Alrighty! Fresh off the press! So, if you are unfamiliar with me, my name is , I'm a bio major from America, and it's nice to meet you! After writing my last story, Insanity, I was thinking about Patch's back story. What would the young, inexperienced, innocent Patch have been like? This one may not be as long; it also might be a two-parter. I haven't decided yet.


I was in bed, and I was lying in Nora's arms. I have to say; it's the best feeling I've experienced so far. I can feel how warm she is. I don't think I'll ever get over being able to touch her. It might not seem like much, but that's because if you've lived with touch for so long, you can never appreciate it. Even feeling through Chauncey never felt right, because it was someone else's hands.

I rarely felt a need to sleep; if I did, I had to be genuinely exhausted, or bored. However, I'll do it every single night, just to experience this. Nora likes it, so I like it. Yawning, Nora moved over in her sleep, removing her arms. I wasn't having that, so I just wrapped mine around her. It makes her jubilant, that I can feel her. She rarely mentioned it, but I know that she felt like something was missing from our physical relationship beforehand. If only she knew how much it bothered me when I saw the…not disappointment, but the sadness in her eyes when she thought about it. The difference was stunning.

I had everything that I could ever want. At least, the Patch that had entered Nora's life had everything that he could ever want. Nora had changed my life. Before her, I wasn't exactly the most… savory character. It was a thought that kept me up at night sometimes, when I was counting my three blessings (Nora, eternal life, the ability to feel). I would sift through every memory of mine, and wonder what I'd done to deserve the Angel lying in my arms. Not much, up until meeting her. It had all been worth it; the eternity of waiting, for this. For her.

If my life could be painted on a long canvas, it would have a chaotic impression. The Patch of my beginning would show on the canvas as pure white, maybe with a dashes of yellow and blue. Happiness, order. The Patch of then would have a cacophony of blood red and black. Rage, confusion. The Patch of now…he would have all of that mess, painted over with white to give a greyish color. Nora Grey, indeed. My past wouldn't change, but my future was certainly being given a new chance.

I remembered a time that I'd been different. As an Archangel, I'd been young, innocent, impulsive, and naïve. I'd genuinely thought that things were simple; that I could make a decision and it not change a thing around me. I'd been so confused; so stubborn.

I believed, for so long, that I'd lost it all. That things would never get any better; that I could never take back anything that I'd done. I've experienced lots of pain in my life; it's a testament to my love for Nora that I can't say I regret my decision anymore. Before that, however, it was all that haunted me. A terrible decision; a decision that quickly changed me from a cherubic, innocent angel, to the cold, calculating man that I am today.

I can remember it all so clearly. I remember my friends. I remember my temptation.

I remember the day they tore my wings out.