Listen to God Hates US by Avenged Sevenfold for this story.

Humphrey just walked away from the Howling Rock after being bullied by Kate and Garth. Humphrey hated Alphas because they think their better than everybody, even he's pack leader has the same thinking. Humphrey was fed up with being treated like shit.

Humphrey walked to a hill then howled he's frustration to the world.

Other Wolves on the Howling Rock heard this howl and want to know where it was coming from.

"Who's that howling?" Winston asked. "I don't know but we'll find out who." Hutch said.

Just then Kate and Garth came up to her father.

"Dad who's that howling?" Kate asked. "I don't know but Hutch and the others are going to find out who it is." Winston said. " Sir, we found Humphrey and brought him to you." A wolf said. "What did Humphrey do?" Kate asked. "He was the one howling so loud." another wolf said. "What do you want to do with Humphrey, Sir?" Garth asked. "I'm want Humphrey brought to me." Winston said. "But sir, Humphrey need to control he's voice." Garth said growling. "No, I want see why Humphrey did what he did first then I'll let you have him." Winston said.

Alphas brought Humphrey to Winston as told. Winston started to speak.

"I want to know why you where howling so loud to bother your pack mates?" Winston asked. "I was howling a song that my mother howled." Humphrey said looking down.

Winston walked up to peck of his den spoke loud so everyone could hear.

"Everyone, someone in are pack wants to howl something from his mother so I want everyone to listen." Winston said.

No one spoke against him.

Humphrey walked up but it was more was forced to walk.

"Humphrey you can anytime." Winston said.

Instrumental howl Intro

Total Nightmare! (x2)

You want to hear my side.

You need to drown to know.

With all times it hurts me to

fuck you. I built a wall with

your blood to show.

God save us! God save us all!

God hate us! God Hate us all!

Total Nightmare! (x2)

Nothing to heal, no one to break.

Pills had the role, now there's

nothing to take. Nothing to trust,

no one to fake. You'll find no sooner

that's it's best if we just know our


My infiltrated mind, my lacerated

soul. You took me year, create me

control you. I let myself around

with you aside.

God save us! God save us all!

God hates us! God hates us all!

Total Nightmare! (x2)

Lair, Rape, Kill!

Love, Hate, Fear!

You better take your time,

you better. Cause when you seek

the one, there nothing left to show!


Total Nightmare! (x4)

Intrusmental howl Outro

After Humphrey everyone was in shook and did'n say word. Humphrey looked at Winston then ran off.

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