Hey guys! So I've decided to take a little break with The Fairy Grojparents because I've been working on something new for a while. I feel as if my love of Grojband has grown since I last watched it and I really hope that we get another season, possibly more! Anyway, this story will be a bit different from my other one. Mostly because I have made myself a character in it and the setting is almost similar to where I live. You know what? The description explains things pretty well. But keep in mind the main girl in this fanfic is not me per say. She's just a representation of myself so therefore, her name, age, and family lifestyle is not relative to myself in real life. I don't even have an older sister.

Also, this fanfic will only feature the four members of Grojband so Trina, Mina, and all of the other characters will not be in it. However, there will be characters that represent them as the story progresses so be on the look out! :)

As usual, I do not own Grojband or any characters that are present or parodied in this story (except me).

Chapter 1

The Birthday Wish

Jackie Matthews laid on the edge of her bed looking up at the ceiling. She had finally learned that there were 167 ceiling tiles in her room. At least not counting the triangular ones in the corners. The girl sighed, twisting her brown hair. She looked at all the posters on her wall each one containing a cartoon character. But they weren't just any cartoon characters. Each character on the wall was a member of Jackie's new all-time favorite rock-and-roll group: Grojband. She loved everything about it: the music, the band members…there was hardly anything she didn't like. She loved it so much, that she made it the theme for her 14th birthday party which her and her family had celebrated that day.

Of course, it wasn't really a big celebration. It was just her, her parents and her older sister sitting at the dining room table and giving her gifts. Jackie had received a Grojband calendar from her mom, a Grojband DVD set from her dad, and a book of real rock-and-roll musicians from her sarcastic older sister, Tracy. When Jackie received the book, Tracy told her that this way she could learn what real music is and the book could also teach her how to "stop being a loser for appreciating lame and fake bands". Unlike Jackie, Tracy hated Grojband and everything having to do with it. It might have been because Jackie liked it because Tracy hated everything Jackie liked. In fact, she pretty much hated Jackie. But Tracy tended to hate many things for many reasons.

When Jackie went up to her room that night, she threw her sister's "gift" into the trash and sat on her bed looking at the other gifts. The calendar was pretty cool and she had wanted the DVD set for a while. But as the teenager stared at her birthday presents, she realized that she didn't want them. Jackie had only wished for one thing for her birthday. And that was to get a chance to meet her favorite band and rock out with them. That was all she ever really wanted. But alas, she knew that it wouldn't happen because Grojband was just a cartoon band. If she ever did meet them, she would wake up and find out it was just a dream. Because that's all it would ever be. Just a dream.

Just then, Jackie's cynical older sister burst into her room.

"Hey parasite!" Tracy said rudely. "Where are my scissors?"

Tracy spotted her pink pair of scissors on Jackie's nightstand. Jackie handed them to her sister.

"Sorry, I needed them to finish my art project."

Tracy snatched the scissors out of Jackie's hands.

"Next time use your own! Now I have to sterilize them because you just used them!"

Tracy looked around the room at all the posters of Grojband.

"Ugh, when are you going to take these stupid things down? Where's that book of real rock bands that I got you?"

Jackie pointed to the trash can.

"In there where all your past birthday presents have gone."

Tracy scoffed.

"You are so pathetic! Obsessing over a lame band that isn't even real? Disgusting!"

Jackie stood up and faced her nasty older sibling.

"Grojband is not lame!"

"Uh, yeah it is!" Tracy pointed to a poster that had all of the band members on it. Her finger was aimed at the band's lead singer.

"What kind of kid dyes his own hair blue just to look cool? A dumb one!"

"Corey's hair is naturally blue!" Jackie crossed her arms. "And you're just jealous!"

Tracy pointed to the bass player.

"And this dude is just plain ugly! He wears makeup!"

"Laney is a girl!" Jackie told her. "So treat her with respect!"

"Yeah right." Tracy smiled wickedly this time pointing to the band's keyboardist. "Like I should listen to someone who loves a band with a four-eyed nerd!"

"Kin is cool to me!" Jackie shouted.

"And whatever is cool to you is lame to everyone else."

She looked at the drummer last.

"Speaking of lame, this thing takes the prize for being the dumbest and grossest of them all!"

"Kon is not gross! And how dare you call him a thing!"

"Sorry, I should be more specific. How about giant grease ball?"

"That's it!" Jackie pointed toward her door. "Get out of my room Tracy!"

"Fine!" Tracy yelled. "I can't stand being in a room full of dorks anyway!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! Next time you come in my room I'll have posters of Rick Salary on the wall! Will that make you happy?"

Rick Salary was the most popular boy in Jackie and Tracy's school. Almost all of the girls were madly in love with him including Tracy.

"Hey!" Tracy scolded. "You leave hunky Rick Salary out of this!"

"Just leave me alone!" Jackie slumped down on her bed.

"Whatever!" Tracy said headed for the door.

"Have fun with Garbojband! That's what they should be called! Because they stink! BAM!"

The evil teenager slammed the door at her last word leaving Jackie by herself. Jackie grumbled angrily to herself. She really, really, REALLY hated her sister. She looked up at all the posters on her wall and recalled all of the things that Tracy had said.

"Obsessing over a lame band that isn't even real?"

"…being in a room full of dorks anyway!"

"Have fun with Garbojband! That's what they should be called! Because they stink!"

The brown-haired girl shook her head clearing her mind of all of those nasty comments. She glanced at the poster with all of the band members.

"It's not true." Jackie thought to herself. "You're not lame. You're the coolest band ever. If you guys were real, you could totally prove Tracy wrong."

But sadly, they weren't real so Jackie couldn't prove anything. Some birthday this turned out to be.

The girl looked down next to her and saw the DVD collection her dad had given her. She picked up the box and walked downstairs where the TV was. Then she put in one of the disks and watched a few episodes before she went to bed.

When Jackie got under the covers, she looked out the window to her room. A star was glistening in the beautiful night sky. Jackie figured it was a sign for her to make a birthday wish. She closed her eyes, cupped her hands together and wished in her mind.

I wish I could meet Grojband.

She opened her eyes and saw the star twinkling. As much as she wanted to believe her wish would come true, she knew it wouldn't. But if she was lucky, she could meet the band in her dreams. Jackie turned off the lamp on her night stand and fell asleep. As the teenager drifted off, the star in the sky kept glowing. Something magical was about to happen. Maybe even something musical.

OMG! So intense! Hope you guys enjoyed! Next chapter is the band's debut! I'll post the chapter tomorrow if you guys want it badly enough. ;)