this is my first story, please tell me if it's bad.

It will probably be horrible but don't judge.

I will be switching between POV a lot tell me if it makes it bad.

By the way don't own RA

What they look like. Athena is on the left Maddie is on the right.

Third person POV

"Athena, aaaaaattttttttthhhhhhhheeeeennnnnnnaaaaaa" shouted a small cheeky voice. "What!" shouted back her sister. "Can you get me my jacket, I'm cold" Maddie fake shivered barely stopping a laugh "Fine" a annoyed voice responded. Maddie waited, "Three, two," she muttered getting ready to run "ONE!" she heard a scream come from the direction of her room and sprinted as fast as she could out the door" Madeleine Kate Wolf-Hunt get here right now!" shouted a sopping wet Athena. She had unwittingly opened the door and a bucket of lake water had landed on her. "I should have known..." she grumbled as she jogged to chase her sister who was still sprinting to the forest in direction of the treehouse.

By the time she had caught up Maddie was up in the treehouse with a huge range of pine cones and acorns to use as ammo "ATTACK" Maddie yelled while throwing them all at Athena. "You've started a war you can't finish squirrel!" Athena responded while ducking to cover. ( squirrel is Maddie's nick name because she loves animals. Athena's nickname was Ranger because she loves Ranger's apprentice)

What do you think?