Running down the grand dark hallways, the blood full moon clearly shining through the large window panels, Chrome quickly approached to Tsuna's office panting as she tried to regain her breath. Opening the large doors in a quick manner, Chrome searched the large room for Tsuna.

"Bossu we got some trouble outside…" Chrome reported as she noted the amount of paperwork settled on Tsuna's desk that almost looked like skyscrapers reaching the roof.


"Ah Chrome! Doumo, and sorry I didn't catch what you said..." Tsuna pushed the paperwork across his desk to make room to see where Chrome was.

"The broken werewolves of the Rebenji Family attacked again but with… two thousand of them in pairs…" Chrome replied in worry.

"You're kidding me!? Last time they were slippery enough to get 100 of them and only 2 managed to scratch the front gates open! Also the amount of paper works that loaded on my desk within 12 hours time!" Tsuna started to pull his gravity-defying hair out remembering the piles and piles of paperwork that one night.

"So Chrome, just by guessing Ryohei and Hibari are already out there. Do they need of back-up?"

Chrome quickly nodded and grabbed Tsuna by his cape and dragged him outside the Vongola mansion despite his attempt of persuading Chrome not to get him involved as backup. Chrome let go of Tsuna's cape and stood uncomfortably behind him. Ryohei watched the werewolves scratch the Vongola entrance gate and Hibari leaning against a pillar, polishing off his tonfa.

Tsuna silently cried as he saw the gates beginning to break apart. 'There goes 3 hours of my life into the office'

"WHERE IS OCTOPUS-HEAD AND YAMAMOTO TO THE EXTREME!?" Ryohei bellowed at Tsuna who was almost defended by his loud voice.

"We're going to have a long night…" Tsuna muttered in a low voice as he wore his mittens which within seconds turned into X-Gloves. Ryohei opened up his box weapon, Kangaryuu; whistling at the opponents whom have enraged over the gates. Chrome materialised her trident and opened her box weapon, Mist Owl. Hibari didn't budge from his pillar only shifted his sharp eyes when the Entrance gates broke down from their hinges.

"JYUUDAIME! SORRY FOR BEING LATE!" Gokudera quickly jumped in front with Yamamoto grinning as usual as he took out his katana.

"ATTACK!" Tsuna yelled as the all the guardians vanished into battle.

This was going to be a long night for the Vongolas

2 AM – Vongola Private Infirmary Room

"Itte! That stings…" Chrome complained quietly when the nurses applied ointments on her cheek that was slashed open by one of the werewolves (which they met their end quite shortly). Chrome wasn't a full sledge vampire unlike the other guardians excluding Lambo. She had a many organs replaced since her unfaithful accident. All of which belonged to a vampire who attempted to save her at the same time. (Anyone want to take a guess who it is?)

"Miss, can you please stop shaking? It's only going to sting a bit when I apply the next one. I promise" 'LIAR!' Chrome bit down on her tongue when the nurse pressed firmly.

"It hurts and stings! Take it off!" The nurse obeyed and patched it up properly.

"You're free to go now dear!" Chrome quickly got up from the bed side and hastily walked out of the room. She disliked how the room smelt like formalin; a very strong sent that makes her head spin.

'It would have been a lot better if I was fully human or fully vampire not sitting on the fence between the two…'

Chrome carefully walked through the hallways and quietly took a look around her surroundings as if she was being watched. Paranoid? Maybe. She came to a halt when she accidentally bumped into none other than Hibari. He didn't look too happy seeing an overly large patch on her cheek. Chrome did have a hint of jealousy recalling that Hibari was a full sledge vampire meaning he could heal faster than she can, despite having all his bones broken(that is if that ever happens).

Hibari gave a concerned look at the patch but was blocked from view when Chrome covered his face with both her soft hands.

"Don't worry about it…. And don't look it like that, it's not as bad as it was before." Chrome answered his silent question before Hibari pulled Chrome into his embrace and teleported off to the Foundation Room.

Hibari's Room (in the Foundation)

"How long until it goes off." Hibari asked as he removed his cape and loosened his tie.

"3 days at the most. It's not too bad… well at the speed it is healing" Chrome lied down on top of the bed and quickly took majority of the blanket to wrap herself around it.

"You look like a worm when you do that, plus it's my blanket so share while you live here." Quickly he tugged a corner of the blanket that which Chrome was clearly unhappy about when she lost half of her cover to her boyfriend.

"Demo…It's colder than usual…." Chrome stated sheepishly, after all she was right. It is 7 degrees in Italy, normally Hibari wouldn't be able to tell since he is a warm-blooded carnivore (or so he says). Pulling Chrome closer to him he closed the gaps between themselves as Chrome snuggled in to take in all the warmth she could grasp from Hibari.

"Don't you have a mission to go to tomorrow morning?" Hibari quietly asked as he turned off the lamp lights across from the bed still grasping Chrome in his arm. In response he felt her head nod slowly against his chest.

"What kind of mission." Hibari stated sternly.

"Assault and spy mission… with the VARIA… Apparently Bossu had enough of the Rebenji Family…" Chrome let out a small yawn and rubbed her eyes sleepily.

Yes, Chrome was always assigned to spy missions. Anything involving collecting information from common rumors to top-secret files was her job as a mist guardian. Hibari couldn't say he was entirely happy to know she was going with the Varia out of all aligned families. After all, most of their missions were suicidal and beyond dangerous, (not that a carnivore like himself would admitted out loud) however it is common sense to think so, yet she out of all people are sent with them on these kinds of missions, it makes him proud to think and say she is an omnivore among a group of herbivores in their mafia family.

"Complete it fast Omnivore, so I know you're still safe." Hibari gave a small kiss in Chrome's hair aware she was sleeping soundly already. Instantly, he felt a slight pang in his heart. Was it nerves? or maybe just the cold really did get to him. Shrugging it off, he thought it was about time he had a nap too.

"...uya... Kyouya!" Chrome called out poking Hibari's face after a few more seconds of poking Hibari snapped awake.

"Keep the finger to yourself before I bite it to death." Hibari gave Chrome a sharp glare and muffled her face with a pillow.

"Stop! Stop! Bossu called you earlier! For..for an emergency meeting!"

"What does that boneless herbivore want now." Hibari glanced at the window noticing how the sun shun right through into his eyes. "It's too early."

Chrome managed to grab hold of the pillow away from Hibari and exhaled.

"Bossu called all of us... and I have to leave as soon as possible after the meeting.." Chrome drew the curtains half way letting only a small amount of light in due to a certain person's problem of not being a morning person.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes. Go ahead" Hibari opened to go into the bathroom as gave a small nod to Chrome before she left to the Meeting Room.

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