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Ending B (4)

Violet sat at her desk staring into the reflection of the mirror, however, she was not looking at her own reflection, she was staring at the creature that stood towering behind her. She had been sitting for hours waiting for her fate to be sealed, for today was the day she sold her life to the devil. Her wedding day, what was meant to be every little girl's dream, was turning into her never-ending nightmare.

Dressed in a deep red bridal gown, Violet counted down the hours that remained. The maids had already dolled her up but instead of chirping and teasing like they may have done, they remained silent as they got her dressed. No smiles, not even a sentence was spoken as they worked.

They knew, the whole of Albion knew. They knew that this wedding was not of Violet's choice, but what could they do? No one could prove anything and Violet was a body without a soul, floating through life as though she wasn't even there.

The door to her room began opening and the tiny hairs on Violet's skin began to rise as fear set in. Jasper entered.

"Your Majesty, its time," he spoke in a monotone voice as he held his arm out to her.

The creature that Violet had been staring at began to disappear and slowly, she stood and took Jasper's arm.

"Violet please, just say the word and we can call this whole thing off, your making a mistake, whatever Reaver was done or said - "

"It's time," Violet interrupted.

Jasper looked at Violet, pity and worry present, "Very well, I only hope Albion can forgive you, for I may never be able to."

With the sharp sting of those words in Violet's mind, they left her room and proceeded to the throne room.


Soulless black eyes remained focused on the smallest of chips that plagued the otherwise perfect, large door. Violet's eyes remained focused despite feeling the burning glare from Jasper, she could physically feel his gaze on her yet she didn't react nor even care.

They stood in silence waiting for their cue to enter. Just slightly, Violet could hear the uncomfortable and unsure whispers of the people behind the door, her people, soon to be his people.

Being male and married to the Queen would only make Reaver the rightful King. Under normal circumstances, Violet may have kept her title. If she were to marry a commoner, Violet would have been the stronger ruler, but Reaver was not a commoner by any means, he was also a Hero, Reaver was also male, making him, overall, the stronger ruler.

Reaver knew this from the start, he had it all worked out. Everything he did was for his own benefit, not once did he ever care for Violet. After everything they had been through together, Violet was hurt, and as stupid as it may have sounded, she felt betrayed. She knew that Reaver was certainly not the purest of souls, but she had never viewed him as evil.

Yet, here they were, and the events from only a few weeks ago were still fresh in her mind and continued to haunt her every night.

Suddenly, the doors before her opened dragging her out of her own head, a small mercy for her.

To her left and right stood the people of Albion, the people that she had let down, all looking to her for an answer, an explanation for the events they were currently seeing unfold, but she refused to give them any answers as her blank look remained.

The path to her own personal hell was carved for her, all she had to do was follow it like she had been told to do. Follow it like a good little girl. Follow and endure but only for a short while, for after it was done, perhaps Violet would take her fate into her own hands and seek the peace that she had been craving. To take it upon herself to end her suffering, for no one else would give her that mercy.

Jasper began to walk yet she hesitated and he felt it. He glanced back at her and with an internal breath, she willed her legs to move.

No music, no cheering, no clapping, no talking. Just silence as Violet walked. Each step caused her heart rate to quicken as she stared at Reaver's towering silhouette.

"In a few minutes, it will be done, and in a few short hours it will all be over, it will all be over, it will all be over." The chant began in her head and her own thoughts began to comfort her in the smallest of ways.

Taking only a few short steps, Violet stood beside Reaver. Their attires matched perfectly and to any eye, they would seem a lovely couple, but that eye would have to be blind to miss the fear upon the bride's face and the dark smirk that was playing upon the grooms.

Violet refused to look at Reaver, she couldn't. Instead she stared ahead looking out of the large windows in front of her. They gave a breathtaking view of Albion in its full glory. It was then that Violet caught sight of a single lone dove perched atop one of the houses.

It was looking at her, as if it was contemplating what she was, what she was doing. Violet only wished she knew herself. Soon after, another dove joined it, then another, then another, after a small while there were six of them, all watching her watch them. All contemplating their existence.

A hand on her shoulder made her jump as she snapped out of her small daydream and noticed Reaver turning her to face him harshly. His burning eyes scolded her, giving her a sharp warning. She quickly broke the eye contact and turned her dark eyes to the ground.

Reaver began his vows, each word falling off his tongue was said flamboyantly and confidently. Every word sounded sincere and had meaning behind it, almost as if his words were true, almost. As convincing as Reaver's performance was, no one in the room was fooled by his words, especially Violet.

His lengthy speech soon began to drag and Violet began to feel nauseous, she let her eyelids slide closed and re-lived happier days in her mind. Thinking about her friends, about Ed. As ashamed as she was to admit it, she had forgotten about him the last few weeks, she had simply accepted his death, and although his parting crushed her, she found herself unable to cry. Unable to grieve for him.

Suddenly, Reaver took her hand in his and he began to slide the wedding band onto her finger as he continued his vows. Violet let him but kept her eyes to the floor, still unable to look at him.

Finally he had finished and now it was her turn. All eyes fell upon her and she tore her gaze from the floor and turned her head to look at her people. As if asking them to save her. The irony.

There was a flash of anger in Reaver's eyes as he witnessed her hesitation. His hand began to tighten around hers into a vice like grip causing Violet to whimper. As hard as she tried to conceal it, it did not go unmissed by anyone.

"This is not right!" A brave man from the crowd shouted in protest.

Violet searched for him, but Reaver's eyes found him first as she witnessed his body drop. A bullet placed perfectly in the centre of his head.

The crowd gasped but not one of them dared to make a sound any louder. Violet caught sight of a young boy standing perfectly still next to the corpse. His tears poured from his eyes silently as the now orphaned boy continued to stare straight ahead.

With a sharp tug on her arm, Violet's eyes finally met Reaver's. His eyes narrowing, another sharp warning.

Violet took a deep breath and began her rehearsed speech that Reaver hand wrote for her.

"On this day, I Violet Heart, bind myself to you with these wedding vows, willing and wholeheartedly, free from any doubt or mental reservation. In riches and in poverty in jubilation and in despair in sickness and in health, despite our flaws I will share my life with you," Violet took a shallow breath, fighting back her tears as she continued, "All that is mine is yours, and I will love and cherish you, without cease and without pause all of the days of our lives, until death parts us." Violet shoved the ring on Reaver's finger unceremoniously and carelessly.

However, this did not faze Reaver as a dark smirk began to tug on his lips.

"You are now husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." The auroran priest announced quietly.

Without hesitation, Reaver grabbed Violet's arms putting them around his neck as he dipped down allowing his lips to meet hers. Violet didn't protest, she instead accepted her fate and allowed Reaver to control her as his own hands wandered further down her back.

The crowd began to applaud with little enthusiasm or excitement. They just went through the motions.

Violet was the first to break the kiss as she practically tore herself free from Reaver's grip. He looked down upon her, that same smug smirk on his face as he leaned down and pecked her softly on the lips one last time. Violet didn't react, instead, she looked past him, staring at the bland wall behind him.

Reaver moved his lips to her ear, "Now now, not to fear my sweet, we can have plenty more fun tonight, for this will be a wedding night you shan't easily forget."

Violet finally let a tear fall.


Moonlight shone through the enormous windows of the throne room. Silence. Violet stood alone gazing out of the window and taking in the scenery. Watched as her Albion twinkled under the rays of silver that were gifted by the moon.

She had escaped the party that was commencing in the ballroom down the hall, not a hard task as Reaver became carelessly drunk and she was able to slip away from his side.

Goosebumps began to form on her skin and it was then when she realised that the room was beginning to become unusually cold. Abnormally cold. Slowly, she turned her back to the beautiful sight of Albion to stare at the creature one last time.

The black gooey substance crawled and slithered its way towards her, stopping where the moonlight reached before taking its true form as the hideous creature that haunted her nightmares. It looked down upon her.


Its whisper filled the room and surrounded her, making her shiver, "I just want it to end," Violet whispered.

"And it will, if you just submit, you have nothing left, your friends are dead, not a living soul cares for you, but we do."

On cue, small, child-like, shadowy figures rose from the floor filling the room as they began to approach her slowly.

"Join us, and your suffering will end."

Violet glanced back at Albion through the large window, and then back at the creature who hid in the shadows.

"Promise?" Violet whispered, eyes shining as innocent as a child's.


Slowly, Violet stepped from the moonlight and cast herself into the darkness. Within seconds, the thick, cold, black substance slid up her leg and consumed her body. Slipping into her mouth, then ears, then eyes and then,


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