NEW STORY: The Choice
Made in a English Mock Exam + at home

My name is Humphrey Wilson, I am a fifteen year old boy, I have different shades of grey for on most of my body, white fur, with a hint of grey, on my stomach and chest, and I have crystal blue eyes that would make almost anyone change their mood to a calm state. I am still in school, but I'm in my final year of high school. My parents died when I was young and can not remember how they died, so I currently live on my own in a two floored house. I believe I am a special person; this is why outsiders like me were like long ago, but got killed by the people who hunted us, killed us, and murdered us in cold blood. I believe that I am not the only one, but I may have to see the harsh truth soon. This is my secret, this is my choice.

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" A very annoying sound reached my ears on the morning of my first day back at school.
"An annoying sound to an annoying day," I said to myself as I got out of my comfy bed. I then proceeded to put on my school uniform which had a logo of a howling wolf with the school name but shortened, " .High."
"Ironic," I said and half sighed at the same time.

"After I was done with dressing and all the other stuff I was heading out my door, walking to school.

Hey, Humphrey," I heard a male voice to the side of me,
Hey, Mooch," I replied whilst still walking on,
Got anything to tell me lately?" Mooch asked,
Possibly, I got two secrets" I replied,
You gonna tell me?" Mooch asked, "Typical mooch, always wanting to know" I thought,

"Only one, I'm in love with Kate."
"You sly dog," mooch said nudging me, "what about the other one?"
"I'll tell you when the time is right or until Garth starts beating Kate up again."
"In three… Two… One" Mooch said,
"Uhh… Mooch? What are you do" "HELP MEEEEEEEEEE! PLEAAAAASE"
"That's sound like?... KATE!"

"As we were running I was looked at by multiple people heading to school, some even shouted at me,

"WHERE YOU GOING WOLFIE?!" They were some of my own bullies. But on that day that would change.

"KATE?!" I yelled whilst running into the school yard.