This is just my first story so... Please go easy on how I write stories.

Please ENJOY!



Jane's P.O.V.

Hmm... I feel as if there's gonna be something wrong today. I just shrugged off the feeling and went straight to Mike's house.

"I'm sorry, Mike.. I need to leave, you know?" okay... whose voice was that? I then heard Mike's voice follow. "No, don't.. You can just stay here and be with us! It will not be the same without you here.."

My eyes widened as i heard those words. No way, Mike can't be-

When I turned around the corner, I saw Mike hugging a girl whose face I couldn't see. My heart is beating fast. I can't breathe. I watched them as if it's in slow motion.

I came nearer, and I started to go back to my senses. "Mike?!" I asked. "M-Mike, w-w-what are you d-doing? Yo-You aren't doing w-what I think y-you are doing, r-right?" I stuttered, voice shaking and sounded nervous.

Mike turned to me while the other girl stiffened. "N-no! T-This is a misunderstanding! Jane!" Mike shouted and called out to me as I ran.

I didn't notice where I was going... And when I did, it was the place where we first met.

Third Person's P.O.V.

Mike ran after Jane, leaving thegirlwhomJaneknewnothing of. Mike arrived at the place where they first met. It was a high hill with a cliff at the side. There were rocks at the other side where you could sit on.(A/N: Um.. I'm just using my imagination so.. forgive me for every mistake I'll be doing from now on.)

Mike saw that Jane was looking down at the cliff. "I forgave him once.. Yet he broke my trust on him again.. I-I.. I'll just leave him alone for good.." Jane whispered. Even though her voice was barely heard, Mike managed to hear her voice.

Holy- Is she going to suicide?!he mentally screamed. Seems like he also misunderstood her situation. "JANE! NO!" he screamed and reached out to her. Jane got surprised by his voice so she immediately turned around. Unfortunately, she didn't notice a pebble, so she slipped. Onto the cliff.

Oh, how fate wanted to mess with their lives.

She let out a silent gasp, eyes wide and terrified. She reached out to Mike's stretched hand and fortunately, he managed to catch her. But as we all know, unlike in movies, it's impossible to save someone who's going to fall either way. So Mike's hand slipped and Jane fell.


I'm sorry.. This is just the prologue. Please trust me to do better.

~KC and GC :)