One week later, Mo stood at the top of the staircase which led into the throne room. It was time for the coronation of her eldest brother and the palace was almost bursting from all the people who wanted to witness the event. She was absolutely nervous. Everybody was already in their place: Odin, of course, her mother, and Sif, with the Warriors Three, already stood beside the throne, where the King was already seated. Only Loki and herself where missing, and they were to heading to their places next to their mother together. Mo glanced at her brother, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for her to come down. She took a deep breath and started towards him. Concentrating on not stumbling over her blue-metallic gown, she didn't see the admiration in his eyes. After what happened between them a week ago, they hadn't talked for almost two days, before almost crawling back towards each other. Yet they still had not talked about that certain situation. She still didn't know what had gotten into her in that moment, but she didn't want it to stand between them.

As Mo arrived next to Loki, she smiled up at him. He looked gorgeous in this armor, even though his helmet still looked funny to her. She gladly accepted the hand he was offering her, letting him lead her down the aisle of people who had gathered in the great hall. "I did not trip.", she whispered with a small smile on her lips.

"I am truly proud, dear", he answered in a sarcastic tone, before breaking out into a grin himself. He knew very well how much she had always feared to falling down those steps in front of all these people. They arrived at the steps to the throne, positioning themselves next to their mother who seemed to be extremely proud. Not only for her eldest son to be king, but also for the two of them. Unlike her husband, she loved all of her children just the same. Now they all were standing there, waiting for Thor to step forward, which he did only a few seconds later. Mo watched the crowd going wild celebrating the arrival of their soon-to-be-king. She heard Loki huff behind her and had to suppress a laugh. They still had their doubts about what was to happen, but what could they possibly do? They couldn't talk their father out of it, without stabbing their own brother in his back. Yet she felt she should've done something to prevent what was about to happen.

Thor actually spurred the audience on to cheer even more for him, as he walked down the aisle, which made Mo roll her eyes, exclaiming a "Oh, please!", she couldn't simply hold in. He was her brother, but he was so full of himself. The sound of Odin's scepter hitting the ground bought silence into the hall. He made a little speech, before he made Thor vow on leaving his ego behind him which made Loki and Mo exchange a look, trying their hardest not to snort.

Suddenly, their father halted, standing there completely frozen, until he mumbled: "Frost Giants!" and his scepter hit the ground once more. Immediately after hearing this, Loki positioned himself in front of Mo as if he was trying to shield her from anything that could attack them.

"Where?" Thor asked, obviously furious that his moment was ruined.

"In the artifact vault", Odin answered, pointing at his sons, "Come!" and made his way towards said room.

Loki looked at Mo as if he was checking she was still there, before excusing himself with a nod and hurried after his father and brother.

"What happened?" Mo rushed over to her brother, after his return from the artifact room.

"The Frost Giants tried to steal the casket back. They did not get far though", Loki told her, looking worried.

"What else?" Mo knew him well enough to see that there was something else bothering him.

"Father and Thor… argued. It appears that Thor will not be king for …" a loud bang disrupted Loki in his report, followed by yelling from a voice they both knew too well.

"Go speak with him."

"Why would I?" Loki shot back, raising an eyebrow at his sister.

"Because you always manage to calm him, though how remains a mystery to me", Mo smiled broadly.

"How could I possibly say 'no' to your smile?" Loki shook his head smiling before realizing what he just had said. Clearing his throat, he added, "Very well, I will talk to him." With that, he made his way toward the dining hall, where the noises had come from, leaving a bewildered Mo behind. He was really acting strangely since their return.

Not wanting on eavesdrop, Mo made her way out of the palace for some fresh air. She was sort of relieved that the coronation has been disturbed. And maybe it was a good thing Odin and Thor argued. Odin might finally see that Thor wasn't grown up enough to be king, although she doubted it. It would be too good to be true. Odin would simply postpone the coronation for a bit. And what would she get? Most likely a loveless marriage to someone who couldn't care less about her. This brought her back thinking about Loki… She didn't know what was wrong, but something was off. What happened a week ago, in the gardens… She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she had almost kissed Loki. Her brother. The revelation had hit her hard and since then she had constantly asked herself what was wrong with her. She felt drawn to him like never before and his vague hints about her being beautiful and such, weren't helping her in sorting this out. Maybe it was her desperation for attention speaking; she might really needed a husband to distract her from all her dark, forbidden thoughts.

Looking over to the entrance to the palace, she saw a group of people walking out, two of them being her brothers, followed by their friends. Where were they going? Quickly she hurried over to where they were standing but keeping her distance, observing them. They clearly wouldn't just go drinking since Thor had Mjolnir with him. She stood there, not sure what to think of this as Loki spotted her standing close. As the others continued their way to the stables, he quickly run over to her. "Mo, I need to beg a favor!" the look on his face concerned her even further.

"Anything", she nodded in reply.

"As soon as we have departed, go to father and tell him where we are going", to fortify his requirement he held her by both her upper arms, squeezing lightly.

Now worried, Mo asked "And where exactly are you going?"

Loki took a deep breath before answering: "Jotunheim." The horror was clear in her eyes, it was forbidden to go there.

"But…" Mo stammered.

"I know, believe me", he sighed in defeat, "That is why I need you to tell father!"

With that, he released her, before following the others to the stables. Standing there in shock, Mo watched them leave those stables and heading for the Bifrost. Then she ran into the palace looking for her father. Why would Thor do this? To prove something? To antagonize their father? Then she remembered that it has been Frost Giants who somehow got into Asgard and crushing Thor's coronation. He was such a damn fool! "Where is my father?" she asked one of the guards passing her by as she hurried through the halls.

"Last time the king was seen, he was in the throne room, my lady", he answered with a bow. Mo nodded her thanks before continuing her way. Where else would the king be at this time of the day anyway? As she arrived at the throne hall, she saw her father talking to some of his generals. Mo knew he hated it to be interrupted but she had no choice. Hopefully it wasn't too late yet! "Father…!", she started, slightly out of breath, but she knew he would scold her first anyway.

"Don't you see that I have urgent matters to address here Mo? You should know very well that I do not…" Odin almost yelled at her while all the generals stared at her questioningly.

"Listen to me, please! Father…" she tried to make him listen to her but no avail.

"I did not permit you to speak! I will deal with whatever bothers you later!"

"FATHER! THEY WENT TO JOTUNHEIM!" it was no avail, she had to tell him and since he wouldn't listen, she yelled it at his face. She didn't care what the generals would think, she had promised Loki she would tell their father. Now silenced, between her outburst and the news, Odin just stared at her. Mo took a deep breath.

"Dismissed!" the king ordered the generals to leave, before looking at her again. "When?"

"Just now…" she answered truthfully.

"Come with me.", Odin told his daughter as he headed out of the hall, "You will accompany me." Stunned, she followed him to an airboat, wondering why he wanted her to come with him. Then it struck her, that he didn't really believed her and most likely wanted to punish her immediately if she was lying. She should've known that he didn't put much stock in her word.

Heimdahl only confirmed her words though, telling the king that he had let the group pass and that they had just begun battling with the Frost Giants. "I am going to Jotunheim, hopefully I can prevent too much damage", the king stated signaling Heimdahl to open the Bifrost once more. "You…" he pointed over to Mo, "will wait here for our return." And with that, he was gone.

"Is anyone injured?" Mo asked quietly.

"One of them is, but I cannot see which", Heimdahl answered, not looking at her. She felt like crying, hoping it was not Loki who was hurt.

"Why did you let them pass in the first place?" she demanded to know. Before she got her answer, the Bifrost opened again and the first thing Mo recognized was that both her brothers were fine. It was Fandral who had a stab wound, and was taken to the healers right away.

"Are you alright?" Mo hurried over to Loki, who just nodded and looked very thankful for her being there. Their fathers yelling made them both look up to him. Mo had never seen him arguing with Thor before, at least not like that. Loki seemed to be as shocked as she was, and without either of them noticing, their hands found their way to each other, entwining their fingers.

"And you're an old man and a fool!" Thor spat out at their father, which surprised his siblings. Mo had thought this about her father for some time, but she never would have thought Thor would say something like this. Loki tried to speak up to Odin in attempt to calm the tension, only to be silenced by his father with an almost feral growl. It was in this moment, he and Mo realized that they were actually holding hands. It was certainly the wrong moment, but Mo couldn't deny that it felt right to her and since Loki wasn't trying to break their connection, she wouldn't either.

"You are unworthy!" Mo couldn't believe it. She had thought that even though he didn't really care about Loki and she, he would at least love Thor. She watched her father ripping Thor's armor off of him and she was torn between feeling sorry for her brother and thinking that he deserved it. Still, she had tears in her eyes; the display was extremely hurtful for her to watch. "You are unworthy… of the loved ones you have betrayed…" Odin spoke in a more quiet voice now and Mo could hear Loki's breath hitch next to her. It all seemed so unreal to her, and before she knew what was happening, Odin had pushed Thor through the Bifrost, telling him he was exiled. Loki let go of her hand, looking after Thor. He couldn't believe what had happened either. Yes, what Thor had done was incredibly stupid, but exile? She watched Odin throw Mjolnir into the Bifrost as well, before closing it.

They all stayed silent for a moment until Odin turned and walked back to the airship they had arrived with. Mo was still stunned from had just happened. Thor was gone. If their father was willing to do this to his favorite son, what would he be capable of when it came to her or Loki? She didn't feel like she could trust this man anymore, at all.

"Are you alright?" this time it was Loki who was asking her.

"I am not sure…", Mo was lost for words, the situation way to surreal for her.

"I know…" he pulled her into a tight hug, which she responded to in kind. It felt like he was the only thing she had left. As they parted Mo pointed at his left arm.

"What happened to your glove?"

"Nothing. The Frost Giants… Nevermind… We should get back to the palace, will you take Thor's mount?" he answered and Mo instantly knew something was off. He was hiding something from her, but she wouldn't push. Then again, she was shaken by what just had occurred herself, and her brother was surely shocked himself.

"Of course", she simply nodded as they started walking out of the Bifrost, got on the two horses left and made their way home.