Five Nights at Pinkie's

By TheWalkingSkyMon

Edited by darkponyD


The date Fluttershy and I had went by great. And we started dating. Everything was going exactly the way I want it.

I walked next to Fluttershy, wrapping my wing around her to keep her warm. We had just got back from a date and I had to go to work soon. The animatronics and I are, I won't say friends, but we've reached a mutual treaty. I was particularly excited about going to work now. I was training a rookie that I suggested for the job. It took a long time to find him, but I did. And I signed him up to be my backup in case I'm ever sick or something.

"Alright, goodnight Fluttershy." I said, as we reached Fluttershy's house.

"Goodnight Sonic." She kissed me on the cheek. "Have fun at work." I watched her go inside and flew off towards Pinkie's Party Palace.

I'd been working there for a year, and ever since my first week the animatronics haven't tried to kill me. So that's good. I still like to watch them do whatever it is they do. Sometimes I'll just watch to see what makes the closet so interesting to Apple Jack. And other times I'd check on Rainbow, see how she's doing. I can walk out of my office now, I don't have to stay in there all the time. And every time I'd run out of power they would always give me light so I could read a book or something, and help me get out of the building when it was 6:00.

I had finally reached there and I saw him in front of the building.

"There you are" He said. I looked at him, on the outside I looked friendly. On the inside though, I wanted to spit on him.

"Yeah, sorry. The date went longer than expected." I said, unlocking the door.

"No, no it's cool. After all, I shouldn't keep my main bro from getting laid, now should I." He said, lightly punching me in the shoulder.

I just stared at him with one eyebrow raised and opened the door.

"Wow! This place looks just like how we left it, eh Sonic?" He said.

"Good Evening Pinkie, Apple Jack, and Rarity. You're all looking lovely this evening." I said. It was a thing I did, I would walk by the stage, say that, walk by Cloud's Cove, say it to Rainbow, and get to the kitchen and say it to the purple one. (Who I decided to call Twilight)

"Sonic, they're just animatronics. They aren't alive." He said.

I just smiled and chuckled on the inside.

"Alright, here's where all the magic happens." I said, showing him the office.

"What's this?" He said, picking up the tablet.

"It's how you check the cameras. You turn it on, like so." I turned it on. "And you push one of these buttons to view that camera."

"Alright. Hey, thanks for giving me this job man. I kept thinking that you would end up hating me for the rest of your life of something." He said, chuckling.

I picked up a magazine I had and started reading it. "No man. You and me? We're cool." I said. "I mean come on. I'm a 25 year old stallion, I shouldn't hold a grudge for this long, right?" I lightly punched him in the shoulder.

"Alright, good. Good." He said. He messed around on the camera tablet for a while before speaking. "Hey, what's this mean?" He said.

I looked over and saw he was pointing to the power percentage. It was down to 60% already, it wasn't even 3:00 yet.

"That shows how much power you have left. And these." I got up and closed the door. "Are steel reinforced doors. You close them when you need to." I opened the door and turned on the door light. "That's the light you use to check is you need the door or not. Both the doors and the lights use up your power." I sat down and opened my magazine up again.

"Uh, what would I need them for?" He said.

"I don't know." I said without looking up.

"So. What's her name?" He said.

"Who's?" I said, not looking up from my magazine.

"Your girl, man."

"Oh, Fluttershy." I said.

"Hm. How old is she?" He asked.

I looked up and stared at him for a while, with a face that read 'what did you just ask?' all over it.

"24." I eventually said.

"Ah. So, how would you rate her?" He said.

"What do you mean 'rate?'" I said.

"You know. How big's the rack?" He said.

I slowly rose my head up and stared at him. He saw my expression and knew that shutting up right now would be the smartest thing he could do.

After a while I got up.

"Alright. I'm going to go out. You stay here. And don't forget to check the cameras periodically, not all the time. Gotta conserve power." I said. He nodded in response.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the door.

"Twilight? He's here." I said, closing the door afterwards.

I heard movement in the room and knew Twilight couldn't wait to get started.

We had spent the entire year planning out every detail, there was no way this could go wrong.

I walked back to the room and sat back down.

"Uh, what did you do?" He asked.

"Just wanted to walk around." I said.

I then took over the camera and clicked on the stage and, just as planned, Apple Jack and Rarity were gone. Pinkie Pie was staring directly into the camera. The words 'Remember Us?' written on the wall behind her.

I clicked away like nothing happened and he immediately spoke up.

"Hold on! What was that?" He said.

"What?" I said, clicking back to the stage and, just as planned, Apple Jack and Rarity had returned to their original places.

"What did you want me to look at?" I said.

"Those two moved man! They weren't there anymore!" He said.

"Um, ooookaaaay." I said. "No coffee for you before work."

As he opened his mouth to respond I told him to check the door lights. He got up and checked the right one, clear. He checked the left one and Apple Jack gave him a little surprise.

"AH! WHAT'S THAT!" I hear him say.

"What!" I said.

He pointed behind the door and I turned the door light on, Apple Jack was gone.

"No! I saw something! I know it!" He said.

"Dude, there's nothing there." I said. I stepped outside of the door and stared at him. "See?"

I stepped back inside and it took him a while before he sat back down, staring at the door all the while.

I looked at the power, 5% was left. It was time. I started chuckling.

"Dude what's so funny?" He said.

"I was just remembering what happened back in '86." I said.

He laughed along with me. "Yeah, that was some crazy stuff man."

"Yeah, you know what's funny, though?" I said.

"Hm?" He said.

"I, uh, I was 19. I had just gotten out of high school, and was looking up any good colleges that I could go to. And then, you made me kill those kids, and I was thrown in jail for that. And, Equestrian law states that, since I committed a murder, I can't go to college." I said, still chuckling.

He had stopped chuckling by now. "Yeah, man I'm sorry." He said.

I didn't stop chuckling. "Yeah, I know. You know, you ruined my life." I looked at him, chuckling. "I can't get a better job than this. But, at least I can see Fluttershy again. And that's worth more to me than all the money in the world."

I looked at the power, 1%.

"But don't worry about it man." I said. "I've been meaning to tell you something if I ever met you again though."


"Soon, you will know the joy of creation." I said. As if on cue the power shut off right there, leaving us in a dark room.

I picked up a flashlight and began reading my magazine again. He looked around and saw Pinkie's glowing face while she played a song, then Apple Jack's face was illuminated in the darkness. Then Rarity, then Rainbow Dash, then Twilight appeared in the room. He was freaking out, asking me what was happening. I didn't respond, I just kept reading.

The animatronics then grabbed him, dragging him away kicking and screaming, begging for me to help.

"I like to handle things that anger me, rather than hold a grudge." I said.

He screamed at me, cursing me. I just kept reading.

"Dude!" I called. "Don't struggle. You'll just make them angry. The angrier they get, the more painful it'll be."

The building was silent for a while, then I heard the screams, followed by the sounds of bones snapping traveling throughout the hallways.

After I heard the ringing I said 'goodnight' to the animatronics, and cleaned up any blood that was on them. I walked to the backstage to see a Pinkie Pie suit, bloody, with small eyes bulging out of it's eyes. I knew that the animatronics would take care of the body, so I had nothing to worry about.

"That's for Aurora." I left the building. Six years of them waiting for their true killer, finally paid off.