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it's all started with this~~~~~

"You know why~~~"

The man clad in white happily taunting him while he's being tied to the chair. The mask covering half of the man's face couldn't his those deceitful eyes of his. The eyes that filled with thirst for vengeances against his famiglia, Liberta's beloved family.

"My dear shouldn't you realized it by now...

Libeta tried to shout back, but the gagged on his mouth is holding him back.

"...the reason why you're contracted to the tarocco card...

The man steadily walk towards him.

"...since you're young...

He grabbed Liberta's chin and force him to look upon his eyes. Those deep pitch black eyes met Liberta turquoise ones. The heavy scent of cigars and alchohols hit Liberta's senses making him feeling really sick.

" is because you carried the blood of Mondo's within your body"

Liberta's mind working like a bullet train trying to digest the piece of information that had been given to him. The words keep replaying as his consciousness disappear and darkness embraces him.

Sometimes he wonder why couldn't he remember anything about his past, when he knew that Dante's the one sealing his memories, he got enraged but still they managed to make peace.
When Felicita uses "La Routa Della Fortuna" to save her father, Liberta and the others combine their power and effort to bring her back. Owh he's going to missed teasing Nova, messing with Luca and more importantly he's going to miss their warmth very much if no one going to save him.


He couldn't believe it at first but when he think logically about it only the one whom directly connected in terms of bloodline had a contract with the tarocco from the major Arcana since birth.

He wonder if there's anyone will rescue him, for now all he could do it brace himself and pray...

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