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Author's Note: Hi! So this is my very first fanfiction and something that I have worked on for many years and have been consistently improving the story

"Father, where did Mother go?" asked a young girl aged 5. Long blond unkempt hair hung down her small frame and green eyes twinkled in the candle lit room. She wore a deep purple night gown that covered her tiny feet.

"Violet?" Came a soft yet deep voice, "shouldn't you be in bed?"

Violets innocent eyes looked up to her beloved farther, "But Mother always tucks me in before I go to sleep," she spoke in a quiet voice.

The young man (aged around 35) chuckled before rising from his ruby red arm chair. "What if I were to tuck you in?" He asked, taking Violets very small hand into his own. "Would you go to sleep then?"

Violet looked up at him. A small mischievous smile crept to her lips "hmmm...Maybe..."

Her father smiled back "Maybe!" Suddenly, he picked her up and flung her over his broad shoulder playfully.

Violet's giggle filled room as she squirmed in her father's arms. "Daddy...put...me down!" she squealed joyfully. Her father smiled at his daughter joyfully before he carried her up to her room.


Violets room was very spacious. Deep purple walls surrounded them along with perfectly polished oak furniture. He walked over to her bed with Violet in his strong arms and gently placed her on her King-sized bed. Slowly, he tugged the thick purple covers over her shoulders before sitting on the bed next to her.

"So... where is Mother?" Violet prodded again.

"Well...she's...she's at a party," he finally spat out.

"Is she with that funny man again?"

The man froze. His chocolate eyes never left her emerald ones. "What funny man?" He laughed nervously.

"You know...the one with the funny hat"

"Violet," her father started as he tucked a stray hair behind her small ear "I want you to stay away from that man. He's a bad man that does bad things."

"What has he done Father?" Violet asked curiously.

"Well...maybe you will understand when you get a bit older. Do you promise you will stay away from him?"

"I...promise..." Violet yawned.

"Sweet dreams honey," he whispered before kissing her lightly on her cheek.

Silently, he slipped out of her bedroom and gently shut the door and pressed his back against it. He let out a loud sigh. A loud bang heard from downstairs dragged him from his thought and a single tear escaped from his eye. Violet's mother was back. How long could he keep this up...