So it turns out that this chapter didn't take that long to write at all! Really excited to share this one! But before you read it, let me just make something clear.

Jackie does not know about Kin's crush on her and as of now she only thinks of him as a friend. You may think otherwise because Jackie does things that makes it look like she's flirting with Kin such as poking him on the nose and calling him her favorite keyboardist. However, the latter is meant to be a normal compliment that Kin takes to mean something more and the former is just Jackie doing what Corey does to Laney and neither Corey nor Jackie mean this in a romantic way. Needless to say, Jackie is not in love with Kin...yet.

Well, now that I got that explained, here's the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 4

It's Diary Time

Macy had finally finished pushing the cannon Tracy forced her to make all the way to town square. She panted feeling exhausted. Being best friends with Tracy wasn't easy, but it was worth it to soak in some of Tracy's popularity. Tracy followed behind impatiently.

"Finally! I thought we'd never get here. Move faster next time Macy!"

Macy wiped some sweat off of her forehead as she faced Tracy.

"Are you sure that this will work Tracy?"

"Stop being so negative Macy! Of course it'll work! Once Mirojband is nothing but a pile of dust, Jackie's dreams will be the same!"

"I have been wondering Tracy..." Macy said. "Why do you hate your sister so much?"

"I so don't like to talk about it." Tracy told her. "But I'll remember it in my thoughts."

Tracy closed her eyes and recalled the time when she was two and her parents had brought her new sister home from the hospital. At first when Tracy saw her, wrapped up in a white blanket asleep, she was overjoyed. For this was back when Tracy was kind, loving, and adored. But a year later, things changed at the Matthews' residence. Tracy's parents had started to completely ignore Tracy. Their attention was all on their new baby. It wasn't long before they gave all of Tracy's toys to Jackie even though Tracy still enjoyed playing with them. Then one day, Tracy's heart changed and became bitter. She believed that she should be the one in the family who gets all the attention, not Jackie. Since that day, she vowed to do everything she could to make her little sister's life miserable.

Tracy slowly came back to reality finishing her flashback. She looked back toward Macy.

"Well don't just stand there! MOVE! They'll be back any minute!"

Macy obeyed Tracy and continued to push the cannon.

Later, a huge crowd of citizens was making its way toward town square. Jackie and the gang had successfully informed everyone of the concert going on that night and soon the whole area was filled. A stage had been perfectly set up in the middle of the square where the band was taking their positions.

"Whoa!" Corey exclaimed. "Look at all those adoring fans!"

"I guess this plan turned out way better than we expected." Laney said satisfied. "Except for the fact that we still need lyrics."

Corey put an arm around Laney, which caused her to smile big and have hearts come out of her.

"Relax fella!" Corey reassured her. "Tracy's bound to be around here somewhere! Like Jackie said, we just wait for her to fire her little cannon, destroy it with our awesome music, and the lyrics will come right to us!"

"But what if our music doesn't destroy the cannon?" Kon asked.

"Then we're pretty much dead." Corey declared. "But won't it be worth it to savor the fame we're getting in this new place?"

"No!" The other band members said simultaneously.

Jackie came on the stage to meet up with her friends.

"Now that is a huge crowd!" She exclaimed. "You guys think you can handle it?"

"Jacks, you clearly underestimate the power of rock!" Corey said.

Just then, the mayor of the town came up onto the stage and talked into the microphone.

"Good evening Tranquil Town! I, Mayor Swellow, am honored and at the same time, terribly confused to present a brand new group of musicians who are here to supply a brand new sound for our town! Give it up for...Grojband!"

The mayor stepped off the stage and Corey took the mic. He and the others started waving to the crowd. Jackie stood near the front of the stage giving them all a thumbs-up.

Suddenly, Tracy's voice came booming from the audience silencing everybody.

"Not so fast!" Tracy stepped up to where Jackie was with Macy pushing the cannon behind her.

"It's about time you losers showed up." She gave an evil smile. "Hope you all are ready for your final performance! Because after this lame concert is over, nobody is going to remember you! Just look at yourselves. Do you really think that any one of these people would like you? Ha! You're not even a real band! The only one dumb enough to get a kick out of you is my sister! And now guess what? I'm going to end your rock stardom tonight in front of the whole town!"

Tracy stepped in front of her cannon and prepared to light a match.

"Say goodnight Garbojband! Because your last concert is going out with a bang!"

Tracy lit the cannon and it fired right toward the stage. The crowd stood back looking terrified.

"Here goes nothing!" Corey said to himself.

Then he and the band played their music as hard as they could. The soundwaves blew the audience backward, including Jackie and Tracy. The cannonball that was heading toward the band had been blown back toward Tracy's cannon destroying it completely. After a few moments of silence, the crowd burst into applause and cheered loudly. But Jackie cheered the loudest of them all. She ran onstage to meet Corey.

"You did it! See? I knew you guys had the power!"

Tracy meanwhile, stood in shock at what was going on.

"What?!" She cried. "What is this? How are they still alive?"

She glanced down and gasped when she saw the broken cannon.

"How could this have happened?!" Tracy looked around at the screaming crowd. "No! This can't be happening! They actually like those dorks?!"

Suddenly, the sky became dark and cloudy. Lightning struck from above.

"I'm the popular one!" Tracy pointed to the band. "Not them! I'm the one they should be cheering for! No one else should be popular but MEEEEEEEE!"

Tracy then shot up into the sky with a blast of fire. Her face was red with anger and she was somehow floating in the air. Her diary and pen floated toward her. She grabbed on to both of them and started writing. When she wrote, flames appeared on the pages of the diary. The lights on stage started shooting fire. People in the audience were fleeing in terror. When Tracy was finished writing, she held up her pen which had a flame on it. Slowly, the flame burned out and Tracy's red face turned back to normal as she fell toward the ground. Macy prepared to catch her but ended up getting crushed by her instead. As the sky turned back to normal, Tracy's diary fell down to Earth and landed in Corey's hand.

"Whoa, who knew my sister had it in her?" Jackie wondered out loud.

Corey looked inside the diary.

"This stuff is perfect! Looks like we've found ourselves a new lyricist!"

The blue-haired kid stepped up to the mic.

"Hello Tranquil Town! Are you ready to rock?!"

The crowd screamed with excitement as the band started to perform a new song.

Why don't they notice me?

I'm stuck inside a giant crowd

Can't be seen or heard by them

Not even if I scream real loud

I'm trying so hard to think like them

But their thoughts aren't very clear

It feels like I'm invisible

Can't they see me standing here?

I'm for real (I'm for real)

I'm for real (I'm for real)

If only they knew what it's like

If only they knew how I feel

Why can't they see that

I'm for real

I'm for real!

Corey strummed the final chord on his guitar and the crowd went wild. Jackie came back onstage and hugged Corey.

"That was amazing!" She said. "They love you guys!"

"Was there ever any doubt?" Corey shrugged.

They both looked out at the crowd which was chanting the band's name over and over again. The other band members walked upstage to soak in all the excitement. Meanwhile, Tracy stood up from a crushed Macy.

"Ugh, c'mon Macy! Let's get out of here. There's always tomorrow."

Macy stood holding her head and followed Tracy out of the crowd.

Later, all of the people had cleared out and the band was packing up their instruments.

"Man, did you see the way we rocked in front of everyone in town? We were awesome!"

Jackie giggled. "Yes Kon, I know. I was there. And you guys were awesome tonight."

"Darn right we were!" Corey said putting his guitar back in his case. Then he looked behind him and saw Jackie sitting down looking sad.

"Hey, why the long face Jacks?" He went up to her and leaned his arm on her shoulder. "You got to see your favorite band perform onstage! What's the problem?"

Jackie shrugged.

"Well, it's just that usually when you guys play somewhere, you never play there again. So now I guess there's nothing left for you here and you'll be heading back to your own world."

"Are you kidding?" Corey exclaimed. "Why would we wanna go back? We've only just started to rock here!"

Jackie looked up at the guitarist. "What?"

"Look, this place needs a band. A band that has the power and potential to lift up its spirits. What better band to do that than us? Which is the main reason why Grojband is going to stick around Tranquil Town and rock as many gigs as we can find!"

Laney spoke up.

"Another reason is because we have no clue how to get back to our own world."

"Yeah...that too." Corey looked toward Jackie. "But the thing is, we can't find all those gigs alone. We need someone with a knack for organizing and planning out where we'll perform. Someone who cares about the band so much that she'll find us gigs on the spot. Someone who's determined, creative, and clever. Well, guess what Jacks? That someone is you."

Jackie beamed. "Really?"

"What do you say? Would you like to be Grojband's very own manager?"

"Me? Really?" Jackie paused. "But wait, I thought Laney was your manager?"

Laney smiled.

"Listen kid, what you did today was incredible. Getting an entire crowd to come to town square just to listen to us is something that not even I could do. Trust me, you deserve it. Besides, it'll be nice to have a girl to converse with for a change."

"So Jackie?" Corey continued. "Are you up for it?"

Jackie looked at the band members as they anticipated her answer. Kin had his fingers crossed.

"Please...please...please..." He muttered under his breath.

Jackie smiled. How could she possibly say no to her favorite band?

"I'll do it!"

The four of them cheered. Kin was ecstatic.

"Yes! Yes! Oh thank you! Thank you!" He grabbed a hold of Jackie and hearts came out of him. "I knew we were meant to be together forever!"

He then stopped when he realized he had said his thoughts out loud.

"Uh...I mean you know, we as in all of us. I didn't mean together as in you and me." He gave a nervous laugh and blushed.

"Nice save dude." Kon whispered.

"By the way Jacks..." Corey started. "You will let us use Tracy's diary for lyrics won't you? Mine aren't getting any better..."

"No problem." Jackie said. "In fact, we'd better keep an eye out for her. I have a feeling she'll still be trying to wreck you guys' gigs. But, we can stop her. As long as we stick together!"

The five of them joined hands and chanted.


The end. But wait, it's not the end. It's only the end of the beginning. This is the part where you guys come in. The majority of the rest of this fanfic will be scenarios based on Grojband episodes that include Jackie. And since this is a completely different universe, the band will not have been in these situations before. So let me know which Grojband episode you would like to see in this fic and I'll get it up as soon as possible. You may also suggest some situations of your own to put the band in. But first, let me explain some rules: 1) Please be specific when you suggest things. You can understand why I can't work with 'more corney' or something like that. 2) I will accept scenarios for Corney and Jackin but there are a few restrictions to these. The scenarios can not have any kissing or confessions of feelings. This is because the whole point of this fanfic is for it to follow the events of the band so Corey and Jackie must remain oblivious to the fact that they each have someone crushing on them and Laney and Kin must keep their crushes secret from them. They will say their feelings eventually and maybe Corey and Jackie will show signs of liking them back. In the meantime, tell me which episode of Grojband you want to see in this fic.