on Mustafar. It's why I was so eager when I was brought before those who would unlock my greatness, by letting me see the stars."

"Okay." One less thing to consider then. Naruto stared at him, and there was a lingering silence between them for a moment as Naruto attempted to think over his next words and questions. Just by meeting him, he had so much he needed to know, but he couldn't think of how to word it exactly. "So, you're a Sith."

"I was, once. Now, I am not sure." Tapping his knee, Vulcan sighed with a buzz. "If the Sith are destroyed, then I am among the last. I held onto my lightsaber with a death grip, and a violent vigor that kept me from dying... well, that, and I had made it to house my essence, as you can currently see. My death was inevitable, but my life and new life were meant to be a glorious return." That buzz of laughter filled the room again, sending a chill up Naruto's spine. "Now I am bound, without access to my strength outside of here, and even that is limited."

"You seemed certain you could take over me before..."

"I had thought so, but now I see it would have inevitably gone wrong. I'd have had your body for a time, and then you would have destroyed me. Jiraiya saved me, and for that I must be grateful." Vulcan bowed to Jiraiya, who gave Naruto a sidelong, confused glance.

"Uh, you're welcome? It wasn't really meant to save you or anything. I was just beating your ass to stop you from trying that shit with Naruto."

"Be that as it may, what you did happened. It was the will of the Force then, that you did so. Just as it was the will of the Force that we Sith be punished for our hubris and wiped out." Vulcan nodded to Jiraiya, then glanced to Naruto again. "That said, if I had taken your body, my will might have persisted perhaps a little longer with my anger for knowing the Sith were wiped out. After all, only one people could do that. Your, Jedi order..."

"That was a long time ago..." Naruto frowned, trying to remember exactly how long. At least a thousand years, but it had been some years since he'd have looked into anything regarding their history and wars, but even that had stuck in his head for a while. "The Sith was wiped out, and the galaxy has moved on."

"So it has, and so must I." Vulcan nodded, humming softly. "... not to becoming a Jedi, no not that. I am still very angry towards those who slew me, but... you, are different. I have met no one who has shown this, aptitude before. This strength of will. Were you anyone else, simply holding my lightsaber would have had you following my words, and were you another then taking over your body would have been a matter of surprise and victory. Yet you resisted long enough for Jiraiya to cut me off, and you resisted... fascinating."

"Um... yeah." Naruto frowned, scratching at his arm slowly. "I... you are not what I expected."

"No?" Vulcan laughed again, though there was no cold feeling this time. A more genuine laugh. "Did you expect all Sith to be a nexus of evil? No, we draw on the dark side, not the evil side. Our credo is passion, strength, power, and the victory that frees us. Where in that is there evil? What in it causes the Jedi such fear?"

"Your people tend to try taking over the galaxy." Naruto recalled a lot of discussion of that among the Jedi, and the Sith in history had shown a number of times where they'd done so. "And they leave waves of destruction in their wake."

"Wouldn't you, if you looked at a galaxy and realized that their stagnation was promoting weakness?" Vulcan clenched their hand slowly, staring into it. "Without conflict, there is a lack of passion in people. They don't struggle, so they let themselves be subjugated and bound. Like hounds that never know that if they go to the end of their chain they will go no further. We who insist upon this... can you not see how this would frustrate us? Anger us even?"

"Anger comes from the dark side."

"It comes from having passion and seeing that everyone else around you is so caught up in their complacency that they cannot look beyond today!" Vulcan grew more heated, their body beginning to spark as red lines cross their body. "Today is fleeting, but means more if one makes it so! Not standing still, but doing something with it. Giving it purpose, life! Stagnation is death, a chain that if people knew about was there they should know that they should fight it." They breathed out, smoke seeming to leak from around their voice box. Seeing that, Vulcan reached up and gripped his neck, frowning when he drew it back and saw his hand. "... forgive my burst of anger. I am... passionate about life. About freedom. And seeing so many who have thrown it away still gives me a bile in my throat that I cannot rid myself of."

Naruto stared at him, listening to his words, and frowning. The feeling of the dark side was not there as he's shouted. He hadn't drawn on the Force at all, as he'd said he was not as strong, yet from the times he'd noted people drawing on the Force in anger their strength would seem to spike. Vulcan had seemingly left well enough alone, letting instead his words speak for themselves.

And the words themselves were striking. Naruto had never been so upset about something he didn't completely disagree with. Freedom, life, and progress were all things he believed in himself. Hearing it from one who was supposedly his enemy was not what he'd expected at all. However, he could point out a flaw in that.

"The Sith promoted slavery. That's the opposite of freedom."

Vulcan shifted, placing their hand on their neck again, the red lines beginning to very faintly fade back to its normal tones. Seeming satisfied by the heat receding, he hummed. "Not all of us agreed with that. Slavery to prompt people to act, and to fight against it... that is the intent. We've even had numbers among our ranks who've come up from slavery into greatness. Though, those are more often those who have shown their strength in the Force, but the point is that they have done so."

Slaves among the Sith had been allowed to join their ranks? Naruto blinked rapidly at that, trying to process that piece of information. "They... have? I... what?"

Vulcan seemed to be delighted at that, as he leaned forward. "Oho? Something the Jedi have not told you then? That we are not always all that bad, and that we can indeed have a side to us that even your Jedi would consider to be 'good'. Isn't it strange, how we discuss your weakness for perpetuating the cycle of complacency and can still acknowledge that you in and of yourselves can be among the greatest challenge to our order, yet you can think of no 'good' thing to say of us?"

"Calling us a challenge to your order isn't exactly a good thing..." Naruto felt the words leave his mouth, but found himself considering it again. Power, victory. They had it among their ideals, so if they couldn't overpower the Jedi, that could imply that they saw the Jedi as being a standard to overcome. After all, the Jedi had in the end been victorious.

The look in his eye must have said more than his weak rebuttal. Vulcan nodded, seeming to perk up at it.

"I dunno kid." Jiraiya muttered, crossing his arms. "Having that mentality breeds a cycle of violence. If you're always challenging each other just to prove you're the more powerful, people will eventually get it in their head that only one can survive. I mean, the Sith are wiped out, so doesn't that mean that's exactly what happened?"

"I agree, it is not perfect." Vulcan held up a finger, waving it in admonishment. "That is why I praise the wisdom of the Force! Had I taken over Naruto I would have thought to myself 'I will build up the Sith Empire as it was', not thinking that its fall was its own fault! I must meditate on this, and think of something new. Something better, stronger, wiser." The veins of red began sparking through his body, and he placed a hand on his neck again. "... I cannot say more this day. I am still struggling with this... strange affliction. Please, ask me no more this day. Another time, perhaps."

"Maybe you're using it to hold stuff back." Jiraiya frowned, staring at his neck and the pulsing lines.

"If so, then think of it like this... where will I go?" Vulcan slowly motioned around. "I will be here. It's not like I can run away. I am tethered here by... something. Mm, another thing to meditate on. Please, no more. Even this strains me."

Seeing Jiraiya about to counter with more questions, Naruto held up his hand. "He's said a lot... more than I think I've ever heard before about this. I... I need to clear my head too. To think about it."

"Keep it in mind, young man." Vulcan nodded, his yellow eyes seeming to almost soften for a brief moment. "I will eagerly await hearing what your thoughts are. I am sure that it will be interesting to discuss."

Naruto pushed himself to his feet, glancing to Jiraiya and nodding slowly. Jiraiya nodded back, and watched as Naruto faded back into his conscious form. Turning back to Vulcan, he watched as Vulcan doubled over, the crack seeming to spark and drag across his form rapidly, sparks of fire shooting out from him. As he took raspy breaths, Vulcan laughed and pressed his hand to the wounds. "Yes... yes I am too passionate about this. And why shouldn't I be? I am excited. Yes... this will be fun. So much fun~"


Leaving the training room, Naruto scratched at his head, trying to think over everything he'd been learning. It was all so much, and processing it all felt like he was growing more and more frustrated. Calming himself, he tried to review what he'd learnt.

First, he'd had to struggle with the Jedi of the Order in many places. Most of the time it felt like people were simply ignoring him, causing more than a few to bump into him when he wasn't fully paying attention to where he was going. Often he'd be the one reprimanded for not watching where he was going, but each time he'd note that a few people had looked almost approving when those doing so had reprimanded him. It was incredibly confusing, and made worse when he had been paying attention and had bumped into people, and still been the one reprimanded with others seeming to agree with them even when he'd tried to state they'd walked into him.

Second was the book he'd received from Ven. The title was simple, but had caught his curiosity after he'd flipped through and had to go back rapidly to the beginning once he'd seen some of the things in the back. The book was titled "The Book of Law", yet despite the book's title, in the back it had descriptions of things that Naruto could only envision as Force techniques. At first he thought that the entire book was just filled with such words, but he'd come across the first part of the book; the very first thing in it, and found his confusion bolstered, and his curiosity grown. Thinking back, he reviewed the words again.

Daughters of Allya.

Learn these words and learn them well, for they are the foundations that will increase your strength and keep you safe from harm.

Those who suffer emotion will never enjoy peace.

Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.

Those who yield to passion will fail to dominate.

Those who fear death will never achieve pure power.

Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.

Never concede to evil, lest you be consumed by it.

It was a kriffing variation of the Jedi code, Naruto bet on it. The Sith Code he'd been told didn't match up with it, and the Old Code simply wasn't as elaborate. This was someone who had known the Jedi Code, and had tried to play with it, to work it into something for the Witches of Dathomir. It didn't mention the Force, or anything like that, but it was there. He'd seen the abilities that they had thrown at him, and they were the Force. They were. And yet there wasn't any way that the Jedi would have sanctioned what they were doing. The techniques were within Jedi bounds, but they were so different that most Jedi Naruto knew of would call their techniques heretical and would tell others to ignore or try to say it would lead to the dark side.

The dark side? There was a line that said, quite literally in it's own words, to "never concede to evil". That felt incredibly wise to put in, as it tried to get people to be considering of their actions. Not everyone would, but if they learnt it and were taught so that they'd know better, than the techniques weren't the issue. It was the intent... wasn't it?

That also had brought another thought to Naruto's mind. If there was a Jedi who had set up the witches, then why had they not heard anything about it? Was it a Jedi Council only situation? Except, that would imply that there was a Jedi who had been sent to do so. They had acted like this wasn't a recent thing, but something that had been occurring for some time. For years.

How long had the witches of Dathomir existed? Would that be something the Jedi Archives would have? He wanted to believe, but it didn't have anything he'd yet been able to find regarding Yavin, so his hope for it wasn't high. Worse still, if it was something that was in the archives, what would it say? Mission failed? No response since however long ago? The Book of Law was not written in a holocron, but on actual paper. An older method, but one he himself had grown a bit more fond of with his scrolls.

So he would have to be looking for someone in the past, going back maybe a thousand or so years, named Allya. Simple enough, except for the fact that if there were a large number of people, Jedi, who had been named Allya, then how would he find which one it was?

Stopping, he considered speaking with Master Yoda. He was old enough that he could know, but knowing so much didn't mean that he simply knew everything. Still, having extra hands to look through the archives might help. That said, he didn't know where Master Yoda was at the moment, and didn't much feel like searching. He was worn, tired, and wanted some time to himself.

However, it was the final thing that was plaguing his mind now. Vulcan. His words to the fallen Zalem were the Sith code, as though an offering to her defeat. For ones who sought victory, it didn't much make sense, but the more he thought about it, the more it did. There was nothing in the Sith code that mentioned death, or even the Force. No, wait, that was wrong; the Force will set me free, the last line.

Naruto shook his head. He knew so little that he even now was mistaking the words of their code. The Jedi didn't teach the code, as it would be something some might say could lead one to the dark side. Yet, Vulcan had made sense. The dark side, but wherein there were the words hinting towards evil? This Allya, or whoever wrote the Book of Law, seemed to agree in some respects that it wasn't darkness so much as evil that needed to be understood and avoided.

More questions. More things he didn't have an answer to.

Stepping around a corner, he bumped into someone and slowly closed his eyes, sighing heavily as he waited for their reprimand. He'd gotten so used to it, and he just wanted to keep walking and avoid it.


Instead, his eyes opened, and he found himself perking up instead. "Master Jinn, Obi-wan!" Laughing, he clasped their shoulders as waves of relief filled him. "I'm so glad to see you guys again! Really!"

"I didn't know you were back." Obi-wan grinned, gripping Naruto's shoulder as well, giving him a light shake. "You've been gone so long I thought you'd taken a wrong turn and gotten lost in the stars."

"No, nothing like that." Naruto grinned, shaking Obi-wan back. "I kept going in a damn circle, and it took me way to long to get here!"

"The Force works in mysterious ways." Qui-gon intoned, then smiled as he looked over Naruto slowly. "You seem, different."

"Does he?" Obi-wan asked, looking him over with a curious look. "... think he's gotten taller?"


"Yes," Qui-gon's comment got a grumble from Naruto, until he continued. "He's standing taller, more sure of himself. It's good to see you so, Naruto."

Naruto straightened up, only to realize he already had. As soon as he'd seen his friends, he'd lifted himself, and was smiling much, much brighter. The thought lifted his spirits, and he had to keep from laughing at that. "I guess you're right. It's just, it's been a journey. Speaking of, what are you two off to doing?"

"We're actually back," Obi-wan glanced to Qui-gon, getting a nod of approval. "We'd gone out and done some investigating into the glitteryll trading, seeing how it had gotten Quinlan into trouble. We didn't want another master and apprentice going through that."

"Yeah, Aayla... went through a lot." Naruto nodded, eyes dropping as he recalled his time trying to help her remember. The times that had been repressed by the glitteryll hadn't been bad ones, but the fact that they had been buried as they had been were what he was thinking of. A prisoner in one's own mind... he could understand, and hate it.

"Aayla... wait, she's back?" Qui-gon perked up, glancing to Obi-wan as he caught that as well.

"Hm? Oh, yeah! I found her, finally, and brought her home. Got Quinlan out of a spot too actually."

The words seemed to bring a relief to both, as they smiled brightly. Qui-gon nodded to Obi-wan. "Go, I need to go to the Archives as it is." Obi-wan nodded, turning and hurrying himself down the halls. Watching him go, Qui-gon sighed softly. "He has learnt so much. I can imagine he will make an excellent Jedi Knight."

"Yeah." Naruto perked up, turning to Qui-gon. "Mind if I come with you? I need to ask Master Tahl about some things anyways."

"Of course. The company would be appreciated."

Walking through the halls, Naruto pondered a question that had poked into his mind when he'd seen Obi-wan. It wasn't something major, but it was something that he hadn't considered up until that moment. "... Obi-wan still has the padawan braid."

"He does."

"So, you haven't had him go through the trials yet?"

"... no. I have not."

"I, don't mean to pry..."

Qui-gon sighed softly, his steps still continuing in their pace. "He is headstrong, and willful. Even now he occasionally struggles with the lessons I teach him. To live in the now, and to accept the Living Force."

"But, we can't simply ignore the Unifying Force." Naruto frowned, recalling Yoda's words. "To be mindful, but not to bury yourself in it. It's, a balance."

"Yes, it is. One that Obi-wan is not a master of, and I am trying to see if I can give him more time to before he is his own man, and must pass on his training to a padawan of his own."

Naruto's frown persisted, but he nodded all the same. It did make sense, as what many of the Jedi passed on was personal to them. He could only imagine what Qui-gon had gone through to make it so he was so anxious about Obi-wan and his capabilities to exist in the moment. "Still, he doesn't have to just, leave when he becomes a Jedi Knight. He can still work with you, and accept your wisdom."

"This is true." Qui-gon intoned slowly, as though tasting the words. "Yet, even with that, he will be on his own for the most part."

"And some of the most important lessons we learn are done on our own, aren't they?"

"Some. But many more are learnt by understanding the now, and our connections between each other."

That got a slight raised brow from Naruto. "Oh?"

"Yes. The strength of our bonds... fill us. They make the world more real, and expand our understanding of ourselves, and of the Force. Learning it can be difficult, especially when balancing with the emotions we must feel in such bonds, aside our Jedi duties."

"... wait..."

Qui-gon slowly glanced to Naruto, and the both simply seemed to stare at one another. The moment of silence carried something between them; something silent, some glimmer of understanding, and of recognition. Slowly, Naruto nodded, and Qui-gon seemed to perk up, his smile growing ever so slightly as he laughed.


"I see you understand more than you let on yourself, Naruto."

"I... I mean, I... but you're... you..."

The words were harder to say than he thought, but then they were in the Jedi Temple. Simply saying such things would not be wise. But the implications of what he wanted to say, the idea of it. The fact that he was standing by a Jedi Master who implied that he had a connection was what struck him dumb.



"... that makes so... so much sense." Naruto dragged a hand down his face, eyes wide as he processed that.


"... Aurra."

"Aurra... I've heard that name before."

"I, uh, she was supposed to be Master Kuro's apprentice before me..."

"Ah..." Qui-gon nodded slowly. Placing a hand on Naruto's shoulder, he gave him a firm, imploring look. "I am not your master, but I do suggest caution. The emotions they bring, are..."


"Yes." Nodding, Qui-gon smiled. "They are liberating. I know. But with that, remember caution. The closer you become, the more you can find your control slip away... but, do not restrain those emotions. To do so is foolish, as they can simply make you wish to burst. Find time for them, and allow them to be dealt with in moderation."

"Moderation..." the words were like another sudden relief off his shoulders, helping him stand taller still. Qui-gon seemed to notice it and smiled. "Yeah. I, I think I understand. That's how you...?"

"It, has taken some time. But it has also been a decade."

A decade. A decade. That fact blew Naruto's mind. Glancing behind them, Naruto leaned into Qui-gon. "Does Obi-wan know?"

"... he plays as though he does not, but he and I have also spoken through his own feelings towards another."

"Him too?" Naruto blinked, shaking his head in shock. Obi-wan? In love? It made so much sense, but at the same time, it startled him. "Who?"

"That is for him to say, not I."

"Ah, of course. I shouldn't have... that's on me."

"You did not press. Only asked." Qui-gon nodded, smiling lightly as they looked up. There was the First Hall, the entrance to the Jedi Archives standing before them. A few JN-66 and SP-4 droids were flitting about assisting some of those about them, and one who stood closest to the Rotunda was Tahl. Before they'd even begun approaching, Tahl began finishing her discussion and making her way over to them, with Qui-gon bowing far more formally than he would for most. "Tahl."

"Qui-gon. You've been gone for some time. I presume you're here for actual work?"

"Yes, this time."

"Mm, of course. We will speak more later. For now, tell me your needs."

Watching the way they walked away together, Naruto stared in silence. Ten years. These two walked in such unity, there was such a bond between them that - now that he knew, and knew what to look for - he could see it. He could see it. They were in love. Such a deep, bonding love, that he couldn't help but wonder how he had missed it.

Except, he hadn't been in love before - or at least, not like they were. Now though, watching the way they smiled, the subtle brushes of their hands against one another, and how close they were, it was like watching the Jedi equivalent of a deep kiss, a tight embrace, and perhaps even a caress far more intimate than the Jedi could or could allow. Naruto suddenly wondered if that made his presence there almost like he was intruding on something personal. It wasn't anything near as intimate, yet as it was, it was exactly that intimate between them.

Moving quickly to the nearest SP-4, he quickly coughed into his hand to get its attention. He normally didn't ask them for his help, but seeing Tahl and Qui-gon, he felt it was better to give them their time to themselves.

"Yes?" The droid turned, receptors blinking as it addressed him.

"I need to find anything about a former Jedi named Allya, cross referencing Dathomir... if uh, that's at all possible?"

"I will see what I can find."

The droid walked off, and Naruto was left to stare after the two Jedi Masters. Masters. In love, and not dark. No, not at all. Slowly, a smile crossed his face, and Naruto closed his eyes as he sighed. It wasn't what he'd thought, or what he'd hoped for, but for the first time since arriving in the Temple, he found himself at ease. Among friends yet again.

For the first time in a long time, the Temple felt like home.

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