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"communication or comms"

-line break-

Shepard groaned as he woke up, he looked around "Where am I?" Shepard was in a very large white place. "Well, you're in my world now." A new voice said with a bit of a British accent.

He turned his head to see a man. The man wore something that looked like it was from 1945 or some other time. His pants were green and had a worn out look to them.

While his jacket and shirt were much like his pants, green, they were a little less worn out. He had a blue scarf wrapped around his neck, fingerless black gloves on and green dress shoes.

The man was of Caucasian descent. He had snow white hair, and a small white beard.

"What. How am I here? I remember using the crucible and choosing to destroy the Reapers." Shepard said to himself.

"BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I get it, you don't need to give a fucking summary."

"I swear to god... Look you're probably wondering who I am. Well I'll give you a short answer: I'm a omnipotent being named Dr Church, don't ask why, I'm just called Dr Church or just Church."

Shepard looked at the being named Church: "Why? Why am I here?" Church was quiet for a moment before answering: "Well, I felt like being a nice guy. Look Shepard, there are infinite versions of you. All different!"

"Just like there's infinite versions of you, there are infinite universes, all with large or small differences, like one where you're a deer." Shepard listened to the omnipotent being wondering where he would be going with his 'speech'.

"I'm going to say this once. Do you want a chance at life again? To save everyone from the reapers without the big cost?" Shepard thought for a moment. He was being offered a chance, to go back and change everything. It sounded too good to be true.

"How do I know that you aren't some reaper trick to lure me into a false sense of security?" Church sighed. "LOOK! I'm not some reaper trick! You just have to trust me." Shepard looked at Church with doubt.

"I don't know why, but I got a feeling I don't have a choice." Church smiled. He held out his hand and Shepard took a hold of it. They vanished in an instant.

Shepard and Church reappeared again in another white room with a few differences. There seemed to be something going on underneath them. It seemed to be something that was repeating over and over again. Shepard couldn't see what it was since it was blurred.

There were also two chairs. Church sat in one while Shepard sat in the other. "Shepard, what I offer you is to change the reality you come from, reset it to put it simply."

Shepard listened, the blurred images becoming clearer. "The changes come at a cost. Are you willing to accept the cost?"

Shepard nodded a yes and a sound could be heard from the images. He looked down at them and saw a man. "Who is this?"

"That, my friend, is Victor Steele. One of the richest people in this new version of your universe. Now, let me explain: I fused your universe, and another. Victor here just happens to be from the other universe, and you're going to be his child."

Shepard looked at Church, annoyed "Hey, don't complain. You agreed to this. Besides, this isn't even the cost." This caused Shepard to sigh.

"Now Victor, here, runs a company called Steele Industrial Technologies and Production or Steele Tech for short, whatever you wanna call it's up to you. You see, Victor been around for a while. He gained his fortune from the Thirteenth Great Planet Rush, which was around… I don't know two hundred years ago, as I said things will be different."

"Victor adventures, and subsequent genetic mutations he had happen to him, have taken a toll on his body and he's got what? Twenty or so years left. You're going to be his heiress along with a sister."

"Wait? WHAT!" exclaimed Shepard.

The omnipotent being smiled "Well, there are reasons: one, I'm doing several favors for you, getting rid of annoyances like the banshees and the husk or whatever the hell the Reapers come up with that would come from the species I added to this new universe of yours."

"So you really don't have a say." Church finished. Shepard sighed knowing that he really shouldn't have accepted this deal.

"Well at least I will be a human." Shepard said to himself, causing an alarming chuckle from Church. "Oh god." The commander groaned.

"Well, Shepard, you know the parts of the internet, where there's images of humans with cat ears and tails… what are they called? Oh right! Catgirls! Yeah, you're going to be the space version of that."

Shepard's jaw dropped. "I'm just going to be quiet now. I feel like if I say any thing else it could get worse."

"Alright then, you downer. Oh, would you look at that, he's finished. You should be waking up in your new body, in three... two... one." Shepard disappeared as soon as Church finished.

"I wonder if I should have told him, her new name." Church asked himself. "Or that she and her sister, will be natural born hermaphrodites."

-line break-

Shepard opened his, or rather her, eyes. She looked around the room. She was in a bed. It was rather plain, it was blue, with a blue pillow and a blue blanket.

Shepard looked at the walls of the room half was blue and the other was white, Shepard got out of the bed only to fall flat on her butt.

"Ow… not used to my body." Shepard thought to herself. She got up having some trouble walking at first before quickly adjusting herself to the new center of gravity.

She noticed a mirror in the room and she saw her reflection: a young girl around six years old, maybe seven, with amber colored eyes. Her pupils were slit like a feline's.

Her hair was a dull silver. There were two triangular silver cat ears atop her head. She had two cat tails above her behind. She noticed her nails were claw-like.

She looked at what she wore: a plain grey shirt and blue pants. As Shepard stared into the mirror, she heard a voice in her head.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" It was the voice of Church. She groaned. She didn't like dealing with this guy at all.

"Yes I can hear you." She answered. "What do you want?" Church chuckled. "Well, my friend, I decided to give a bit of information, you know, be helpful."

"I really should have told you this earlier, but I didn't... so I'm going to tell you know. Since this is a new start, the people you met and became pals with don't remember you."

"Where are you going with this?" Shepard interrupted.

"Let me talk and I will tell you. Since they don't remember you or the old universe, they have new memories, but you will be able to give them back their memories of you and the old universe. You just have to trigger them. Something like that but I'm not telling you how, I know it's cliché."

"Another thing, I forgot to mention, what you are, you're a Kaithrit, well technically half Kaithrit the other half human, you're also a herm... dickgirls. but besides that, I should mention, your going to have a childhood friend."

"Don't ask who. It just happens to be someone not from your original universe. I had to alter her history and well... you know what… I'm not going to spoil anything else... so go be a kid and have fun." Church said before his voice disappeared from Shepard's head.

"Ok... alright let's figure this out. Just go down stairs." Said Shepard to herself and rubbed her temples. The new Kaithrit opened the door to her room, and headed down the hallway.

-line break-

Shepard walked into the living room, well, what she assumed was the living room. It was rather unique to say the least. Paintings and the nicest furniture decorated the room. She saw someone sitting on the couch. It was a young girl who very much looked like Shepard's new form. "Ok, so this is my sister I'm assuming." thought Shepard.

She walked up next to the young girl who happened to be reading a book. Shepard tapped her shoulder to get her attention, the young girl looked away from her book "Hey sis!" She said.

"That answers that." thought Shepard. "What are you reading?" Her sister giggled. "You don't remember? How many times do I have to tell you before you remember?"

"The book I'm reading is about a man with two sets of memories." She said "So don't forget this time, Menta."

"Ok that's my name… Menta. Isn't that a sweet mint liquor?" Shepard thought. "I guess I'll go by Menta, and since my last name is Steele, I doubt people will call me Shepard."

"Something wrong, sis?" Shepard's sister asked.

"Sorry, it's just… I forgot what your name was." Menta/Shepard answered "Smooth move, dipshit." Her sister sighed. "You're an idiot. How in the world can you forget your own sibling's name?" The girl shook her head disapprovingly. " Just to remind you, my full name is Meena Shepard Steele."

"Seriously, I'll never understand why dad didn't force you to read books." The sister, now known as Meena, sighed once more. "All you do is be athletic and sporty."

Menta/Shepard remained silent "Alright then... let's put my talking skills to use." Menta/Shepard sighed "Well, sister, I'm sorry that I don't read books that much, but at least I will be fit for fighting, instead of being a weak nerd."

Meena fell quiet at her final words, her cat ears drooping low and her gaze falling to the ground. "But that doesn't mean we can't help each other, so how about you help me with academics and I help you be athletic?"

Menta smiled and sat down "So where's dad at?"

"He's in his private room, talking to someone, I'm not sure who." She replied, Menta/Shepard smiled and started to read the books with her sister.

-line break- aboard a ship- a few hours later-

Matriarch Benezia sighed as she walked down the halls of the Asari cruise ship. The Retribution, today was the day they met with the leaders of this alliance of species that had been fighting with the Turians.

Apparently, a Turian patrol had discovered a ship near an activated relay and it just so happened that the flag ship's captain was a bit over zealous, taking council law very seriously.

Which unfortunately led to them firing on the ship which led to it being heavily damaged and fleeing. The patrol sent a scouting ship after and then requested further backup.

As Benezia looked over the information, it noted that this conflict had been going on for at least a few weeks. It was only through a slip up that the rest of the galaxy found out.

The Asari matriarch finished going through everything and prepared with the rest of the diplomatic team. They would be heading down to the planet, which was called New Shanxi if Benezia remembered correctly.

She got onto the shuttle with the rest of diplomatic team. The team consisted of a Turian, a Salarian and Benezia herself. They had several soldiers to guard them in case things went bad.

The soldiers consisted of Asaris and Turians. Each of then armed with standard issue weapons.

Benezia sat down in a seat as the doors to the shuttle closed.

-line break- Uza Capital City of New Shanxi- an hour later-

Benezia was quiet the entire ride down, the doors to the shuttle opened the soldiers were first to leave. The diplomatic team followed them out.

Benezia finally got a chance to see the aliens up close. Unfortunately, they were covered in heavy armor that obscured their faces so her curiosity had to stay on hold a while longer.

They entered a building, they would counting to walk till they entered a large round room. The room was pure white with several alien guards. There were four people standing in the middle, all wearing black outfits.

From what Benezia saw, each of the four people had similarities between them. The one on far right had smooth skin in certain areas but grey scales everywhere else. She even had a long grey tail.

It had long grey fur on its head, the ears were frilled and on the side of her head, slit yellow eyes, four grey wings and was very womanly. She gave off a rather prideful and lustful look.

The one to the far left was a tall male with long black fur on his head and two long black pointed ears atop it. He had a fluffy black tail and seemed very loyal.

The next one, Benezia wasn't sure what gender it was, had ears on top of his/her head, much like the one on the far right, but shorter and a different sort of triangle. Benezia noted their color was pink.

Instead of one tail, it had two, both of pink. It had long pink hair and the color of its eyes were green. It was about up to the far left one's height.

It seemed to give off a playful look.

The last one of the four was male. He reached around the grey scaled one's height. He had no fur to speak of on his head neither tail nor ears on top of his head as well. The ears were located on the side of his head instead and had an oval shape to them

His eyes were a cold grey and the way he stood... it made Benezia rather worried Out of all them, he gave off the most serious and right down to business look.

"Hello, I hope your trip here wasn't too boring." The last one said. "Before anything else, I should mention that there were more ambassador's planned to be here."

"But, due to reasons, they are quite busy. So, on behalf of the United Species Confederation, let's begin."

After hours of talking, yelling, agreeing and disagreeing, they had finally come to an agreement. "The Turian Hierarchy agrees to pay reparations for the damages done to the city and ships." Said The Turian ambassador.

"Alright, I believe that settles the problems for now. There will be more talks between our government leaders so until then you may back to your ship." The last one said.

The Diplomatic team began to leave and after a few minutes were gone.

"I believe that went very well." Said the Kaithrit ambassador, the Asura ambassador nodded in agreement.

The Gryvain ambassador had left the other three in the room. "So, Zephyr, what's your actual opinion of the aliens?" Asked the Asura ambassador.

"Yeah what is your opinion? I find them annoying." The Kaithrit ambassador asked as well. The third ambassador smirked.

"My honest opinion?" The other two ambassador nodded yes "Well, I find them to be a potential threat. I have no doubt in my mind that they will try to impose their laws on us."

"Till that happens, I truly see them as nothing more than an annoyance, a thorn at our side if you will."

The two other ambassadors nodded and sighed in agreement. "Now I have another question to ask both of you. Should I grow my hair back?"

-line break- in the Steele house hold- an hour later-

Menta looked at her sleeping sister who had fallen asleep with a book. "This isn't as bad I thought it would be. I mean, sure, I'm a girl... with a dick and balls... beside that things seem pretty normal."

"Hello! It's me again. Your favorite Doctor, Doctor Church." Menta groaned as she heard the voice. "Oh, someone sounds particularly unhappy to see me."

"Was it something I said? Did I ruin a moment you were having? Were you thinking to yourself? Come on, tell me."

"Its none of your business." Menta replied "Look, I'm assuming you're here to annoy me or tell me something so let's get this over with. What do you want?"

"Well then... rude. Did your original timeline parents ever teach you manners? Wait… those one died on Mindoir."

Menta growled a bit at that. "Touchy subject? Let's just get to the point. I said I wouldn't spoil anything else but I am. The Government what did I do to it, does the system alliance exist and etc. To be blunt, the system alliance does not exist here."

"In its place is the United Species Confederation. In the original universe of where it came from, it was called the United Galactic Confederation. Not much of a difference but I promise you there is. Just think of the citadel council but better. I should get this across better but I had to change a shit ton of things."

"Oh, before I go, when I talk about shit, I'm going to switch between timeline or universe because, in all reality, it's fucking confusing, and I'm omnipotent."

"Another thing, the time period you woke in is the end of the Shanxi war of this reality."

"Now I got to go, bye".

Menta sighed and laid down, staring at the ceiling before closing her eyes and letting sleep take over.

-line break-

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So besides that, it seems Shepard life is going to be odd from here on out. Mostly going to refer to her as Menta


Menta sighed and laid down. "Why does the universe hate me, nyah?" Menta gasped. "Did I just say nyah? Nyah."

"The universe really does hate me, nyah..." Menta sighed. "I'm so glad my crew can't see me like this, nyah."

Menta groaned as she thought about what they would say if they regained their other memories. "I'm sorry, Shepard, but we can't be friends." Said the imaginary Joker and Garrus.

"Holy shit, the commander's a cat!" Said the imaginary Jack who had Ashley laughing with her.

"You're so cute, it's weird." Said an imaginary James.

"Nyah?." Asked an imaginary Liara and Tali.

"God damn it." Menta said to herself and laid down, putting a pillow over head to hide her embarrassment.