Surprise, surprise, I didn't get this done by Valentine's Day. But hey, spring has finally sprung (at least where I am), and that's usually a time when young couples bloom. That still makes it appropriate, right? (lol me trying to justify my procrastination).

Anyway, here's the prompt for today sent in by Storygirl000:

"Hmmm..interesting story! And here's an idea: Kin decides to create a ray gun that makes people fall in love with the first person they see, in the hopes of using it to make Jackie fall in love with him. Kim of the Newmans has the same idea. Unfortunately, the first thing Jackie and Jack end up seeing after being hit with the love rays is each other, leading to the bands forming a temporary truce to break them up. Then Tracy gets her hands one one of the rays, with her sights set on Rick..."

I'm not going to say anything else here, but I'd recommend reading the notes at the bottom when you're done with this. It's nothing much, just a rundown of how I'm feeling about this whole story currently, but it might be important to look over as it talks briefly about the format I'm going to use for my next story. Also, I decided to have only Kim create a ray gun instead of both her and Kin since Kin had learned not to manipulate feelings back in Chapter 75. Okay, here we go.

PS: Yes, I did get slight inspiration from Hearts and Hooves Day.

Chapter 94

Love at First Fight

Today's story begins in a garage. A very familiar garage. A garage that houses everyone's favorite band…the Newmans? Wait a minute, that's not right. Since when did the Newmans become the stars of this story? Um…well, anyway…

The keyboardist of the band, Kim Kagami, was at work building something while her not-so-identical twin sister, Konnie, observed her.

"I'm telling you sis, it's never gonna work." she claimed.

"Oh be quiet. You wouldn't know. You didn't inherit the family's smart genes."

"Yeah, but, c'mon now. A laser thingy that makes people fall in love? Doesn't take a genius to know how impossible that is."

Kim stopped working momentarily. "Oh? And why is that?"

"Because love isn't something that you can make happen with science. It just…happens on its own."

"Oh, really? Well, if you actually paid attention in biology, you'd know that love is actually caused by the release of high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, two hormones present in the human body. And if it's part of the human body, it can easily be manipulated."

Konnie scoffed. "Stop making up words, Kim. Love isn't made that way, it comes from the heart. Everyone knows that. I mean, you don't see people giving out dopey-mean-shaped chocolate boxes on Valentine's Day, do ya?"

Kim rolled her eyes at her sister's ignorance.

"Anyway," Konnie continued. "I wouldn't count on science to make Jack fall in love with you. For that, you'll need a miracle."

At that moment, Kim stood up from her desk.

"Well, you're gonna eat those words, my snarky sibling! Because it's finally done!"

The keyboardist/scientist held up a pink, shiny ray gun with tiny hearts engraved all over it.

"Behold! The Lust Laser! It's loaded with such high amounts of dopamine and other hormones, you'll have no choice but to fall in love after just one zap! And once Jack gets a taste of it, he won't have a choice either…hee, hee, hee…"

"So…you're totally okay with manipulating your crush's feelings for your own selfish gain?" Konnie confirmed. "Doesn't that go against your morality?"

"I'm a scientist, dear sister. They have no morality."

Kim paused as she heard footsteps from inside the house.

"Gasp! He's coming! I gotta get ready!" she took position by the door and aimed the Lust Laser.

"Wow, you're pathetic." Konnie remarked.

Kim got in her face. "Stand over there in that corner! Jack has to see my face first in order for this to work! Now GO!"

Konnie submissively obeyed and stood in the far corner of the garage. At that moment, the door opened.

"Oh, hello Jack…" Kim giggled without looking up. "Funny question…do you think I look pretty today?"

Unbeknownst to her, it was actually Carrie and Larry standing at the door.

"Uh…I mean, relatively speaking I guess you look nice…" Larry answered. "But-"

"Well you will!" Kim interrupted and then she pulled the trigger, sending a pink laser towards her two bandmates.

Luckily, Carrie and Larry ducked their heads at the last moment before they could become Kim's newest guinea pigs and the laser ended up hitting a cockroach crawling on the wall.

"Whoopsie…" Kim chuckled nervously.

"What's your problem?!" Carrie scolded. "You nearly took off both our heads!"

"Well, first of all, I thought you were Jack." Kim explained. "Second, this is a love ray. It doesn't take off people's heads, it makes them fall in love."

Konnie observed the cockroach on the wall. Suddenly, the cockroach felt an unwitting attraction toward the blonde drummer. It jumped off of its spot on the wall and onto her cheek where it proceeded to kiss her repeatedly.

"And by the looks of it, it works!" Kim noted.

"Ewww!" Konnie shrieked, slapping the roach off her face and crushing it with her foot. "And they say human boys are gross…"

"So let me get this straight," Carrie said to Kim. "You're going to force our manager to fall in love with you? Isn't that kind of like…you know…desperate?"

"Well my looks, smarts, and charm haven't won him over so far. What else am I supposed to do?"

"Maybe they have." Larry suggested. "You never know. Some guys can hide their feelings for girls pretty well."

"Don't be silly, Lar." Carrie insisted. "If a boy likes a girl, it's totes obvious. I can always tell when someone's crushing, especially if it's on me."

"If you say so, Care…" Larry sighed.

"Sorry guys, but I can't wait around forever for Jack to step up to the plate and say how he feels about me."

"She does have a point." Konnie intervened. "She would be waiting around forever because Jack will never say he loves her."

"Exactly! Because he's too shy!" Kim assumed. "So the way I see it, the only way for him to properly express his feelings is for me to force the feelings out of him!"

"Don't you mean, make him have those feelings in the first place?" Konnie joked.

Kim glared. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. Now listen up, here's my plan. I'm going to stand by the front door of the house and ring the doorbell. You guys are gonna be behind the staircase and wait for Jack to come answer the door. Meanwhile, one of you will be holding the Lust Laser. When Jack comes downstairs, wait for him to open the door and as soon as he lays eyes on me, ZAP! Just like that, he'll be all over me!"

"I'm still not sure this is the right way to go about it, Kim." Larry said as Kim forcefully shoved the Lust Laser into Carrie's arms.

"Trust me, it's totally gonna work." Kim replied.

"I didn't say it wouldn't work, it's just-"

Kim wasn't listening, however. "Okay, you guys get into position! I'm gonna go freshen myself up so I'll look extra good to Jack when he falls for me."

Before the others could protest any further, Kim had walked out the garage door, a case of makeup in hand. With no other choice, the remaining three band members decided to go along with Kim's plan and went inside the house.

But as Kim powdered her face and plucked her eyebrows in the driveway and the rest of the Newmans remained out of sight, nobody noticed the arrival of the true heroes of the story and the Newmans' rivals, Grojband. Jackie was at the front, storming up to the front door of the Matterson household.

"So…why are we at our mortal enemies' place again, Jacks?" Laney spoke up.

"To get back my new makeup case!" Jackie explained furiously.

"The one with the pretty pink pony on it?" Kon confirmed.

"Yes! I was about to use it this morning but it wasn't on my vanity desk where I left it! And since Tracy of all people doesn't have it, that leaves only one major suspect!"

"Huh. Never knew Jack to be a beauty queen." Corey pondered.

"Even if he does have it Jackie, why do you need it?" Kin asked. "I think you look pretty without all that fancy makeup…"

Jackie ignored the compliment. "A theft is a theft, Kin! You guys wait outside for me. I've got some confronting to do."

The four band members stood back as Jackie angrily approached the front door. Not wanting to get involved, they decided to go wait in the driveway.

"I don't know, it just doesn't make sense why Jack would take Jackie's makeup." Laney claimed.

"Maybe he likes pretty pink ponies." Kon imagined. "I mean, who doesn't? I would steal that case too if I had the chance."

When the band reached the driveway, Kim paused her vanity session to take notice of them.

"Hey! What are you chumps doing here?"

"Well we're not here by choice, if you're wondering." Laney informed her. "Apparently somebody swiped Jackie's makeup case this morning."

"And not just any makeup case!" Kon went on. "It's got a sparkly pink unicorn on it."

Kim looked at the case in her hand, which matched that description perfectly. She hid it behind her back before her rivals could examine it.

"Oh, heh, heh! Is that so?" she laughed innocently. "How strange…"

"Uh, yeah." Laney continued. "So, we're just checking to see if Jack took it for some reason. Jackie's at the door right now about to interrogate him."

"What?! How dare you! Jack is not a thief! He may hate your manager's guts, but he wouldn't steal from-" Kim paused. "Uh, hold on. Did you just say Jackie was at the front door?"

"Yeah…" Corey nodded.

Kim became panicked. "Oh no!"

As Grojband attempted to solve the mystery of why Kim was so freaked out, Jackie was already banging on the door. The rest of the Newmans were under the staircase inside the house when they heard her knocking.

"I'll get it!" Jack's voice came from upstairs.

"He's coming! Get ready!" Carrie whispered to Konnie, who was holding Kim's laser.

Konnie nodded and took aim as Jack approached the front door.

"Can I do it yet? Can I do it yet?" Konnie begged.

"Wait!" Carrie shushed her and listened for the sound of the door opening. "Okay! Now!"

"Kim's gonna owe me big for this!" Konnie pressed down on the trigger and a pink laser shot straight toward the Newmans' manager, right as he recognized Jackie at his doorstep.

"Matthews? What the heck do you wa-?"

At that moment, the laser made impact and for a moment, Jack forgot what he had wanted to say.

"I think you know why I'm here, Matterson!" Jackie confronted. "You stole my makeup case! I want it back! Right now!"

Jack rubbed his eyes, trying to process the beautiful face he was looking at.

"Well?" Jackie tapped her foot. "What are you waiting for? Are you gonna confess or not?"

"Um…no…I don't have your makeup case…" Jack finally answered. "But…if you ask me, you don't need it. I think you look pretty without all that fancy makeup."

"Huh. Weird. Kin said that same-" Jackie paused as she came upon a realization. "Wait, did you just call me pretty?"

To the girl's surprise, her gender opposite started scooting closer to her.

"There's no one else here, is there?"

"Jack! No!" a voice cried from behind the two.

Before she could even react, Jackie was tackled to the ground by Kim. Grojband soon followed behind, still having no idea what was happening.

"Jackie!" Kin panicked.

"Hey! What the heck do you think you're doing?" Jack demanded. "Get your hands off of that goddess of a woman!"

Kim blushed. "Aw Jack, how sweet of you to say that! For a second there I thought I was too la-"

The girl in glasses soon found herself being lifted and tossed aside by her crush. He bent over and pulled Jackie off the ground by her hand and held her close.

"So sorry about that, babycakes." he flirted. "She's clearly jealous of your unfathomable allure."

"Whaaaat?" Kim and Kin went simultaneously.

Jackie shoved her doppelganger away. "First of all, stop touching me! Secondly, I have no idea what anything you just said means. And thirdly, you're weird."

Just then, the other Newmans stepped outside.

"Well, everything went according to plan, sis!" Konnie announced. "Thanks to me, Jack's finally into you! You're welcome!"

Kim smiled as her eye twitched. "Oh yeah, good job, Konnie. I can see you did zap Jack with my Lust Laser. And he's clearly fallen in love. There's just one teensy, weensy little detail…" she grabbed her sister's collar and turned her head towards the band managers. "He's not in love with me!"

"Such a gorgeous, delicate, impeccable face…" Jack ran his finger against Jackie's cheek. "How did I never notice before?"

"I said, get off, Matterson!" Jackie ordered. "You're freaking me out!"

"Oh…" Konnie noted. "I get it. Well, that's not a problem! Let me just find the reverse switch on here…"

"No!" Kim struggled to snatch the ray from Konnie. "You'll just mess something else up! Give me that!"

"Stop! I can do it!" Konnie pleaded.

While the duo tugged on the laser, they failed to realize it was pointed in Jackie and Jack's direction, the former still trying to get away from the latter.

"C'mon sweetie, you know you like it!"

"No, I don't like it one bit! In fact, I-"

The next pull Konnie made landed her finger on the trigger and then…


Another pink laser shot out and sure enough, Jackie was the target this time. She blinked in surprise and confusion.

"I…" she looked into Jack's eyes, which for some reason, she found attractive now. "I…love it! And I love you even more…"

"WHAT?!" Grojband gasped.

"Oh, stop it you." Jack replied.

Kim stared daggers at her not-so-identical twin.

"Um…guess I made it worse, huh?"

"YOU THINK?!" Kim screamed.

"Jackie? In love with the Newmans' manager?" Kin recapped. "This must be a bad dream!"

"I always knew Jackie would fall for someone that wasn't you." Kon added. "Just didn't think it would be someone she hates."

"C'mon snookums," Jack began. "Let's ditch these losers and head down to the shake shack. It's the perfect place for new couples."

"Snookums?" Kim repeated in a shocked and disgusted manner.

"Sounds like a date, honey bunny." Jackie giggled.

"Honey bunny?" Kin was also shocked and disgusted.

Once the managers were gone, the two rival bands were left distraught over the whole situation. Most distraught of all though were Kin and Kim.

Kin grabbed Kim's collar. "What did you do?! I don't want Jackie making goo-goo eyes at your horrible manager!"

Kim pushed him off. "Like I want it either?! Anyway, if you want to point the blame at someone, do it at her!" she pointed at Konnie. "She's the one who hit them!"

"One, it was an accident." Konnie reminded her. "Two, it's your love ray. And F, I tried to fix it but I couldn't find the reverse switch."

"That's because there is no reverse switch!" Kim shouted. "My intentions were to make Jack love me permanently! Why would I add a reverse switch if I wanted him to love me permanently?!"

"Wait," Laney realized. "So Jackie and Jack are gonna be each other's sweethearts…forever?"

"No, no, no!" Kin freaked. "Don't say that! I won't accept it!"

"But…if our managers like each other now…does that mean we can't be enemies anymore?" Larry guessed.

"It could be worse than that! This could mean the end of both our rivalry and our bands!" Corey theorized. "With Jackie canoodling that creep all the time, she won't be around to help us practice!"

"Canoodling? Great, now I'm hungry for some spaghetti." Kon held his belly.

"Right?" Konnie did the same.

"How can you think of food at a time like this?" Kim scolded.

"Okay, okay!" Carrie finally cut in. "Let's just all chill out! This isn't helping anything! If there's no obvious solution, then obviously, we need to come up with one. Let's regroup in our garage so we can brainstorm."

"Oh no!" Corey argued. "You guys already got your time in the limelight! We're going to our garage and you can't do anything about it!"

"Oh yeah? How are you gonna make us go?"

"Like this!" Corey snapped his fingers.


Carrie opened her eyes, only to find herself and the others in Grojband's garage.

"Well played, Riffin. Well played."

Kim and Kin observed the former's strange, sentiment-inducing innovation.

"So, you made this thing specifically to force Jack to fall in love with you?" Kin summarized. "Isn't that kind of desperate?"

"Oh, says the guy who tried making a love potion to entice his manager." Kim snarked.

"Hey, let's not go bringing that up again. That was a situation we all hated. Especially the person who wrote about it. Anyway, I've moved beyond emotional manipulation. I think Jackie's starting to like me for me."

Kon guffawed. "Yeah, right! Even if she wasn't obsessed with Matterson right now, she still wouldn't be batting an eye at you."

"Okay, this really isn't the time for playful or malicious mocking, guys." Laney claimed. "We need to come up with an idea to break those two up! Otherwise, our bands are history!"

Little did the enemies know that while their conversation was going on, two spies were listening in. These spies were none other than the sisters of their managers, Tracy and Macy.

"Lanes is right!" Corey agreed. "Jackie and Jack can't be together! We gotta reverse this somehow!"

"But we can't!" Kim reminded them. "The affects of the Lust Laser are irreversible! Goodness knows there's no stopping raging hormones…"

"OM-Gosh, Macy!" Tracy gasped. "Can you believe it?"

"I know! My brother and your sister together? I always thought they hated each other."

"Never mind that! Those chumps have something that makes people fall in love! This is my chance to finally get Rick to notice his hidden feelings for me!"

"Wait, he has feelings for you?"

Tracy put her face in Macy's while giving her a threatening stare.

"I'm gonna stop talking now…"

"Good! Because what you should be doing is getting me that love-making thing! Then once I have it, we'll hunt down the hunk, make him look into my super beautiful eyes, and then BAM! Rick is mine forever!"

"Forever?" Macy worried, as she thought of her younger sibling.

"Duh! You heard Klutzy Nerdette! The effects are irreversible! In normal people words, that means there's no way out!"

"But…that means Jack will love Jackie forever too!"

"And you can send him my condolences. Now go! While their backs are turned! Hurry up!"

Macy nodded and without making a sound, began to sneak her way into the garage and behind the coffee table, where Kim had placed the love device.

"Okay, let's not panic just yet." Carrie continued to Kim. "If the laser doesn't have a reverse option, why don't you just add one?"

"Because it would take forever." Kim told her. "To scientifically reverse a love spell, I'd need to collect hormones that generate the opposite of love. And let me tell ya, it was hard enough getting the ones I already had."

"I know! What if you zapped them both a second time?" Konnie suggested. "Maybe they'll fall in love with something else?"

Kim shook her head. "All that would do is increase the love they already have for each other. As well as increase my nausea over it."

"Hm…I got it!" Kon beamed. "Since they're constantly looking into each other's eyes, we should get them to focus their eyes onto something else for a super long period of time, like say, an hour, and then eventually they'll forget they ever fell in love in the first place!"

Carrie smirked in an amused manner. "Wow, that has like, got to be the most-"

"-brilliant idea ever!" Corey finished. "I dare even say it's a crazy plan that just might work! Way to go, Kon!"

"Thanks! I came up with it after remembering an episode of a cartoon my girlfriend and I watched together. I don't know why, but she seems spiritually connected to it."

"Okay, it's worth a shot." Kim decided. "You guys go find them. I'll catch up after I put this laser away so it can't cause any more problems."

The keyboardist turned to where she had set the Lust Laser down, but was shocked to learn that it was no longer there.

"Huh?! B-B-But, where is it? I just set it down right here! I know I did!"

As Kim frantically searched for her invention, Macy returned to Tracy, holding it in her hands.

"Here ya go, Tracy! One bonafide love ray guaranteed to endear Rick!"

Tracy swiped the ray, without even so much as a 'thank you.'

"I don't care if it's made of bones, Macy! And it's going to make Rick fall in love with me, not turn him into a deer! You call yourself a genius. Now activate the Hunk Locator!"

Macy opened up a location app on her phone and a green dot appeared on the screen.

"Rick Salary located, Tracy! You know, I'm surprised you didn't want me to stick a tracking device on him sooner. Seems like something you would've done back in like, Chapter 5."

"Did you forget how long it took you to build that thing? If you were quick enough, it would have been stuck to Rick's head by Chapter 6! Now lead me to him already!"

When the two teenagers left, Kim was still searching the garage up and down for what they had just stolen.

"It has to be here somewhere! Where could it be?"

"C'mon sis, let's look for it later." Konnie insisted. "You want the old Jack back, right?"

"Konnie's right, Kim. Wherever that thing is, it can't be far." Carrie added. "We don't need it anyway. We're trying to break up love, not cause more of it."

"Okay, Jack said he and Jackie were going to the shake shack downtown." Laney recalled. "Let's head down there and separate them so we can all go back to hating each other. The sooner that happens, the better."

Kim followed the others outside. "Well…okay. I just hope we can find that laser when we get back. I don't want it falling into the wrong hands…again." she glanced at Konnie.

"Hey!" Konnie retorted.


By the time the bands had arrived at the shake shack, Jack and Jackie had already gotten seated and were drinking a huge, chocolate shake topped with whipped cream, heart-shaped sprinkles, and a cherry. As they sipped, they continued to dreamily look into each other's eyes, clearly unable to look elsewhere. And as Grojband and the Newmans peered into the window, they found themselves having the same problem.

"Look at that…" Kim gagged. "It's so sickening…"

"Really?" Kon drooled. "Looks pretty good to me!"

"Me too!" Konnie agreed.

Kim made a confused face at the two drummers.

"Uh, we were talking about the shake, right?" Kon assumed.

Corey changed the subject. "Okay, I think I have an idea. Lanes, you go up to Jackie and give her an excuse for leaving the table. If she doesn't, Kon and Konnie can pull her away. The rest of us will hold Jack back from going after her."

"Ha! You call that a plan?" Carrie scoffed. "I can come up with something better than that!"

"Okay, fine. Whatcha got?"

Carrie paused to think. "Well…I was thinking we could…do…um…the same thing you said. But mine's better because I came up with it!"

The eight teens entered the shop and Laney and the drummers slowly approached Jackie and Jack's table. Unsurprisingly, they still had their eyes on each other.

"Mm…this milkshake is sooo sweet." Jackie said.

"Yeah," Jack nodded. "But it's not nearly as sweet as our love…"

Jackie took his hands. "I'm so lucky to have someone like you…"

"I know. Anyone would be lucky to have me…"

"Wow, even under a trance, he's still an egomaniac." Laney commented under her breath before speaking to Jackie. "Uh, hey Jacks! See you're still slobbering all over that creepy copycat. You know, that milkshake is real big and-"

"Yeah, there's no way you can finish it!" Kon intervened.

"But we can help you if you want!" Konnie added.

Laney pushed the two aside. "Anyway, surely after drinking such a huge shake like that, you must have to use the bathroom, right?"

"Hm…" Jackie thought aloud. "I guess my bladder is acting up a little…but I don't wanna leave my honey bunny."

"Aw, you're the greatest, snookums!" Jack responded.

"Should've figured that wouldn't work." Laney told Kon and Konnie. "Okay, take her away."

The biggest members of the two bands began to forcefully pull Jackie away, prompting her to grasp the table in protest. Her fingernails began to shrink as they scraped against the surface from being pulled.

"Honey bunny!"

Jack reached for her hands, but the remaining band members had sneaked up behind him and started holding him back.


Laney soon joined Kon and Konnie in towing Jackie and gradually got her closer to the ladies' restroom. As this was going on, Rick Salary entered the building and went up to the counter to order something. Tracy and Macy weren't far behind him.

"There he is, Tracy! Just like the tracker said he would be!"

"Perfect! Ooh, looks like he spent extra time on his hair today. I bet it's as soft as cotton candy…"

"Okay, I'm getting ready to fire!" Macy aimed the laser at Rick's head. "One…two…"

Tracy blocked the laser's nozzle. "No! Not yet! I'm not in his line of sight! Here's the plan: I'm gonna go in and start up a conversation with him. Then when I say the word 'pretty,' that's when you strike him!"

"Um, sure but which 'pretty' are you talking about? How will I know it's the right one?"

"You'll know. I'm going in now. Do not miss your cue or else!"

Macy nodded as her spoiled best friend went inside and got behind Rick.

"Oh, hi Rick! I totally didn't know you were gonna be here!"

"Hey Tracy Matthews." Rick greeted. "Rick's just here for his favorite protein shake; Kale Kreme. It keeps Rick's hair and skin extra shiny."

"Oh, I can tell. Hee, hee!"

Laney, Kon, and Konnie, meanwhile, had almost gotten Jackie into the bathroom when they noticed Tracy talking with Rick.

"Hey, look! Tracy's here!" Kon pointed in their direction.

"Oh great. As if we needed any more trouble." Laney groaned.

"Doesn't look like she wants to cause any trouble. Looks like she's just talking to Rick."

Tracy twirled her hair with her finger. "So anyway, Rick, I have a question for you and it's a pretty important one."

Macy's ears perked up. "Oh! She said the word! That's my cue!"

The nerd stepped inside and fired the Lust Laser toward Tracy and Rick. Tracy noticed right away and maneuvered herself and Rick out of the line of fire, causing the laser to hit instead, the vendor at the counter who had just come out with Rick's order.

"One Kale Kreme, extra kale, hold the kreme for-"

The vendor paused as the laser made impact on her. She blinked in surprise and confusion. When her eyes opened, Rick was in her line of vision. Everyone in the shop turned to look at the scene, but Grojband and the Newmans were the most attentive of all.

"Macy! You blew it!" Tracy scolded.

"But-but Tracy, I did what you said! I fired when you said the word 'pretty'!"

"That was the wrong 'pretty,' genius! You were supposed to shoot when I asked Rick if he thought I was pretty! You can't do anything right!"

"Well hello, handsome." the vendor batted her eyelashes at Rick. "I got your shake right here. Normally you'd have to pay $6.50 for it, but I'll give it to ya for free if you cut me off a piece of your cake."

"Rick thinks you're mistaken. He doesn't have any cake."

"Ya sure? Looks like you got something real tasty under your shirt…"

Tracy turned her attention away from Macy just in time to spot the vendor moving towards the love of her life.

"Come to mama, sweetness!" the vendor puckered her lips.

"Oh no you don't!" Tracy pushed Rick aside and got in her face. "Get your own hunk, lady!"

"Move it or lose it, ya bimbo!" the vendor picked up Rick's shake and poured its contents on Tracy's head.

"Oh, I see! Well if you wanted a death wish, all you had to do was ask!"

The teenage girl tackled the milkshake vendor and both of them fell behind the counter, where they continued to quarrel. Rick glanced over at Macy who shyly stepped back a few feet. The popular boy shrugged, as if he was used to girls fighting over him (which he was), and walked out of the store. Meanwhile, Grojband and the Newmans were so distracted by the episode that they unwillingly let Jackie and Jack escape their grasps. The two managers embraced each other happily.

"Oh honey bunny, thank goodness we're together again! Being apart for so long was the worst thing ever!"

"I know! And for 30 whole seconds too! It was torture! But I won't let anyone separate us again, snookums. C'mon, let's go someplace a lot less violent, where no one can interfere with our love."

The couple locked their hands and merrily strolled outside. But their bands were too busy contemplating the recent events to even notice.

"Did you see that?" Laney stated. "Tracy got a hold of the laser!"

"So that's where it went!" Kim realized. "But, what would she want with a weapon that infatuates whoever it hits?"

"Obviously, she's trying to get her hands on Rick." Corey chuckled. "And even with a love-making ray, she still can't do it."

"We need to get it back from her before she causes more problems!" Laney decided.

"But what about Jack and Jackie?" Kim reminded her. "We still need to break them up!"

"Well, we couldn't physically separate them." Larry recapped. "So, what else can we do?"

"I don't know. But we better think of something quick! All this talk of love is just filling me with more hate!" Carrie gagged.

"Hate…" Corey beamed. "That's it! I think I know how we can get the ray back from Tracy and break up our managers at the same time!"

"How Core?" Laney asked.

"Think about it. Hate is the opposite of love, right? And a love song makes love grow, right? So…what if we wrote a song that's the opposite of that?"

"Like…a hate song?" Kim assumed.

"Exactly! We'll write Jackie and Jack a ballad filled with so many hateful lyrics, it'll make them hate each other again!"

"Well, writing the music will be easy," Laney began. "It's the lyrics that'll be the problem."

"C'mon Lanes, you should know by now that writing lyrics is never a problem when Tracy is around. Especially hateful lyrics."

"Wait, what does she know about writing songs?" Carrie interrogated. "Last time I checked, I thought she hated music?"

"Whaaat? No! She loves music! She just…doesn't know it. Listen, why don't you guys stay behind and get to work on the melody? We'll handle the lyrics."

"I don't know…" Larry contemplated. "Should we trust them, Care?"

"Of course not." Carrie sighed. "But, desperate times call for desperate measures. All right, Riffin. Just make it quick!"

"No sweat! We'll get those words and Kim's laser in no time! Just leave it to us!"


After winning the battle against the lovestruck milkshake vendor, Tracy made her way to Rick's newest location, the town square park. Coincidentally, Jackie and Jack were there too, sitting on a bench and holding hands. Grojband was spying on them from behind a tree.

"Finally! A nice, quiet place where we can be alone with our adoration for one another."

"Yeah…and it's so romantic too…"

"And, the best part is, your ex-friends aren't around to ruin everything!"

"I know. Why can't they just accept the way we feel?"

"Obviously, they don't understand anything about true love. Especially the one with glasses. That kid couldn't get a trash bag to go on a date with him, let alone someone like you."

Kin growled. "Grr…he's toast!"

Laney held her angered bandmate back. "There'll be plenty of time for needless violence caused by jealousy later."

"Yeah, besides, they won't be together for much longer anyway." Corey added.

"Fine." Kin grumped. "But let's hurry this up! I want Jackie cured of this forbidden love syndrome so she can start loving on me again!"

"And then afterward, we can cure you of your delusions of grandeur." Kon remarked.

"Okay," Corey went on. "We need Tracy to write a hate song to break up Jackie and Jack. And at the same time, Tracy wants to use Kim's love ray to force Rick to fall in love with her."

"Thanks for stating what we know already." Laney sarcastically replied.

"So, if we want Tracy to write hateful words in her diary, all we have to do is make Rick look at some other girl first when he gets hit!"

"Huh. That's not a bad plan." Laney commented. "But, who's gonna be the girl he falls for?"

Corey and the twins remained silent and gave the only female band member persuasive grins.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding…"

As the boys tried to convince Laney to be the guinea pig, Tracy and Macy found Rick near the pond, feeding birds.

"This is it!" Tracy exclaimed. "The opportunity is upon us at last! And there's not a single other girl who could get in the way of the shot!"

"That's so cool, Tracy!" Macy answered supportively. "And don't worry, I promise this time I won't mess everything up!"

Tracy pushed Macy to the ground and snatched the laser from her.

"Yeah, I know you won't, because I'm gonna shoot Rick myself!"

"But…then what will I do?"

"KEEP AS FAR AWAY FROM MY NEW BOYFRIEND AS POSSIBLE!" Tracy screamed before walking away. "Last thing I need is a dork getting between two hotties…"

Rick was busy giving a robin his last bit of breadcrumbs when the teenaged brat butted in.

"Oh hey Tracy Matthews. Rick didn't think-"

"Spare me the chitchat, gorgeous. Let's just get right down to the kissing!"

With that, Tracy pulled the trigger and zapped the popular boy. Grojband, who had maneuvered inside a bush, witnessed the whole thing.

"Okay, Lanes! Do your thing!" Corey pushed Laney out into the open.

"You guys owe me big for this…"

Rick held his head, his eyes still closed after being hit. "Rick feels weird…like he's about to become attracted to someone he wasn't interested in before…"

"Oh, is that so?" Tracy giggled.

Rick's eyes slowly began to open, but just as his pupils were about to meet Tracy's face, Laney started to talk very loudly and insincerely.

"Oh, look at me! A pretty young girl standing all alone with no one to reassure me of having brains, beauty, and talent! Woe is me! Doomed to live the rest of my life without a man by my side!"

Tracy scoffed. "What a weirdo. Anyway Rick, you were saying?"

"Rick Salary thinks he can help solve your loneliness problem. He thinks you're very pretty."

"Aw, Rick! How nice of you to-"

Rick moved Tracy aside and approached Laney.

"…What?!" she stood in shock.

Rick took Laney's hands.

"Rick would love it if you were his girlfriend. He promises to make sure you never feel alone again."

"Rick? What are you doing?" Tracy balled her fists in anger. "Why are you holding that geek's hands?"

Corey, Kin, and Kon watched from afar.

"Yes! Here it comes!" Corey whispered.

Tracy turned her back on the scene and storm clouds filled the previously clear, blue sky.

"I was so close to having Rick as my boyfriend…but instead he'd rather spend the rest of his life with an ugly dude?! This is so…not… FAIIIIRRRR!"

The teenager shot into the sky, surrounded by milkshakes and birds. Her diary and pen landed into her hands and flames of hatred and jealousy filled the pages. The pond filled up with a blast of fire, scaring the birds Rick was feeding away. Once she finished writing, she fell back to earth and her diary landed in Corey's right hand, while his left hand caught Kim's Lust Laser. It was at this moment when the Newmans arrived.

"Okay, it's been twenty whole minutes." Carrie complained. "Are those lyrics ready or what?"

Corey tossed the laser to Kim and hid the diary out of sight.

"Yep! You're just in time! C'mon guys, time to play anti-Cupid!"

Jackie and Jack were still on the park bench holding hands when they were approached by their bands.


"Honey bunny…"

"Hey Jacks!" Corey greeted. "Seems to me you're still madly in love. So, the gang and I figured we'd play you a special little ditty to really set the mood right."

Jackie gasped. "Aw, a love song?"

"Yeah…something like that." Corey prepped his guitar. "Actually, this is a song that Jack wrote himself, so he could say how he really feels about you."

Jackie turned to her 'lover.'

"Oh honey bunny, you wrote a song for me?"

Jack was confused. "Uh…I guess I did. I mean, I don't remember writing it, but-"

"Sure ya did, buddy!" Corey interrupted. "You came up with it when you and Jackie met. It's comprised of all the thoughts you were having when you saw her for the first time."

"Uh…you sure? Cause I don't-"

"Don't worry, you'll remember once you hear it. Both of you will! Okay guys, hit it!"

Grojband and the Newmans started to play a sweet-sounding song.

Corey: I remember the day when I first saw you

We were both completely awestruck

Jackie and Jack held hands lovingly as they listened.

I had just one thought when I saw your face

And that one and only thought was…

Grojand & Newmans: YUCK!

The last lyric shocked the two managers and they immediately stopped holding hands. The music became louder and harsher.

Corey: You look like a chimpanzee

And you smell like one too

Everytime you come around

I throw up on my shoe

And don't get me started on that clump you call your hair

I only guess it looks like that cause you were raised by bears

I wrote this song to tell you exactly what I think

And I'm gonna tell you now: YOU STINK!

All (sans Corey): Yeah, yeah, you stink

Corey: You make my face go green!

All (sans Corey): Yeah, yeah, you stink

Corey: If you know what I mean


Once the song was over, Jackie and Jack were at a loss for words. Finally, the former turned to the latter, looking angry.

"So that's how you really feel about me, is it?!"

"What?! I never wrote that!" Jack refuted. "But now that I think about it, you do look and smell like a chimpanzee!"

Jackie gasped. "Oh yeah? Well you're the one who was really raised by bears, because you act like an animal!"

Grojband and the Newmans had looks of triumph as their friends continued to go back and forth.

"Ugh! You are so rude!"

"You're so rude! Having the nerve to tell me that I stink! And even so, I can't smell as terrible as your breath! All this time I thought you loved me!"

"Okay, fine! If that's how you feel, then I'll just go back to hating you!"

"Then I'm gonna go back to hating you too! This little love affair is over, Matterson! I'm going back to my band!"

"Well, so am I! C'mon Newmans! I'm done with girls! From now on, it's the bachelor's life for me!"

As Jack, Carrie, and Larry left, Kim looked down at the Lust Laser and sighed. Konnie put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, don't lose hope. You can always zap him again."

"…Nah…it's not worth the trouble." Kim decided, tossing the ray into the nearest trash can. "Besides, one day he might change his mind. Once he sees how lovable I am without some silly laser."

"…Ha! Yeah right!"

And then, the Newman twins were gone too.

"Ugh!" Jackie folded her arms frustratedly. "I don't think I'll ever understand boys after this. Let's go home, you guys."

"Well, at least all this forbidden love junk is over now." Kin noted.

"Hey, wait up." a voice called.

"Oh no…" Laney didn't even have to turn around to know who the voice belonged to.

Rick was standing behind all of them, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

"Rick brought these for the pretty girl. He wants to know if she has any plans Friday night."

Laney turned to Corey. "Any chance we can cook up another hate song?"

Corey shrugged. "Thanks for coming out everyone!"

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