Okay, so I just want to address something:

Nehemiah's character was written that way on purpose.

I have received messages and reviews on him, that show that yall don't like him. I get it. Yall have every right to not like him; frankly, not everyone is going to be as supportive. You have every right not to like the story-if it really goes so far to offend yall, let me know and I'll just take the whole thing down, bc I'd rather it not cause more problems.. I will say that I have grown as a person, and my views on how I would have written certain 'things back then are not the same as I would now. At the time, I had intended to keep writing to further develop his story, because out of his trio, Nehemiah was written to be the most conservative and distrusting of them, simply bc in his mind, he was standing by his friend (who he holds in a higher standard bc...he doesn't think humans are on the same level). No, that doesn't make him or Patch right, but it is his thought process. I'll be honest, (again, he was never intended to be the best one), I do still think that Nora's impulsive nature aided in a few situations. The way that Dabria was 'raised', was his upbringing. So he was bound to act the same, but he was going to grow with time. It's fair that yall would be mad, bc I never did flesh out past this point.

I'll be honest, I have been feeling demotivated for a long time to write, and while you do not have to like the story, support the characters or me (totally fine, I can't change your opinion nor am i entitled to it!) angry charged reviews don't make it any better to me. This post is for understanding and not for arguing. I am not mad, I am just being direct and trying to clarify a point. Let me know, and thank you for continuous support.