Five Nights at Pinkie's

By TheWalkingSkyMon

Edited by darkponyD

Ch. 2 - Night 1: It All Begins Now

A poor career choice? What was he talking about? This is a great choice! I get okay payment, I have an easy enough job. I can't think of anything bad about this job! Heck, I can even see Fluttershy again after all these years! Okay, forget that last part.

"Um, well. I'd just like to start off with my introduction: I'm Flash Sentry. Now, I used to work there as night guard. But, now you're here. Now, I also have to say this greeting from the company, you know, it's the law."

Flash cleared his throat.

"Okay, welcome to Pinkie's Party Palace, a magical place for little colts and fillies and grown ups alike! A great place for friends who are all loyal, honest, funny, generous, and home to the party queen: Pinkie Pie. Blah, blah, blah. Okay, new guy. I have to warn ya. You know Fluttershy? The manager? Don't trust her. She says that this place is wonderful and that the night guard job is as easy as pie, but it's not. She doesn't know about what we night guards have to endure to keep our jobs"

I was checking the cameras until he mentioned Fluttershy. I then turned it off and started listening.

"You know those animatronics at the stage? Yeah, be wary of them. They get a bit… for lack of a better word, quirky, at night. They're put into some sort of 'free-roaming' road at night so that they're servos don't lock up and they break. They used to be able to wander during the day to. But them the 'incident' of '86 happened. Yeah, heard that somepony bumped into one of them and it got angry and thought some poor foal was the one who did it."

I remembered bumping into one of the animatronics. 'Free-roaming mode?' I thought. 'What does that mean?'

"Now, If you want to survive, you need to keep your power usage down to a minimum, okay? You can't be checking the cameras all the time and leaving the doors closed."

I looked to my left and right and saw they both had a pair of buttons next to them. One of each of them said 'Lights' and the others said 'Close/Open'.

"But you better hope and pray to Faust that Pinkie doesn't come out to play too, or else you're screwed. No questions asked."

I looked at the cameras one more time and my heart nearly stopped when I looked at the stage. At the stage, Apple Jack was gone, and Rarity and Pinkie Pie were staring directly at the camera.

"They don't tell you these things when you sign up, do they?"

I was in a panic, looking at all of the rooms, looking for Apple Jack.

"But don't let them get to you and catch you."

"Or else what!?" I said, as if he could hear me.

"Cause, if they do, they might not see you as a Pony. They'll more likely see you as an endoskeleton without it's costume on. And, since that's against the rules here at Pinkie's Party Palace, they might try to stuff you into one of the suits."

I then relaxed. "Well, that doesn't sound so bad."

"Yeah, that wouldn't be so bad."

My heart sank.

"If the suits weren't filled with all sorts of wiring and stuff, especially around the facial area. So the only part of you that would ever see the light of day again would be your eyes and teeth when they pop out of the suit."

My heart just fell out of my body, and collapsed on the floor.

"Well, good night. And good luck."

The message ended with a little jingle and I returned my attention to finding Apple Jack. It didn't take me long to find her in backstage staring directly into the camera, eyes wide open and mouth open, revealing a set of realistic looking pony teeth at the bottom of her mouth.

I stared in horror at the animatronic mare that had found it's way to WALK to the backstage and stare right into the camera. I remembered that Apple Jack wasn't the only one I had to keep an eye on and switched back to the stage. My heart dropped even further when I noticed Rarity had left, leaving Pinkie Pie the only one staring at me.

I searched around and found her standing a bit of distance away from the camera at the dining area, but staring directly at it. I looked at the mare and then the whole screen went black, after a while the screen was fine but Rarity was gone. I desperately searched for her, only to find her in the east hall corner, RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR ON MY RIGHT! Head shaking, I turned to the door on the right and turned on the light. I saw her standing near the door at a hole in the wall I didn't even notice was there before now.

And with one swift move I slammed my hoof on the button to close the door, trapping her out there. I turned on the light and could still see her through the hole in the wall. 'At least she can't get me.' I thought.

I shifted myself until I was much more comfortable on the chair and checked the cameras again. I saw Rarity looking like she was leaving the east hall and I cautiously waited before I opened the door back up again. I looked at the newly opened door and shivered, as if opening the door was like having all of my coat shaved off and leaving me exposed to the elements.

I checked back stage and Apple Jack was gone. I looked around for her, a little calmer this time, knowing I could just shut the door in her face, and found her in the supply closet.

"What the heck are you doing in there?" I said.

I watched Apple Jack, expecting her to do something, anything, but never did. I turned on the right door's light and couldn't see Rarity anywhere. I was safe, for now. I remembered I needed to keep an eye on the clock and power. I looked at the clock and it read: 30% Power and 5:00 A.M. I remembered that Fluttershy said I only had to stay until 6:00 A.M, so I had only one more hour to go before I could go home and forget all of this night and figure out what I'm going to do in the morning.

I checked on the two mare animatronics and Apple Jack was still in the supply closet while Rarity was in the bathroom and I, being a gentlepony, didn't peep on her. I remembered the Flash Sentry guy told me to make sure Pinkie didn't join Apple Jack and Rarity on the hunt and looked back at the stage. I was quite surprised that she was still there, I'd expected her to have tried to join in on the hunt for me.

I put the tablet down and sighed, it was a long night. And I need to think about what I'm going to do. I can't stay here! I could die doing this job! But I can't let Fluttershy down either. What mattered to me the most, my own LIFE, or Fluttershy. I thought about it for a while and checked the cameras, yep, the idiots were still in their places the last time I checked.

"You know what? This job seems easy enough. Even with the, killer, animatronics, nevermind that. I can handle them. I can't let Flutters down." I said, thankfully the clock struck 6:00 A.M. Just as I finished my sentence.

"Oh thank Celestia." I said.

I looked at the cameras and Apple Jack and Rarity weren't in the places I left them. I checked both the door lights and they weren't there. I looked at the cameras again, kind of freaked out, and looked at the stage. All three of them were in their proper place.

"Wow, well I guess you guys have to follow the rules too I guess. You are the mascots, I guess you'd hate to disappoint." I said.

I was extremely careful on my walk past the stage to the front door, hoping that none of them would try anything. Luckily I managed to get out without any trouble ant the second I got outside I flew as fast as I could to my home, so I was there in less than a minute. I collapsed on my bed.

"WHAT HAPPENED!?" I screamed.

"I don't remember these things being able to MOVE!" I said.

I thought about my past at the pizzeria, nope, no memories of them being able to freely move about. What happened? Why were they moving? I thought about these for a long time, no answer. Then a new thought popped into my mind. Why would Fluttershy give me this job with killer animatronics!? No. Absolutely not. Fluttershy can't know about them, that Flash Sentry guy even said that she didn't know about what really happens at night.

I thought I would never get to sleep, but I did. With the lights on, of course.

Tomorrow I would see Fluttershy again, and I would see if she knew anything about this. Anything at all. I needed to get to the bottom of this.