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Henry the immortal alchemist

AN: So my first Fic. English is not my native language so help via PM is welcome. For the plot, remember it is AU so Henry is older but still no wizard and thus his wife is the real magical researcher in their marriage. They more or less faked his magical education and give him credit or co-credit for magical achievments from time to time to maintain their presense in the magical world. But with the ongoing emacipation of women it became less and less important for them to be to much involved there.

Chapter 1: Meeting the parents.

New York, June 1992, Morgans residence

Henry reached for the letter the owl carried and signed. "We have to plan a trip to our cottage in France dear. Your partner without any fashion sense wants a meeting it sounds urgent." His wife for more than 600 years came into the room and gave him a stern look. "You better not comment on the eccentrics of other people. That would be the kettle calling the pot black, Nicolas." Henry frowned in the magical world his wife insisted for them to be named Nicolas and Penelope Flamel. It was a strange act to get him who had no magical power at all through Beauxbaton but his brilliant wife managed to fool the witches and wizards by sewing runes into his clothing and enchanting many of his other possessions. He felt a little guilty when she let him claim the creation of the philosophers stone but the little lie that it can produce the elixir of live in addition to gold made sure that they never have to repeat or forge magical education. From there on all further magical discoveries had her name on it just as 90 years or so back her work with young Albus on dragon blood. He preferred what he called the real world where he was first a physician and now a medical examiner with the changes in more recent times his wife tended to live her life fully with him there and not spending her free time with him in the real world and working in the magical. Not that magic didn't come in handy, it let them age and deage naturally it helped in slightly altering their appearances and they had no problem with documentation at all. Still he loved the passion with which she explored her new possibilities in the real world how unlike him she tried new professions in each live. So even though he knew it was inevitable he did not like that she and by addition he where dragged back.

She looked knowingly at him. "Oh dear you knew he would contact us after the current school year. He'll tell us about how Tom Riddle almost got the stone and urge us to destroy it." "Well dead, why not just let him? We don't really need it and if we ever run out of money you can always create a new one. They last only about 200 years anyway." "Well if we allow him to destroy it or if he has already done it we'll have to tell him that we will create a new one. Else he and others will expect us to die." His wife was of course right, but that means the young fool won't give them any peace. His wife smiled at him. "Let me handle it. I'll point out to him that Riddle wasn't the first Dark Wizard after the stone and that we gave him a fake which he can easily prove himself by trying to create the elixir of live from it. After our little talk with Albus we go back to our occupations in New York until it is time to see my parents and rescue Harry and Ron." She always has to be the reasonable one, hasn't she? "You are right Hermione, dear." "Don't forget it's Penelope one more meeting"

Albus didn't take it well when Hermione declined and told him that he never had the original. But he was wise enough to not go for his wand within the wards of the most influential magical researcher worldwide who had several centuries of experience more than him. So they both did go back to NY where he had his job as ME while his wife worked as a theoretical physicist at the Columbia University. Her wards ensured that they won't be disturbed by the magical world again till 1997.

Very early his wife discussed timetravel with him. It was very complicated but in the end it came down to a simple formula: Everything that Hermione had certain knowledge of can't be changed. It is neither advisable nor would magic allow it. It was a heavy burden for his wife that she couldn't interfere with great tragedies of history but somehow they managed. They helped where they could and prepared for the time when her younger self will travel back and they'll be free from the "curse of history" as she called it. How time flies when you are immortal not long ago they met a young Albus Dumbledore the first sign that he'll soon will meet her family and the friends of her first live. The 5 short years from their last meeting with Albus and them seeking out her parents after they left Britain where just like a blink of an eye for him.

New York, June 1997, JFK Airport

Janet and Joseph Granger just got through the customs when they heard their daughter calling out for them. Both were shocked but Janet managed to say "Hermione, wh what are you doing here? We thought you'll go onto your mission! And who is this young man with you? Is he one of your friends?". "Mum, dad I can't explain here in public, but Henry and I live here in New York so why don't you come with us and we'll explain." So they met Abe who drove them to their flat above a shop for antiques but the jet lag got the better of them so they agreed to have their chat over dinner next day. What they were told next day was unbelievable but so was magic just a few years ago. Their daughter would travel accidentally back in time right into the 14th century where she'll meet Henry who is no wizard but in the process both became somehow immortal. They had 24 grandchildren most of them already deceased hundreds of years ago but Abe who was older than they were was one of them. They were happy to hear that they used their time to be prepared for the moment Hermione will travel back in time. Under her alias Penelope Hermione had constructed some the wards of Malfoy Manor and left the equivalent of a magical bug as well as a backdoor that will instantly negate all wards on the premise. So they will know the when and be able to take their enemies by surprise. With their wealth they also prepared a private army of muggleborns and squibs to retake magical Britain as quick as possible. Hermione also researched Horcruxes over the centuries and had found the means of locating and destroying them even without destroying the vessel. The wannabe immortal won't know what hit him before it was over.