Yippee! It's finally summer! Or, it has been for the last few weeks. And what better way to celebrate this glorious season than with another Meeting Grojband story? This one comes from regular reader, StarHeart Specials:

"Hi, I know you're probably busy writing, but I just had a great idea! Remember my request about that scout episode? Well, you could write a sequel to it based on the Fairly OddParents episode, Dinklescouts! It would fit perfectly! Thank you for your tie and I hope you take it into consideration."

This one is shorter than my average chapter, but I took a little time off for myself this past month, so, sorry if it came out later than it should have. Then again, I don't think anyone is reading this anymore because the last update received no reviews. Of course, it could be because the last chapter was bad, but if that's the case, don't be afraid to tell me. I do accept negative criticism and in fact, if I didn't, my work wouldn't be able to improve. So remember, even if you don't like a chapter, review it anyway! All feedback is accepted!

Anyway, back to the request. So, funny story. When I first read this request, I thought it was referring to the other episode of Fairly Oddparents where the Squirrely Scouts face off against the Cream Puffs, because honestly, that would be a good fit to have the Newmans play the Cream Puff scouts. But it turns out, they were referring to another episode I had never seen before. So, I watched the episode and uh...can I just say that modern Fairly Oddparents really does not understand the basics of humor? So many jokes in this episode are forced and just fall flat and a majority do not make any sense. Also, Sparky is in this episode, and he's incredibly annoying. And he has no reason to exist. I'm not trying to criticize you, StarHeart Specials, but I really had a hard time understanding your point of view here because I did not see how this episode was a good fit for this fic. I still made it work, obviously, but with a lot of rewriting. For starters, Jackie's dad is nowhere near as stupid as Timmy's dad and I didn't want to make him like every other idiot father in cartoons. Secondly, he doesn't really have any enemies to speak of so finding a Dinkleberg here was the real challenge. Eventually I went with Jackie's mom since she definitely is the more responsible of the two. TL;DR version: I didn't like this episode and had to change pretty much everything about it to make it work.

Okay, with all that said, here we go! Here is Chapter 95.

Chapter 95

Twist and Scout

Spring had finally sprung in Tranquil Town, and thus, it was time once again for the Ferret Scouts to come together and go on their annual camping trip. Jackie was in her room, changing into her uniform and packing up supplies, when Grojband entered in their uniforms.

"Hey Jacks!" Corey greeted. "Are ya all set for the Ferret Scouts campout?"

"Almost." Jackie informed him. "Just gotta do a quick inventory. Let's see, sleeping bag, sunscreen, bug repellent, water canteen…yep, that should just about do it!"

"If I were you, I would make sure I had a first aid kit in there too." Laney commented.


"Did you forget that your dad is taking us on the trip?" Kin reminded her. "He's always putting us in danger!"

Jackie playfully rolled her eyes. "Aw c'mon, he's not that bad."

"Not that bad?" Laney repeated. "He made us scale a steep mountain, hang glide into a creepy forest, and then you nearly fell over a waterfall! And for what? A measly napkin-folding badge?"

Jackie shrugged. "So? That was only one incident. Weren't the last few scout meetings we had nice, safe, and clean fun?"

"Clearly, we're gonna need to refresh that memory of yours, Jacks."

Corey took out his phone and proceeded to show Jackie several photos from their last Ferret scout nature outings. One depicted the scouts running away from a swarm of angry bees. Another showed Jackie's dad frantically trying to extinguish a fire after it spread to one of the tents. The last picture was of Jackie, and the aftermath of a head injury she suffered after she fell into a hole in the forest because it was too dark to see anything.

"Huh…you know, that last one might explain why I don't recall any of these things happening."

"Face the music, gal pal." Laney went on. "Your dad may not be the overly-cliche helpless idiot most fathers are portrayed to be on television, but that doesn't make him responsible!"

"Okay, so he's not perfect, I admit that. But he doesn't mean to put us in danger, you know that. It's just…well, he's really passionate about being the scout leader and he gets a little excited sometimes. And when that happens, he doesn't really…think, you know?"

"She's got a point." Kon admitted. "It's hard to think when you're excited. I get excited all the time and look how often I've put myself and everyone else in danger!"

"Jackie! Kids!" a voice called from outside the room.

Before Grojband could even react, the door swung open, squishing them against the wall. Standing outside the door was Mr. Matthews wearing his scout uniform.

"Oh! There you are, honey! Glad to see you're prepared for our big campout!" he ruffled his daughter's hair affectionately. "But where are those weird friends of yours? Aren't they ready yet?"

Jackie peered behind the door where the band was lying battered and bruised.

"Uh…they shouldn't be too much longer…"

"Anyway, check out the campsite we'll be staying at this weekend!"

Jackie was handed a flyer with a picture of a forest of wild animals surrounding what appeared to be an active volcano. She read the caption at the top of the page.

"'Camp Calamity. It's so terrifying, it's fun.' Dad, are you sure we should camp here? It looks a little risky."

"Nonsense! Nobody ever got hurt from taking a risk! Besides, you know that as your scout leader and father, I would never make you do something if I thought you would get hurt from it."

"And you don't think a volcano would hurt me?"

"Not as long as I'm in charge! Trust me cupcake, I know what I'm doing. If I didn't, I wouldn't have been chosen to be the leader!"

"But you chose yourself to be the leader."

"Because I know there's no one more qualified! Now get your goofy friends and meet me in the car. Nature waits for no one!"

Once Mr. Matthews was gone, Jackie shut the door to her room and faced her injured band on the floor.

"Okay guys, you were right. My dad isn't responsible enough to lead us. But what are we supposed to do about it?"

"Maybe we could find somebody who is responsible to become the new scout leader?" Laney suggested.

"Hey! That's a great idea!" Corey agreed. "But who do we know that's really, really, really responsible?"

The doorknob began to turn again and Grojband shrieked, embracing for another impact. But to their surprise, the door only ended up lightly touching them. This time, it was Jackie's mom who came in.

"Hi sweetheart. Sorry for barging in. I just wanted to bring you some extra supplies for your big campout with your father. You know how extravagant he can be. So, here's a first aid kit containing all methods of pain and discomfort relief as well as 20 packs of bandages, a list of emergency phone numbers including the ones for the five closest hospitals, an epinephrine injector in case of insect bites and/or stings…oh! And an inhaler!"

"An inhaler? But Mom, I don't have asthma."

"Well dear, you never know with your dad. Anything's possible. Also, just in case 's'mores on a campfire' ends in disaster like it did last year, I baked some chocolate chip cookies for you and your friends."

Mrs. Matthews handed Jackie a big bag filled with cookies.

"Okay, have a nice, safe trip sweetie. If anything happens, you know what to do."

The mother kissed Jackie on the cheek and then left the room. Once she was gone, Kon immediately swiped the bag of cookies from her and shoved a handful in his mouth.

"All right! Why couldn't I be lucky enough to get your mom? She's awesome!"

"Not only that, she seems really responsible too." Laney observed.

"Yeah…" Corey beamed. "Responsible enough to be our new scout leader!"

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Jackie stated. "With my mom in charge, there's no way we'll get hurt! Let's go ask and see if she's interested!"

"Won't that hurt your dad's feelings?" Kin suggested.

"Since when do you care about Jackie's dad's feelings?" Kon asked after swallowing a mouthful of cookie. "He's never cared about yours. And he especially doesn't care about the ones you have for-"

Kin stuffed a cookie into his twin's mouth before he could reveal anything more. Jackie continued.

"I don't think my dad will mind. He's a good sport. I'm sure he'll handle it very maturely."


Mr. Matthews had been packing up the car when Jackie and the others told them their idea.

"What? You want your mother to be the scout leader instead of me?"

"Yeah, we already talked to her about it." Jackie informed him. "She said she's open to the idea as long as you're okay with it."

"Ha! That's absurd! Why would you want your mom to lead you when you've got someone like me? What's she have that I don't?"

"Um…well, she's…uh…she has…" Jackie struggled to be completely honest with her dad. Luckily, Laney did it for her.

"She's responsible!"

"So what? Are you saying I'm not responsible?"

The kids looked down nervously.


"Well if you think about it…"

"Nothing personal or anything…"

Mr. Matthews laughed in disbelief. "This is ridiculous! I thought all of you thought of me as the best scout leader you've ever had! Now all of a sudden, you don't like me?"

"You're the only scout leader we've ever had." Laney reminded him.

"And it's not like we don't like you sir…" Corey went on. "We just don't like you when you're our scout leader."

"Corey!" Jackie scolded. "What he means Dad, is that sometimes you don't always have our best interests at heart. You just get so caught up in your leadership skills that you forget about the safety of your scouts. And we all think it's best for the troop if someone else takes over."

"You can't be serious! Even if what you said is true, your mother doesn't have half the knowledge of being a scout leader as I do! After all, I've read the handbook over five times and she hasn't even glanced at the cover!"

Corey took out the book and flipped to a page. "Then you should recall sir, that according to the scout handbook, if the scouts don't feel their leader is up to par, they have the privilege to vote for a new one!"

"Okay! Fine!" Mr. Matthews relented. "All who would rather keep me as the scout leader, raise your hand!"

To the man's surprise, no one had raised a hand but him.

"All in favor of Jackie's mom?" Kon raised his hand.

Jackie and the others did the same.

"Sorry, Dad. Looks like you're outnumbered."

Mr. Matthews clenched his fist and threw his hat on the ground. He took a deep breath before continuing.

"Fine. I see how it is. You want your mother as the leader? You can have her as your leader. Just don't blame me when you don't have as much fun!"

"Yay!" the band jumped with triumph.

After that brief celebration, it wasn't long before Mrs. Matthews had taken over and she finished packing up the car.

"Okay scouts! Who's ready for a weekend of clean, safe fun?"

"Yeah!" the kids cried.

"I call shotgun!" Corey declared.

"I get the left window!" Laney mentioned.

"And I'm sitting next to wherever Jackie is sitting!" Kin proudly stated.

"Oh no! Absolutely not!" Mr. Matthews forbade.

"Hm, last time I checked, you weren't the scout leader anymore. I don't think you can stop me."

"Why you little…"

"Oh Mrs. Matthews?" Kin sang. "Do I have permission to sit beside your lovely daughter for the duration of the car ride?"

"Well of course! You can sit wherever you like, Keith."

"It's Kin, but whatever! Yes!"

The young scientist scooted beside Jackie in the car, giving her puppy dog eyes. She giggled at how cute he looked.

Mr. Matthews begrudgingly opened the driver-side door.

"Well, let's get this over with."

"Just a minute, Paul." Mrs. Matthews swiped the keys. "I think as the new scout leader, I should be the one to drive to our campsite. Besides, I imagine you'd like to relax after all that preparation. You just leave everything to me, okay?"

"Yes dear…"

With Corey in the passenger seat, Mr. Matthews had no choice but to sit beside Kin. He scowled as he watched him lean his head on Jackie's shoulder.

"Don't feel too bad, Dad." Jackie said. "You may not be the leader anymore, but at least you're still coming with us."

Mr. Matthews only grumbled in response.

"You're not jealous because your wife took over your role, are you?" Laney suggested.

"Jealous? What do I have to be jealous of? I'm happy for her, she…" Mr. Matthews swallowed painfully. "…deserves it…anyway, I'm allowing her to lead to prove a point. Once we get to the campsite, she'll have no idea what she's doing, quit under pressure, and I'll be in charge again! Just wait and see…"


After an hour drive, the family arrived at the campsite. Mrs. Matthews was the first to step out of the car.

"Okay everyone! We're here!"

The kids all scrambled outside and upon seeing the gorgeous park they would be camping in, their eyes were filled with awe.

"It's beautiful…" Kon sniffled.

Mr. Matthews also got a look around.

"Uh, honey? You brought us to the wrong place. We're supposed to be at Camp Calamity, not uh…"

"'Safe Haven,' dear. 'A park so safe it's like you're at home'! And I haven't gone to the wrong place. As the new scout leader, I declare this will be our new camping spot!"

"Wow! For real, Mom?" Jackie beamed.

"What?! This place?" Mr. Matthews stammered. "But it's so…so…stable! There's no risks to be had here at all!"

"Exactly." Mrs. Matthews grinned. "Come on kids, you all can set up the camp while I get a fire going."

"Uh, sweetheart, you're supposed to let them start the fire. How else are they going to learn how to survive in the wilderness?"

"Don't be silly, Paul. They could hurt themselves. They're only children after all."

"Not to mention the last time you let us start a fire, Kon got skin grafts on his butt." Kin mentioned.

"I still have the scars." Kon added.

"Leave the dangerous part of camping to me, honey." Mrs. Matthews continued. "You go find someplace to sit down and relax."

With that, Jackie and Grojband got to work on the campsite while Mr. Matthews sat down on a nearby rock and somberly watched.

"Nice going, Jacks!" Corey commented. "You definitely made the right decision to elect your mom as new scout leader!"

"I'll say!" Laney concurred. "We may make it through this weekend without getting so much as a paper cut!"

Jackie looked over at her dad. "I don't know guys. I'm not sure I did make the right decision. Look at how sad my dad is."

"So? You'd be sad too if someone took your job." Corey pointed out.

Kin hugged Jackie. "But you don't ever have to worry about that! We'd never replace you!"

"Why does that sound somewhat foreshadow-y?" Kon asked.

"I don't know…" Jackie continued. "I still feel like this was a huge mistake. I want to have fun on this trip, but I want my dad to have fun too. He's the one who was the most excited to go camping after all. I think we should-"

"Okay kids!" Mrs. Matthews called. "I've got the fire going! So once you've finished setting up, you can all come get your sticks and roast these jumbo marshmallows!"

Upon seeing the bag of bigger-than-average marshmallows, Jackie lost her train of thought.

"Uh, what were you gonna say, Jackie?" Corey smirked.

"Oh yeah…I think we should…go make some jumbo s'mores!"

"Yeah!" the band agreed unanimously and immediately grabbed some sticks.

After the s'mores, Mrs. Matthews was prepared for the next camp activity.

"Okay kids! Who's ready for a nature hike?"

The gang looked hesitant.

"I don't know…" Kin contemplated. "Whenever Mr. Matthews took us hiking we would always get lost."

"And every time we'd get chased by a bear or something." Kon mentioned.

"Don't worry," Mrs. Matthews took out her phone. "My GPS will ensure that all of us will make it back here safely!"

Mr. Matthews chuckled. "Come now dear, real campers don't use technology! We don't need it anyway, because I brought my trusty compass along! That should lead us down the right path. Observe."

Mr. Matthews took out his compass and began following the direction it was pointing…directly into a dark, dreary cave. A split second later, a roar was heard and he came sprinting back outside.

"See?" Kon claimed. "History always repeats itself."

After a relatively safe nature walk, Mrs. Matthews decided to rent some canoes.

"Okay, scouts! Now that we've worked out our legs, I figured we may as well work out our arms with some paddling!"

"Last time we went canoeing with Mr. Matthews, our boat hit a rock and it sank." Kin recalled.

"Don't worry, there aren't any rocks in this river. I've checked."

"What about…waterfalls?" Jackie worried, remembering the time her and her friends attempted to earn a certain napkin-tying badge.

"None of those either, sweetie." Mrs. Matthews stepped into a canoe. "Just a slow, smooth stream that goes around in a circle."

"Oh! In that case…" Jackie got into her own canoe. "C'mon Dad! You coming?"

Mr. Matthews, who had just finished tending to the scratches he received from the bear, turned away, holding a makeshift boat he brought from home.

"Just go with your mother, Jackie. After all, she's your favorite scout leader! I'm going to find a river that offers more of a thrill!"

The middle-aged father did some wandering around the campsite until he spotted another river with rushing waters. He was so eager to hop in, he didn't notice the skull-and-crossbones sign sitting beside it.

"Now this is more like it!" he jumped in his canoe and began calling out to the others. "Ooh, look at me! I'm having my own super-safe scouting fun! I don't even have to paddle because the water's doing it for me! All I have to do is sit back and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature! Like the rushing rapids of this relaxing-AAAAHH!"

As Mr. Matthews was bragging, he failed to realize his boat getting closer and closer to the edge of a waterfall. Before he knew it, he was plunging to the bottom.

At the other river, Jackie swore she could hear a scream in the distance.

"Did anyone else hear that?"

The others shook their heads.


"Me neither!"

"Not a thing!"

Jackie shrugged. "Guess it must be my imagination."


As the day was drawing to a close, Jackie and the gang decided to unwind with a game of volleyball while Mrs. Matthews prepared dinner. Mr. Matthews still hadn't returned from his little canoe trip, but nobody took notice of his absence.

"This has been the best day ever, Mom!" Jackie said.

"That's because your mom is the best scout leader ever!" Corey claimed.

"Yeah! With her around, we never get hurt!" Kin agreed. "I haven't even gotten a single mosquito bite while we're here!"

Mrs. Matthews was setting the table. "That's because there aren't any in Safe Haven, sweetie. Anything that can spread West Nile virus is much too dangerous! Now, come along scouts, I've made us some delicious lobster steak burgers!"

"I'm allergic to shellfish." Laney mentioned.

"That's okay, it's marshmallow lobster!" Mrs. Matthews held out a marshmallow with a lobster shape.

"Yay!" the kids cheered as they gathered around the table.

"By the way kids, has anyone seen Mr. Matthews anywhere?" Mrs. Matthews asked.

"Not since we went canoeing." Corey answered with a full mouth.

"Don't worry, Mom. I'm sure he's around." Jackie assured her.

And sure enough, as the scouts were enjoying their feast, Mr. Matthews was observing them from a nearby shrub, covered in even more bruises.

"They don't need me…" he muttered. "I'm nothing to them. My own family doesn't want me around. Well, if that's how they feel, I'll give them what they want."

When no one was watching, Mr. Matthews snuck over to Jackie's tent, wrote a quick note and stuck it on her sleeping bag. Then, he slithered out of the tent and disappeared into the woods.

Jackie walked over to her tent, holding her stomach.

"Man, that was a good meal. Well, I think it's about time to hit the sack."

She entered the tent and immediately noticed the note her dad left behind.

"Hey, what's this?"

She unfolded the paper and started to read. At that moment, Grojband joined her.

"What's going on, Jacks?" Corey questioned.

"Guys! Listen to this!" Jackie read aloud. "'Dear Jackie, you and your goofy friends were right. Your mother is a better scout leader than I am. You don't need me anymore, and that's why I think it's best if you never see me again. I love you and goodbye forever. Love, Dad.' Can you believe it?"

"No! Who's he callin' goofy?" Kon griped.

"You guys, my dad can't survive out there on his own! We need to go find him!"

"Why? He never came to our rescue whenever we got stranded somewhere!" Laney argued.

"Yeah, he couldn't even save you from going over a waterfall!" Kin added.

"Guys, I know my dad isn't perfect. I know he hasn't exactly risked his own life for ours, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't. Yeah, he's not the smartest, most reliable person we know…"

"Or the second most." Kon interrupted. "Or third. Or fourth. Or-"

"Okay, okay! But even with all of his faults, he's still my dad and I can't leave him behind. You guys can stay if you want, but I'm going no matter what! And I'm either going to come back with him or I won't come back at all!"

Before any of the band members could reply, Jackie was already walking out of the tent. On the way, her mother stopped her.

"Jackie? Where are you going?"

"I'm sorry, Mom. You're a great scout leader and all, but our troop isn't complete without Dad. I'm going to go find him."

"What? You mean you're going into the dark, treacherous woods all by yourself? You know I can't allow that!"

"But Dad is in there! Somebody has to go get him!"

"Honey, it's my job as not just a scout leader but also your mother to keep you out of danger. And you know and I know that the woods is no place for a 14-year old girl. That's why I insist you stay here at the campsite where it's nice and safe and nothing can hurt you."

As soon as Mrs. Matthews had said that, a series of loud roars could be heard from the nearby cave Mr. Matthews had stepped into earlier. The smell wafting off of the barbecue grill had traveled inside the cave and attracted the creatures inside, which revealed themselves to be three ferocious, hungry bears. The wild animals began closing in on the mom and daughter.

"Mom! Look out!"

The both of them tried hiding behind the table but one of the beasts sliced it in half with its claws. With no other option, the two ran to a nearby tree and climbed as high as possible. The bears followed them and started clawing at the tree, attempting to reach them.

"Quick, Mom! What are we supposed to do against a bear attack?!"

"I…I don't know!" Mrs. Matthews cried out. "I didn't prepare for this! I assumed we were in a safe enough environment that these kinds of things weren't going to happen!"

Grojband came outside and were horror-struck by the scene.

"Guys!" Jackie called. "Hurry! Read up in the scout handbook on what to do in case of bears!"

"We can't!" Laney answered. "Your dad's usually the one who carries it around! And he left!"

"Then you have to go find him and fast! Otherwise, we're gonna be on the dinner menu!"

"No way!" Kin stepped forward. "If we can save you from falling off a waterfall without your dad, we can save you from a bunch of dumb bears! Hang on, Jackie! I'm on the way!"

With a sudden surge of bravery (and stupidity), Kin approached the bears.

"Leave that beautiful creature alone, you menacing savages!"

The bears looked over at Kin and snarled. They slowly surrounded him.


The bears roared ferociously and began chasing Kin around the campsite.

"AAAHH! On second thought, get Jackie's dad! GET HIM NOW!"

"Let's move, gang!" Corey ordered and he lead Laney and Kon into the forest.

Meanwhile, Mr. Matthews was sitting on a tree stump, feeling sorry for himself. Next to the stump was a colony of red ants and they started crawling over his skin.

"Ouch!" he swatted his arm. "Dang bugs! I think I'm beginning to hate nature. Oh well…at least my family is happy…they're probably all having fun right now and don't even know I'm gone…"

"Mr. Matthews!"

Jackie's father turned around to see Corey, Laney, and Kon advancing towards him in a panicked state.

"What are you kids doing here?"

"You gotta come quick! Jackie needs you right now!" Laney informed him.

"Don't be absurd. Jackie doesn't need me. She's having the time of her life with her mother as the leader."

"If she was having the time of her life, why would she ask us to come get you?" Corey tugged on Mr. Matthews' arm. "Now let's move! Before it's too late!"

"Too late for what? We're in Safe Haven. You know, where nothing dangerous happens? You can't tell me that Jackie is all of a sudden in danger."

Then, from a distance, all four heard a scream from the campsite.

"Help! Somebody please help!"

Mr. Matthews recognized the voice.

"Jackie!" he stood up. "She really is in danger!" he sat back down again. "But, what good could I do? I'm sure Lucy has the situation under control."

That's when they all heard another voice.

"Help! Somebody please help!"

"Lucy?! Oh no, not her too!"

"See? You gotta come back to camp!" Corey argued. "Jackie's mom may be a nurturing, caring kind of leader who puts others before herself and doesn't put any of us in peril…"

"And makes a mean marshmallow lobster steak burger!" Kon mentioned.

"…but you're the one who's had all the scouting experience! You practically memorized that scout handbook! And right now, you need to use that wisdom to save your daughter and our manager!"

"Yeah, you can do it, Jackie's dad!" Kon claimed. "You're Jackie's dad!"

"You're our only hope!" Laney agreed. "Please help us!"

Mr. Matthews thought it over for a brief moment and then stood up.

"All right campers! Lead the way back to the campsite!"

"Sure, but, why do we have to do it?" Corey asked.

"Because your scout leader orders you to! …Also, I don't have a map of this place and I can't remember which way I came…"

Corey, Laney, and Kon all gained hopeful smiles and saluted.

"Sir, yes, sir!"

Back at the campsite, the bears were still attempting to climb the tree occupied by Jackie, Mrs. Matthews and now Kin.

"This place isn't safe or a haven!" Mrs. Matthews cried. "That's it, if we survive, I'm giving a one-star rating on Whelp!"

"Well Jackie, looks like this is the end!" Kin clutched Jackie's hands. "If you have any last words to say to me, specifically any hidden devotions for a certain musician, you'd better say them now!"

"You're right, Kin! The truth is…" Jackie paused. "I still think Hank Sonata is kind of cute!"

"Wait, you what?"

"Get your filthy paws off my daughter!"

The bears stopped clawing the tree and turned to see Mr. Matthews standing behind them with Corey, Laney, and Kon.


"Yeah, you tell those stupid bears!" Kin encouraged.

"I wasn't talking to them, genius."

"Oh." Kin removed his hands from Jackie's. "Sorry."

"But, you bears aren't allowed to touch her either!" Mr. Matthews threatened, holding up a stick. "Or anyone in my family! Now back away, or I'll be forced to use my secret weapon…"

"You're going to swat them with a stick?" Kon assumed.

"No, I meant my other even secreter weapon…"

The bears snarled and began to surround the scouts on the ground.

"Fine, then. You asked for it! Bass player! Prepare to fire…nature's grenade!"

Laney, now wearing a beekeeping suit, held out a beehive and shook it furiously. Then, she hurled the case of angry insects towards the bears. The bees emerged from the hive and began chasing the bears all the way into the forest. It was clear they weren't going to bother anyone anymore.

With the danger gone, Jackie, Mrs. Matthews, and Kin slid down from the tree. Jackie immediately hugged Mr. Matthews.

"Dad! You did it! You saved us!"

Mrs. Matthews also embraced him.

"That's the brave, strong man I fell in love with! Maybe you are more deserving of being the scout leader than me." she kissed his cheek.

"Aww…you think so? Well, anyway, I don't need to be a scout leader as long as my family is proud of me."

"We were always proud of you, Dad." Jackie claimed. "And even if you make a lot of mistakes, we still love you just the same."

"You know what, Paul? I just had a great idea!" Mrs. Matthews went on. "How about from now on, both of us can take on the role of scout leader? I'll do all of the cooking, activities, and organization, and you can handle all of the dangerous stuff."

Mr. Matthews took his wife by the hands. "I'd like that. I'd like that a lot."

"Three cheers for Jackie's dad!" Corey cried.

Jackie and Grojband lifted Mr. Matthews and tossed him into the air.

"Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-"

On the third toss, a hawk flew down and swiped Mr. Matthews away.

"Oh c'mon! I can't catch a break, can I?"

"Hang on, Dad!" Jackie called after him. "We'll come get you!"

"Wow, he really is a good scout leader!" Kon noted. "He's already taking care of all the dangerous stuff so we don't have to deal with it!"

Laney sighed. "Looks like we're gonna need more bees."

"Thanks for coming out everyone!" Corey shut the garage door.

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