Tsuna twitched.


"Maa maa Gokudera~ Meetin' Room number 1 should've finished its' repairs by the end of the week~ Plus didn't you blow out the windows? Hahaha!" Yamamoto swung on his chair laughing lightly as Gokudera gulped down his pride and stole a glance at the decimo. Tsuna sunk his face into the cold, hard table remembering the finance of the room's repairs.

"GOMENASAI JYUUDAIME!" Gokudera slithered down to the floor slamming his head into the ground in apology. He knew Tsuna had a heart attack when he saw the bills for the damage repairs on his desk no later than 2 hours after the incident that day.

'The Money...' Tsuna paled remembering the damage repairs. The horror when the long, sturdy table snapped into pieces when Hibari snapped at the so called "peace" being disturbed then Lambo crying because apparently Ryohei pulled out his horns in the process of punching Gokudera in which he was screaming at Yamamoto for disagreeing on some plans he thought of... then Mukuro appears from god knows where 'kufufu-ing' his face off attempting to 'save' Chrome from the disaster which only made it worse than having 5 cyclones in the one room!

Chrome slowly opened the meeting room's door to see Gokudera torturing his head against the floor and Tsuna growing paler by the second. 'Must be the Finance...'

"Bossu?" Tsuna jumped out of his seat by surprise and tumbled over Gokudera who was still banging his head against the ground. CRASH!-

"C-C-Ch-Ch-Chrome chan! Don't sneak up on us like that!" Tsuna spat out while still trying to catch his breath from the fright.

"J-Jyuudaime- I can't- Breathe!" Gokudera panicked and gasped for air as he was slowly getting crushed by Tsuna's weight who was on top of his back. "Gomenasai Gokudera!"

"Why is it so loud. Even the crying cow couldn't be this loud." Hibari scoffed lowly leaning against the entrance where Chrome jumped in surprise, unknown to her senses he was casually leaning there.

"Can't you appear... much more humanly?"

"Don't group me with those herbivores."


"I know your half human. Your not one of them however they are acting like one." Hibari gestured inside with his eyes closed at Gokudera and Tsuna who both were crying comically like little kids.

"DAME-TSUNA!" Gunshot echoed through the mansion as Reborn pulled the trigger leaving a hole through the ceiling.

"REBORN! STOP RISING THE PRICE OF THE REPAIRS! PLEASE!" Tsuna crawled towards Reborn's chibi feet and begged mercy toward his property.

"Stop acting like a baby dame-Tsuna. Now get up and start the meeting even Ryohei is here with lambo in... 5...4...3...2..."

"I'M HERE TO THE EXTREME! LAMBO TRIED TO RUN AWAY!" Ryohei climbed through the window pulling an unconscious Lambo up by his cape.

'Poor Lambo...' Tsuna sweat-dropped.

"Hahaha! Now everyone is here lets start!" Yamamoto sang out as he continues to rock on his chair.

"Wait Minna I got an idea that may prevent more damage caused to the Vongola Mansion." Reborn attempted to hide his smirk on his chubby face but was clear thanks to Tsuna superstition that his 'idea' was something worse than 5 cyclones in one room.

"Okay so how is everyone feeling? Comfy?" Reborn smirked his little face off at every guardian seated with pillows strapped all over their bodies with rope which, Reborn claims to suck the flames out of the user if they emit some.

"I FEEL LIKE THE AMAZING HULK! IF ONLY THIS WAS GREEN TO THE EXTREME." Ryohei attempted to flex his pillows out like as if it was built muscles however the more he tried the more restricted he felt.

"It's impossible. The ropes bound together like the frequent fights you as a family have each week." Tsuna felt like Reborn also had enough of the constant fights in the mansion... but he secretly wished he didn't say it in those terms.

"I swear I will bite everyone to death if they create any stupid loud business. Being held down is enough for me to handle."

"Maa maa even if these are tight the meeting is only a short one, right Tsuna?"

"I'm sweltering in this..." Chrome gave a meek glance at Tsuna looking for an answer to Yamamoto's (fabulous) question.

"Well! It should take about 20 mins... Anyways let's get started! First of all-" Tsuna slides an indigo folder towards Chrome who panicked when it sled past. Well it wasn't her fault she was forcibly tied down with pillows out of all things. "Uwah! Sorry Chrome... Anyways that's all your details on your mission." Tsuna stood up and retrieved the file and lied it in front of Chrome. "Best to open it when you're out of here!" Tsuna quickly whispered into her ear then stole a glance at Reborn who polished his gun.

"Ah.. Arigatou Bossu." Chrome stared down at the thick indigo file. Ohh she has a long day ahead of her already and it wasn't even 1 PM!

"Jyuudaime! Maybe we shouldn't get Chrome involved since she already needs to go to a mission." Gokudera had a glint in his eyes with his (so-called) brilliant plan.

"Chrome you're free to go." Reborn stated as cut open the ropes with his pet chameleon which transformed into a knife. It didn't take long for Chrome to high-tail out of the room. She knew something was going to go wrong in mere minutes.

Back in Meeting Room 2

"Hm... Tsuna is it a good idea for Chrome not to get included in this." Yamamoto claimed as he drank water through a straw infront of him.

"No way on earth would she be able to move stuff around. She is weakest!" Lambo let out a lazy yawn unaware of the 2 pairs glares he is receiving from his right. (If chu don't know it's Tsuna and Hibari.)

"Oh~ Ahoshi. So you think you could manage the Gate repairs while we fix the mansion by yourself- Hmmmm" Gokudera has evil glints in his eyes has he bargained with Lambo. As for Lambo he shook his head violently understanding what trouble Gokudera was taking him to do.

"All 6 of you are slow, even a snail sending a mail from America to Italy would have been faster. Hurry up Dame-Tsuna." Reborn pointed his gun straight at his head as Tsuna ducked down underneath the table.

"HAI HAI! OH GREAT REBORN SAMA! JUST PUT THE GUN DOWN!" Tsuna peaked above the table seeing the hitman already asleep with a snot bubble; lowering his neon gun.

"How much longer are you going to take up my time worthless herbivore. I have some places to be other than here." Hibari glared daggers at the pimped boss knowing well biting him to death would be useless in this pillowed situation.

Tsuna took this as a signal to wrap things up before it gets ugly... too ugly.

"OKAY! Gokudera and Yamamoto!"

"Yes Boss!" Both Storm and Rain Guardian attempted to salute but just raised their heads up high.

"Your job is to repair the Vongola Mansion's Entrance Gate! Is that clear!"

"Yes Boss!" Reborn fired his gun while he was still in his dreamland and before he could wake up fully both guardians teleported out of the room obviously not in the bet to mess with Reborn.

"Looks like two of our guests has escaped. I'll teach them a lesson when they are finished with their jobs." Reborn fired Ryohei and Hibari free from their pillow straps and it didn't take long for Hibari to teleport out of the room.

"Ryohei you are to fix the Mansion's front Pillars and trees if you may-" Tsuna was quickly cut off from his speech when Reborn shot a bullet through his hair.

"GOT THAT TO THE EXTREME! REPAIR THE PILLARS AND GROUNDS TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei bolted out of the room not willing to get shot by Reborn.

"So. Dame-Tsuna not that you rudely awakened me."

'but you woke yourself up by firing the bullet' Tsuna sweated..

"However, which job did you give Chrome? I have her files here." Reborn pulled out a thick indigo file with Chrome's name written on it and with a Varia and Vongola stamp on it.

"...Oh shoot... Did I give her my file..."

From Meeting Room 2 loud wails were heard followed by endless echoes of gunshots.

Vongola Private Airport, Italy

Chrome looked around the large airport that was crawling with all kinds of business-mans, Spies, Workers and even members of other aligned families.

"Gate 18... Just exactly how many gates do we have... Let alone how long does this hallway travel..."

Chrome strolled pulling her suitcase through the crowd while she looked at her tickets.

'I thought bossu said I had a job with the VARIA... I guess I was listening it wrong...'

Chrome turned to her left to see all the windows drawn shut blocking out the harsh sun that threatens her half-kind. In the distance she saw a butler waiting near her destination. She stopped in her tracks as she felt off.

"Ma'am your gate is this way. Please do not obstruct the walkway." An officer shoved Chrome along to her gate not listening to Chrome's poor protest.

"Miss I shall take your luggage from here. Hope you have a good flight with us." Chrome sweat-dropped at the formality. Where on Earth does her family get these people from?

"A..ano! I'll take the bag by myself thank you..." Chrome gripped tightly around the handle of the luggage and extended her hand with the boarding pass towards the butler.

"Have a safe flight Miss." The butler gave a small smile before quickly taking the passes and opening the doors to the private jet.

"Um... I'm just asking... how long will be the flight to Violetcoast?"

"About 18 hours and an extra 4 hours including the connecting flight you have Miss."

"So long..." Chrome commented as she walked into the jet closing the door emotionless. She felt drained. It was such an exhausting day. She had to attend a meeting only to get held down like bugs then she had 3 hours to pack and run to the airport in time for her flight and now she has the liberity to fly for 18 hours at dawn out of all times.

The jet plane was big. It had plenty of room to sleep and move around. Defiantly a lot more different to what she had last been on.

"I just want to stay home...-"

"With me."

Surprised, Chrome spun around to see Hibari relaxed on one of the long passenger coaches with a blanket already over himself.

"Didn't Bossu call you in to stay in the Mansion Kyoya?" Chrome picked her luggage and tried to shove it up into the luggage compartment but was in short of reach despite her reaching one her tiptoes.

"Didn't your herbivorous Boss tell you to drink more milk at least you could reach this high." Hibari appeared behind Chrome's pety body towering over her as he pushed the luggage properly into the compartment.

Blushing deep shades of red she purposly stepped on Hibari's foot but only deep rumbles of a chuckle escaped his lips.

"I'm just a bit smaller than the average height for my age. I..I'm not that short!" Chrome hid her face in her hands knowing her face could now rival the colour of the sun.

"Hn... Milk could also help you grow in other places too Omnivore. I'm sure you're aware of." Hibari let out a smirk as he grabbed onto Chrome's cleavages earning a swift punch to his face. More laughter escaped from his lips has he took hold of Chrome's fists and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Y...you're so mean to me... But seriously why are you here."

"Untouched business left in East Violetcoast. Since you're already going there I'll hitch a ride." Hibari took his seat again and pulled Chrome into his lap shortly gave a low, dark growl when he saw the flight attendant stop by. Chrome knew what she was telling her with the forced crooked smile and her dark aura spilling from her face.

"Miss Dokuro... I assure you... we have plenty of seats... if you may sit on a proper one."

Chrome scuttered to the seat opposite of Hibari; lowering her head in embarressment.

"Hn... no 30 year old women flight attendant, divorced only 2 weeks ago should be jealous of a lovers act. Am I right Ms Morgan?" Chrome attempted to hide her smile at such scene only to get wacked behind her head by Ms Morgan.

"Please. Stay COMFORTABLE during the flight. Weathers are clear as always. Hope you have a fantastic flight with Air Vongola." The Attendant left stomping loudly to the staffs department pissed at Hibari's words. They were true and they stung. Stung painfully through her mind.

"See what I mean when I said you're mean Kyoya." Chrome moved back next to Hibari pulling the blanket over her he used currently.

"I don't."


"We are leaving Italy Vongola Airport. Please put on your seat belt and refrain from smoking and using your phone... Er. Not that I order you to not do it or anything but for the sake of sanity and all. Anyways Lets just get going... I hate my job as a pilot..."

Chrome turned to the window and saw the sun already setting into the orange horizon. Blinking a few times she pulled off her medical patch away from her cheek.

'Huh... It healed a lot quicker than what I was told.'

The private jet finally took off into the clouds. Before Chrome could glance down to see the patchworks of the Earth Hibari closed the shutter with a loud CLICK.

"If you're done looking at the world I demand you not to kill my eyes in the process."

"Then close your eyes! Its not like everyday I get to fly on a plane unlike you!" Chrome pouts heavily at the stuborn Cloud and turns away quickly not willing to make any eye-contact with him.

A waitress quickly (and shakingly) walked towards the two Vongolas with a notepad and gulped.

"Um... excuse me... Would you like any food or wa-"

"Herbivore I would have called you if I needed any." Hibari glared at the new disturbance that stood by him.

"You could try the new coffe-"

"Its fine Mayu. He doesn't need anything however do you have any tomato juice in medium strength?" Chrome smiled sweetly at Mayu noting she doesn't look like she has reached her 20's yet.

"You could order Milk for the better-." Another punch was earned.

"Um... We have some... I think... I'll go check and bring some!" Mayu sprinted off anyway from the violent couple fearing she will be next.


"Uruse! Why does Milk even consern you!"

"Could be good for my and your future." Hibari smirked as he pulled Chrome's head lazily onto his shoulder petting her fluffy hair for abit then making his head comfortable on it to sleep on.

By now Chrome would have sworn she saw her soul fly out of her body from overheating herself.

'J..just... W...why... What kind of future is he thinking of...'

Entrance Gate, Vongola Mansion

"Gokudera~ How exactly are we suppose to lift the gate now that we put it together? Hahaha!" Yamamoto laughed as he admired the peice of artwork left on the ground taking up majority of the lawn space.

"URAHHH! WE WILL JUST GET A SUPER STRONG UMA TO LIFT IT UP!" Gokudera wore his glasses and started to chant strange words as he made rounds around the gate.

"Hahahaa! Okay~ Whatever you say~" Yamamoto fell back down to the freshly clipped grass and watched Gokudera merrily made circles all through out the afternoon.

Wait freshly clipped? The Rain turned his head to see Ryohei running at an extreme speed with a grass cutter toward Gokudera yelling his head off.

"Well I guess this is a good idea to run away now~ Hahahaa~"

Minutes later Bombs exploded and Sun flames were shot around the Vongola Entrance.

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