ideas just keep coming i know i am busy whit another story but i had to make it.

Team Natsu was on a mission, Wendy was now a part of their team, they were on a mission to wipe a dark guild out. Their headquarters were in a kind of spaceship and they broke in and soldiers were coming their way Gray and Wendy stayed to hold them back and the others continued Lucy and Natsu were fighting the special soldiers while Erza was searching for their Master, Erza found him and was fighting him.

Meanwhile Gray and Wendy had finished of the soldiers and were searching for the others. They came across Natsu And Lucy and together they went searching for Erza.

Erza called Heavens Wheel armor and fired a lot of swords on the Master, the Master knew he could never win so he used an forbidden spell on Erza it hit her and then everything went black.

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