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"Papa, who is this"

Felicita asked Mondo as she saw her father hold out his hand after her. The young regal looking lady smiled at her. She looks at Mondo before giving Felicita a big hug. As soon as their skin makes contact with each other Felicita could only squirm. The only thing that she could think about is how smooth her skin is and how beautiful her golden hair framed her hear almost like a crown.

"How cute, Fel-chan had grown into such a fine lady"

She said to him. Hearing the praised given by Aura, Mondo held his head high and started to brag about his daughter to her. After being released from the tight hug, Felicita backs away, blushed and hid her face into Nova's shoulder.

"Who is she, Papa?"

This time Nova makes a move, his katana tip on Aura's neck. Smirking at the sudden act by Nova, Aura step back and jumps forward. All of a sudden, she's in front of Nova, hand choking his throat.

"Young man, it is not polite to point your weapon to those older than you"

Aura said to him as she tightens her grip. Seeing her fiancé in danger, she pulls out her daggers, before she could use it Aura had released Nova and back at her father side. Seeing that the scene wouldn't resolve so easily, Mondo cleared his throat and gain their attention.

"How about we discuss about it in the living room"

Slowly he retreated into the mansion followed by Aura and the hesitating duo. As soon as she enters the mansion she looks a bit awed. The mansion had gone for a whole renovation. The last time she's here, there are no frames hanging on the wall and the ballroom is a bit dim in colour selection.

"Well, nice ballroom"

She said to Mondo as all of them settles in. Before they could ask any question, the maids had brought in the teas and snacks for all of them.

"By the way, where's Jolly"

Before he could answer, Jolly entered the living room.

"Still lively as ever aren't you Aura"

He said to the already smirking girl, he settles down next to her.

"Welcome back Jolly, how's the port"

He asked the La Luna accommodator. After giving him the answer, Mondo turns to the duo that had been silent for a while.

"Well, both of you, you can start asking"

He said to them. Both of them looks at the girl whom smiling as Jolly fiddles with her hair. Felicita took a deep breath before asking her father.

"Papa, who is this lady"

The lady answers her question.

"My name is Aura"

Short and simples. Nova quickly asked about her relationship with Mondo.

"Well, we're best friend"

Another short answer. When they asked about Jolly, something else happens. The lady smiles at him and for the first time they see Jolly smiles as well.

"Well, I and Jolly could be considered as friend too"

Sadness could be seen from her eyes although she's smiling. After a few more question about her relationship, they moved on.

"Miss Aura, if you're Papa friend, how old would you be"

Suddenly Mondo slammed the tables.

"Nova, it's rude to question about a lady age"

Before he could do anything to him, Aura snapped him off and pushes him onto one of the couch.

"It's okay Mondo, well I met him when I'm 16, at that time and he's 24 rights"

She asked him asking for confirmation.

"Yes, I'm 24 at the time"

He said to her.

"Then, how old are you this particular year Mondo"

She asked back to him. Before he could answer, Felicita cut in.

"Papa's 59 already, then it make you 51"

She gasped in amazement. The lady in front of her doesn't look like she aged at all. She look youthful, it's hard to believe.

"Why do you look so young?"

Nova asked her before getting smacked by Jolly whom looking a bit annoyed. She sighed before answering his question.

"Do you familiar about the story when your father firstly contracted with the Tarocco"

Both of them nodded.

"At first, Jolly is the second contactor there had been a big fight to win the territories of the Island, at that time I'm just a runaway from home...

Before she could continue, Nova asked her.

"Do you know someone by the name of Joshua?"

He asked her. Looking at Mondo, Aura could only grim as he shook his head.

"That is for me to know and for you to find out...now where were we... well I joined the family around that time after your father took me under his wing and the reason why I look like this is because of the Arcana I contracted"

She explained to them, Felicita and Nova nodded in acknowledgement.

"if you're about the same age of Jolly, then how do you fare with your aging Jolly I didn't see any white hair on your head"

Felicita said bluntly the thing that had been playing in my mind.

"La Luna slowed my aging process"

He answered her, no wonder he look young.

"Now, your question is how I look like a teen right"

She asked to them, both of them nodded.

"Unlike, Jolly 'La Luna' which slow his aging my Tarocco makes me immortal but I could fall in battle, it's like partial immortality"

She explained to them looking a bit frustrated.

"Which Tarocco is it Miss Aura"

Nova asked her.

"Young man, I'm in contract with La Papess"

Both of them gasped no wonder she look young, she's in contract with the guardian of knowledge, The High Priestess.

"Now that you know about me, how about we discuss our battle plan"

She smirks...

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