A large majestic ship stood proudly in the docks of Gondor, families, friends and loved ones were gathered to say their goodbyes to the brave soldiers about to sail off to the new world. A tall dark hair man walks down the busy street watching them.

As the crew loaded the ship, a few look and saw the man coming there way

"Hay look is that Strider?" Eomer ask

"That's him, all right, the old sea dog" Boromir answer, his younger brother Faramir walk up to his side "Captain Aragorn Strider. I have heard some amazing stories about him" Boromir place a hand on his shoulder then call out "You coming on this voyage too?"

"Of course he is, you can't fight elves without Aragorn Strider"

Strider jump onto a crate that was being lifted abroad the ship "That's right. I'm not about to let you boys have all the fun."

Once all the crates were abroad the ship started to set sail everyone waving goodbye.

Not long after they set sail a rough storm had hit, every man was running about tying things down or pumping water off the ship. Faramir was tying off some boxes when a big wave hit the ship knocking the young man over.

"No" cried Boromir running to the edge but many men held him back "You can't my lord he is lost"

Aragorn grabs some rope and tied it around his waist throwing the other end to some guards and ran and jump off the ship into the sea

"Strider, Strider, are you Crazy?"

Aragorn swam until he grabs hold of Faramir "Its ok Faramir I have you" swimming back to the ship pulling Faramir with him. The men on board started to pull the rope lifting the two men up and back on to the ship. Boromir pull Faramir into a hug

"Well that was refreshing" Aragorn laugh out as Boromir clap his shoulder "Thank you" then he grab a blanket from a guard and wrap around his little brother.

A door slam open and a man walk out "Trouble on deck?" he ask

"Faramir fell over aboard, father, Strider saved him" Boromir told him

Denethor look at his eldest son and patted him on the shoulder before walking over to where his youngest stood dripping wet shaking his head in disapproval, before his eye fell on the dark hair ranger "Thank heavens he's been successfully retrieved. Well done, Strider" Aragorn nodded and the steward, Denethor then turn to talk to the rest of the crew

"Don't lose heart, men. It won't be long before we reach the New World, and remember what awaits us there: freedom, prosperity. The adventure of our lives, you are the finest crew Gondor has to offer and nothing, not wind nor rain nor a thousand bloodthirsty Elves shall stand in our way. Carry on men!" Placing an arm around his sons shoulder and guiding him inside and close the door

"A stirring oration father I'm sure the men were most exhilarated" Boromir said sitting down as did the steward, how turn and look at him picking up a cup "Let us hope so. I'll need those witless peasants to dig up my gold" he sneered

Aragorn and Faramir started climbing up to the top of the ship to gaze at the view of open sea, mist and clouds. Aragorn pulled out his pipe, and pipe weed, stuffing it before lighting and lent forward on the wood puffing away

"What'd you suppose the new world will be like?" Faramir asked.

"Like all the others, I guess," said Aragorn taking a long puff. "I've been all over middle earth, Faramir, and seen just about every town there is, what could possibly be different about this place?"