No one could believe it. Eren lay on the street, bleeding profusely and struggling to breathe. "Eren!" Corporal Levi ran up to the brunette and knelt at his side. The Survey Corps medic's eyes widened in surprise. Every other person who ended up in the same position never got Levi to react like this. He had always stood a bit away from the person who was dying without even a hint of emotion, yet now he kneeled next to Eren and looked at him with worry obvious on his face. Eren looked up at Levi and smiled. "Hey... Glad you're safe..." Eren reached up and placed a hand on Levi's shoulder. "I don't think I'll survive this one." Eren closed his eyes and let his arm drop, intent on trying to breathe. "Don't say that, you'll heal. You always have." Eren opened his eyes when Levi said that and shook his head slightly. "I've lost too much blood, I'll die from blood loss before I heal. Just look at me." Levi didn't want to look, he didn't want to see, he knew already. He knew that Eren was bitten in half, gone from the waist down. It was only thanks to the titan in him that he didn't die instantly. "Then turn into a titan, it'll all heal." Once again, Eren shook his head. "Already tried, I -" Eren stopped talking for a second as he started coughing up blood, "I'm too weak." Levi didn't care anymore, he kept the secret too long, he refused to keep it any longer. He leaned down and kissed Eren passionately. The kiss didn't last long because Eren was already having troubles breathing. With a smile, Eren started talking again, "'Till death do us apart,' I love you and I regret nothing." Levi started crying at that, "Eren... I love you too, please, you can't leave me." The brunette lifted his hand and placed it over his husband's heart, "I never will." The hand dropped and Eren's eyes went dull and lifeless. "EREN!" Levi's scream startled everyone as it reverberated off the abandoned and broken houses. The short man threw himself onto Eren's chest as tears fell down and his sobs echoed. It seemed like forever before he stopped crying and sat up again. His hands shook as he took the necklace out from under Eren's shirt and unclasped it from the Brunettes neck. On it was the basement key and a silver band, Eren's wedding ring. His and Eren's relationship was kept secret, even after they eloped. Not a single person knew. Levi stood up shakily as he fastened his husband's necklace onto his own neck. Turning to the gathered crowd, Levi walked forward and pushed past everyone. Erwin was the first to unfreeze and he turned to everyone and got their attention with a loud clap and gave them all orders, making sure there was someone to move Eren's body to the back of one of the carts.